مكياج بنفسجي من بالت هدى بيوتي الجديدة💜 | Noj | Purple Makeup From Hudabeauty New Palette
مكياج بنفسجي من بالت هدى بيوتي الجديدة💜 | Noj | Purple Makeup From Hudabeauty New Palette

how are you girls?
welcome back to our channel
I’m Noj finally, today’s makeup look is inspired from “Huda Beauty” palette “Mercury Retrograde” I finally bought it ! so, I’ll tell you my opinion in it
and I’ll show you how to make this makeup look using the palette with all purple shades so, if you want to know my opinion and how I made this look keep watching.. don’t forget to like this video, leave us a comment and share, so our “Njnojy” army gets bigger and please subscribe and activate the notification bell to keep up with our new videos.. so, lets start ! the first thing I did is wearing my “Victoria” lenses “Desi Gray” I want to tell you that many girls asked me about the name and the color of this lenses this lenses is hug and widens the iris it’s for the people with narrow eyes like mine the white part in my eyes are barely shown it’s big but the good this is that it shows off the makeup so, keep this in mind if you are planning to buy it it’s not for daily uses or mornings it’s for special occasions remember I told you so.. and by the way it’s not my kind of lenses I like but it pops up the makeup a lot I love it !
it’s my top second after all my blue lenses collection secondly,
I’ll use this “Luna” lip palm then I’ll moisturize under my eyes with “Dr. Rashel” eye gel, then I’ll put on face moisturizer “your good skin” you can use any moisturizer you prefer to moisturize your skin before applying makeup today, I’ll use a mix of “Catrice” concealer and “Essence” foundation I’ll mix them because the concealer has a good coverage but it’s not my color and the foundation is my color
so, when I mix them they will give me my color as you all know I don’t use foundation because my skin is good I only have some skin pigmentation and light dark circles so, I don’t need to apply foundation all over my face but if you have any skin problems you can apply foundation these are the 2 colors, the foundation color is a bit lighter than my skin’s so, I love mixing them then I’ll use this concealer from “Kat von D” also it’s a bit lighter than my skin color,
I’ll use it to lighten up under my eyes as it has a very heavy coverage then I’ll style my brows with the “Catrice” kit now, I’ll fix my face with “Anastasia” powder and then I’ll put a good amount of powder with the beauty blender under my eyes, to catch any falling eyeshadow then lets get to the star of the video the “Huda Beauty” palette “Murdury Retrograde” let me unbox it with you this is how it looks from the outside and the packaging is unusually in a high quality old palettes used to come in cardboard,
now it’s plastic even the mirror is better than before I can’t really show you the mirror because of the reflection these are the colors in the palette shimmer, matte and very daring colors.
I really loved it so, why am I so late?
why didn’t I buy it earlier and follow the trend? to be honest, I don’t follow trend I love to study everything first and watch what other bloggers and makeup artists do and then check the colors myself.
(I saw it in Sephora) and decide whether I need this palette or no actually “Huda Beauty” never made a bad palette so, I spent a lot of time deciding till I finally decided to order it online and also I order many other things, which you’ll see in the “January and February haul” video that will appear up here so, go check out what I bought in those 2 months anyway, back to the palette.. I didn’t have anything in mind to do with this palette but, the purple color caught my eyes ( “purple” I call it “movy”, it’s “mov” !!! ) so, as it’s winter and I want to use my purple lipsticks, so, will be all in purple the eyes and lips then I had the courage to use the purple in here. so, lets see how it will turn out… I’ll use this pastel purple and apply it with a brush oh, it’s very beautiful !
it looks different on the eye it looks lighter in the palette it’s a little pinkish I’ll apply it on the eye crease (a quick tip, when I’m using one brush I clean it with a tissue, until it’s totally clean then I’m ready to use it in another color) then I’ll use this dark purple on the tip of the brush,
it’s a pencil brush and darken the crease I put the eyeshadow a little by little,
don’t put too much and blend it very well because if you take a lot of eyeshadow it may all stay in one place, and gets hard blending it the crease isn’t dark enough so I’ll take the darker yes, that’s it ! and now I’ll put the shimmer purple with my finger WOW !
