Простой рисунок пастелью + обзор бюджетной пастели Masters Pastel  A simple pastel picture
Простой рисунок пастелью + обзор бюджетной пастели Masters Pastel A simple pastel picture

Hello! I’m glad that you went to the channel
TessaArt! Today we will draw a simple
landscape pastel. Pastel gave me
shop Art Explore. All references I will leave in description
under the video. By the way the premise was very
well packaged. I have a set of 36 colors,
There are also 12, 24 and 48. Crayons are not very large,
for the box is very compact and neat. The colors I arranged, for
landscapes I think this is the most then. Several chalks broke
in the way, but this is not a problem. And try them in the business, draw
I will be on special paper for pastels. Color names or numbering
no, so I’ll just be call the color on the eye. For the sky we use dark
blue and crayons blue. The blue color is basic,
but just betray the blue depths. At first I mixed the colors
finger, but in fact the napkin does not cope
worse. Plus, you do not exactly say
extra shade. Now white color draw
clouds. The first layer I also mix
with the blue, and already the second I will draw the details. Now all shades will be useful
green, I have it all, that is in the set. Light green, green
and dark green or even marshy. It will also be necessary that
then it is light yellow, almost white. We will draw a glade. I just apply colors and
I mix them with a napkin and I do this several times. Do not forget to press the bell
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in the “community” section on the my channel, where you can
write comments to posts, leave wishes and ask
questions. Just look in my
Instagrams are published there Exclusive photos and videos
materials. Come and see everything yourself,
all links in the description. Now draw the bushes in the distance. I do this in a circular motion. With the same color you can immediately
outline a shadow, as well as any shade of brown
add a couple of strokes, as hints of branches. Now draw a tree
in the foreground, more precisely its part. The trunk is drawn in brown,
Shadows are added either black, or by another dark color,
which is. Leaves on the tree I first
outlined the darkest green, in the same circular motions,
and then added more light colors, to give
volume. The last thing left
it’s grass and flowers. The grass is painted the same green
chalk, and the flowers are red, orange and white, short
strokes. Details you can add
optional. Here is such an uncomplicated picture
at us has left. Thanks for watching, I hope
did you like it. Put your finger up, sign
on the channel and instagram. Share photos of your
works in the Vkontakte group. If you liked this
set of pastels, then the link on it in the description. Do not miss the new videos,
bye Bye!

8 thoughts on “Простой рисунок пастелью + обзор бюджетной пастели Masters Pastel A simple pastel picture”

  1. Zaida Hacenia says:

    Vraiment très très très beau merci beaucoup ma chérie

  2. Таиркраски Мастер-классы по живописи says:

    Очень мило! Лайк, как всегда) А кто производитель пастели?

  3. Adriana Esposito says:

    Que trabalho bonito! Adorei. Parabéns 🙂 Great work of art! I love this. Congrats. hugs from Brazil

  4. Лилия Султанова says:

    Замечательное видео)) скажите а вы не пробовали заказать китайские пастельные карандаши?

  5. Anka_ _Belorsky says:

    Мне показалось, или мелки сломанные в коробочке?

  6. Виктория Ушенина says:

    А какую бумагу можно использовать если нет специальной для постели?

  7. Александр Овчинников says:

    Красиво получилось, пастель сухая или масляная?

  8. Kai Yae says:

    Can you do a tutorial video at a slower rate? Thank you

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