АСМР Рождественский салон 🎄 ASMR Christmas beauty salon
АСМР Рождественский салон 🎄 ASMR Christmas beauty salon

Hello . Welcome to our salon workshop. skin care Very nice to meet you. I’m Angelina. Yes, . So you signed up after the hair salon… Okay . Tell me your full name again. Oh, yeah, I remember. It was agreed that you would come That’s right, I’m very glad to see you. I hope you like it. and you can relax, rest. and get a good feeling, cheer up. And, of course, go away with clean skin. to celebrate the holidays with a sparkling purity. Does it look like someone? I’m often told that I look like someone… Almost everyone describe some person, but I don’t even know her. Yeah, Christmas bustle. There’s all the noise, um, everyone’s getting ready for the holidays. Are you ready yet, by the way? It’s okay, you’ll be able to finish everything. You’re gonna get some rest. Get some strength. you can finish everything before the holidays. First, I need to remove your hair so it doesn’t get in the way. so I need to put your hat on. There you go. It’s not pressed, is it okay? Wonderful Let me take a quick look at your skin. Basically, your skin is good. Clean up a little bit. and everything will be fine. First we’ll do the cleaning. with water, then tonic. Then we’ll make peeling, scrubbing, masks. You and I also use foam to wash up After the mask, we use patches. and then we’ll finish with a tonic lotion. Anyway, your skin will be perfectly clean. Such procedures are universal for both men and women. Everyone needs skin cleansing. gender does not matter To start with If you want, I can offer you a pillow and a blanket to make it cozier. Shall I? Okay . Here you go, these are our workshop’s signature pillows. Maybe you’ve seen her somewhere before. Yes, . It’s very nice, soft. Hold the pillow and the plaid. It’s also branded Why the “workshop”? Since we work for Santa and Santa Claus. We have workshops for both skin care and toy production. on handicrafts, packaging and much more, and it’s all called workshops. Here you go . Wrap up . to make you feel comfortable Everybody, are you sitting comfortably? First, let’s treat your skin carefully. You see how dirty that is? There you go. I’ll take another drive. There you go. Now let’s move on to deeper cleansing. Your whole face will be in the foam. Try not to move much yet. There you go. Now we’ll take a brush and continue to cleanse your skin. It’s like a massage. There you go. Now a wet towel wash away whole foam Now dry. There you go. The next step will be scrub It’s a sugar scrub. it cleans and eliminates peeling very well. and smells good. So I think you’re gonna like it. I’m going to apply it with a brush like this. deep cleansing may tingle a little because we use both scrub and brush. At home, it’s better not to repeat this procedure you might hurt yourself by the nose areas of greatest concern forehead And again with a wet towel we’ll wash off scrub the rest of the scrub Your skin will shine and a dry clean towel Next stage foam discs they’re with vitamins, acids. even sth. out smooth out increase the elasticity Anyway, pretty good disks you’re not allergic? Well, it shouldn’t cause you allergies. pretty clean composition Let’s check on your wrist. to keep things going This is what they look like. smell like citrus fruits we need this part of your hand. Of course it’s better to wait, but any unpleasant feelings? Ideally, when checking, it’s better to wait a little longer. but in general, no one among my clients has ever had an allergic reaction. If anything, we can fix it. Let’s try it. I’ll take a blank drive. Close your eyes, please. I’ll walk around the eyes, but you better be careful. And then there’s the other side There you go. It’s all gonna be absorbed now. Next stage — the mask You’ll need to sit with her for 10 minutes. I’m going to divorce her now. Now let’s put it on the face. Some kind of hair, just a second. I’m not touching the taste of my eyes. We’ll put more on the forehead. Don’t move your lips, please. And on this side. Great . Now we have to wait 10 minutes. then I’ll wash it off. It’s better not to move too much. to keep things frozen just relax. take a break it has a slightly cooling effect. helps to relax the facial muscles I’m gonna clean this up for now, and then I’m gonna come back to you. until the mask is frozen So, how are you? I’m gonna clean it up now. I need a clean towel. Let’s get him wet. Come on, that’s it. wash your mask This is where you need to flush better. Now dry. Great . The mask tightens the skin a little. So it’s best not to talk or move while she’s on her face… How are you feeling? Wonderful? Well, that’s good. All that’s left is pleasant. although these moments can also be considered pleasant. but more leaving Now we’re using eye patches There’s one right there. And the other one. What do you want for New Year’s Eve, by the way? You wrote a letter? Be sure to write I’m sure your wish will come true. tell me in confidence what do you want for the new year? I think it’s a wonderful wish I’m sure it’ll come true. Have you chosen gifts for your loved ones yet? You’re gonna buy or do something with your own hands. Got it . I think they’re wonderful gifts. Will you all be celebrating together? Yeah? Now I’m using this lip patch So that your lips, despite the winter and the cold. feel good There you go. Yeah, we’ll have to keep quiet again. But you can gesticulate, wink… Don’t worry, but you’ll get some rest. of everything You can get tired of talking, so silence isn’t always bad. So don’t worry. It’s winter, everyone’s got lip problems. I hear you. it’s okay While you’re sitting with the patches, I’ll give you a massage… this brush It’s a little cool. So just relax, don’t think about anything. Carefully by the nose On the cheeks and over the patch Here too, a massage Does it feel good? Let’s shoot. And your gag… Maybe, maybe. Sometimes I really want to say something. and when you’re banned, you want more. It happens, too. Do you even like it? procedure itself Is it nice? I tried to relax and calm you down. Let’s move on to the final stage. Let’s apply the serum. A little massage Does it feel good? The massage is really enjoyable. You can sign up separately for a brush, spoon massage… rose massage, hand massage knife massage something else out of the ordinary we can offer all kinds of massages Just before the New Year’s Eve to shine. And your hair is fresh. And the skin will now shine And then, after the holidays, there’s still the fuss, the fun. you can sign up with us again for example, for a massage There are discounts. If you are our regular subscriber Let’s call it that. then, of course, they’re meant for you. For its regular visitors. We’re trying to make it as profitable as possible and nicer And just a little touch. You’re about to go outside. Hygienic lipstick is suitable for both men and women. Both men and women can have their lips peeled off. so it’s best not to neglect her. And I think you’re gonna find that smell really good for you. How’s that? Yeah, I knew I’d guess. I give it to you as our visitor. You’ll use and remember me Yes, . The holidays are coming up, so… for your favorite visitors, everything is free Of course . Yes, . Come again, I’d be very happy to see you. Yes, . All our data is there. you can go down there, you can turn around and look. All my contacts are in this description. and then contact me if you need anything. Yes, . Thank you! It’s nice to work with good people. When you realize that you can give a good man the joy even before the holiday Isn’t that beautiful? Look in a toy factory? Basically, it’s possible The entrance is closed at all. but if you write down my data. I can take you there later. But first, write a letter to Santa Claus. You have to believe in miracles. And no matter how old you are. Santa and Santa Claus make absolutely everyone happy. not just children both big and small. Of course . Okay, see you later. Happy holidays to you once again. I wish you great holidays and great moods.

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