oh my God ! this is beautiful I think I’m going to put it on all the lid I can’t control it with my hands so lets try a brush a flat brush.. ooh ! using the brush is better respect ! because it’s rare to get such pigment with a brush again I’ll darken the eye crease with the dark purple some eyeshadow fell here, but that’s not too much actually I’ll get a tiny brush,
I just saw a color I want to use as a high lighter in the inner corner I want to get the most of this palette this is the pinkish shimmer color and put it in the inner corner WOW ! it’s a great choice because the pastel purple looks a little pink, so this matchs perfectly I can use it as a high lighter here too and with the pastel purple I used before I’ll put it on the lower lid, and drag it down then with a flat brush, again I’ll add the medium dark purple on the lower lid and blend again with the previous brush and then put the darkest purple very close to the lower lash line and drag it up another quick tip, is to be patient choosing the colors like the way I did, putting lighter colors first to the darkest so, be patient, don’t put dark colors first, apply colors gradually and take your time blending before applying the next color it’s not essential to have a full brushes set you can use 2 brushes only and as I always mention the blending technique, is moving the brush back and forth and in circular motions to give a wide distribution to the eyeshadow.. now, I’ve finished the eyeshadow step I will tell you my opinion quickly on the palette the pigmentation and the shimmer are amazing as usual the only color in the palette I found not giving the same color is the light purple it turns pink on the eye I think it’s called lilac and also some eyeshadow powder are out around the color (kick back) which is not a big deal for me.. all the colors are amazing, the blending, the pigment and the purple shimmer.. I fell in love.. and now lets get to the step that everyone request.. it’s the wide eyes tutorial first of all, my eyes are narrow, I cant really help you in that ! secondly, for wide eyes use dark pencil liner in the water line black, brown, dark blue, dark green, dark purple…
any dark colors in the water line where you see me put the white pencil… if you eyes are narrow like mine, use light colors like white, beige, nude.. or don’t put anything.. this is how I can help you make your eyes look wider so, I’ll use this beige pencil liner in the water line I still can’t decide whether put eyeline or put lashes directly I feel like putting lashes though I wanted to use this purple pencil liner but I don’t feel it’s right so, I’ll put lashes only, because the eyeliner will take away the beauty if the eyeshadow… and now I’ll brush off the excess powder and any eyeshadow fell under the eyes to start working on the face and get back to the eyes later. for the contour I’ll use this palette from “NYX” for the people wondering why I don’t change the products I use actually I don’t think I’ll change the contour easily because I usually can’t find my face tone I hardly fine it specially in drug store products so, I promise to fine a different product to use but in the meantime, this is my favorite, it’s obvious how much I love it it’s not a full contour step, but
I only giving my face a round shape specially for this double chin ! since its a dramatic purple look and I don’t want to put a bright blusher I will use this blusher from “Benefit” it’s a very soft baby pink
I love it’s color and before the highlighter step, I’ll use this makeup fixer from “The Body Shop” to popup the highlighter and holds the powder together I’ll use my favorite highlighter.. from “Ofra” and it is the collaboration with “Nicki Tutorials” it’s name is “Glazed Dounut” it’s white, so I only recommend it for the white girls only, otherwise it may not look good I love putting a lot of highlighter,
so don’t copy me if you don’t like too much highlighter but if you love highlighters add more like me don’t keep yourself from glowing.. ! one more thing about the palette.. I’d like to mention that the palette contains daily colors as well like this, this, this… I don’t think anyone would wear this the shimmer colors are 5 or 6. it can’t be categorized for daily use but buy it if you want to treat yourself I’ll put on lashes that goes best and popup this makeup it’s “Lord & Berry” “EL11” and the glue from “Duo” while the glue dries, I’ll apply this mascara from “Essence” just add a simple coat to color the lashes after the concealer and the eyeshadow look, these are the colors I choose and they all match well but I prefer the most daring and the one that goes with the eyeshadow it’s the “NYX” “Liquid Suede” I almost finished but I’ll add something extra so, I”ll put this gloss from “Pupa”
it’s a holographic gloss as you can see it’s very shiny and that’s it for today’s makeup look I hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to like this video and leave me a comment with your opinion and tell me whether if you want to see more looks from the same palette or that”s enough, tell me in a comment I’m all yours, I’ll do what you tell me and at last don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and ofcourse on Youtube you will find all our account in the description box, above this video if you’re on Facebook appeared through out the video and will appear again at the end of the video see you in the next video bye bye lipstick was on my teeth the whole time oh my God ! I wish my hair stops coming out from everywhere speaking of my hair coming out I said before on my Instagram that.. by the way this is my Instagram account follow me there, I post stories, updates and videos about myself and outfits join us, you will enjoy yourselves there.. what I was saying is that my hair started growing baby hairs I you noticed my hair is getting a bit thicker on the front so if you want to know what I did to get it thicker I leave you “my hair routine video” up here hope you get any benefit from it (singing !) when I put on blusher it gets hot and my checks gets more red (singing !) oh my God ! oh girls I loved it, all I’m thinking about is that it’s late now I have to remove it before going to bed can I sleep with it?!
I may go out in my dream this is beauty Huda ! oh my God ! there is a trash truck down under my window making noise, sorry for that this is a trip..
trip ! what am I saying ! (singing !) I don’t know the lyrics (singing !) I’ll use this purple.. is it?! I can’t see ! I watch fedios ! (videos)
what?! how?! oh stop !!! (singing !)

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