✖ Dark Ash Hair Colour ✖ Merry Salon | Tokyo, Japan
✖ Dark Ash Hair Colour ✖ Merry Salon | Tokyo, Japan

Hey guys! I’m at the hair dresser again and I’m gonna try something different with my hair today so I had to bring you guys along. I love videos like this, so I hope you guys do too Um I’m going to ask him to put some really small highlights in my hair. The last time I got highlights was probably grade eight And they were really thick and they didn’t look natural at all and I really hated them and ever since then I’ve been kinda scared to get highlights but I found a really cute picture on Instagram so we’re gonna try that today so fingers crossed that it goes well. This time I ordered a soy milk tea, soy milk tea Really good. Like all the drinks here are amazing. They have a yuzu cha that’s really good and the banana smoothie is good That’s what I usually get, but it’s cold today so I thought I would try something warm. If you remember Luffy from my last video He’s back. He’s gonna start off my hair until Seigo-san comes back. So in Japan they’ll have like more than more often then not more than one person will be working on your hair which is kinda weird like even when they are drying it they’ll have two people drying it at the same time so I always thought that was really cool. Alright they are done putting the foils in, so now I just have to wait It’s going to be a different shade then usual I told them to surprise me So hope it turns out well. And Kelsey is here Hi Kelsey She’s here for moral support in case it turns out horribly Get ready to hold my hand Alright guys! So this is the finished look.

100 thoughts on “✖ Dark Ash Hair Colour ✖ Merry Salon | Tokyo, Japan”

  1. DvDvirgen says:

    You look so beautiful 0

  2. purplechickon says:

    Yassssss! I really like this hair color on you. It looks great!

    P. S. Are you and Abroad in Japan doing a collab anytime soon? He's freaking hilarious.

  3. sandra666 says:

    Great hair color. I wish I knew of a salon that good in my area. I'm scared to get my hair dyed. I see what cousins get and I'm no thank you. Lol.

  4. Nova Fang says:

    The way he cut your hair was really cool :3

  5. DSKeymie says:

    It really fits you! OMG! 😀 So pretty! 
    Is it expensive to color your hair at a salon in japan? Just curies, never done it here in Sweden, soo expensive :O

  6. MilkCap says:

    Was he wearing a codpiece?

  7. i'm jaebum says:

    I love it Sharla!!! It really looks natural.

  8. Maddozh says:

    it turned out super good! love that colour on u 😀

  9. Katie Mei says:

    I bet there are girls going to this hair salon now and sayin' ''I want the same haircut as Sharla'' 😀

  10. Preston Li says:

    Ah! It looks so good Sharla! I love that color and it suits you so well!! 🙂

  11. poobd says:


    2) I see Kelsey with that funasshi phone charm, SHE FEELS ME

  12. Rayelllo says:

    Hey! Which camera are you using here? and your hair looks super nice 😀

  13. Moggleberries says:

    Wow, that's such a beautiful colour. I'd love to see how Japanese hairdressers mix and use colour, I used to do it so I'm super interested. Ugh, it's so pretty. You're so pretty! XD

  14. EmmaAppleBerry says:

    Thats my natural hair colour! haha. it's got at least 8 different tones copper,dark blonde, golden, honey, ash. etc (which lighten naturally the more sun it gets) but it ALWAYS looks different in pictures, different light, even when i wear different clothes, that most people don't even know what colour it is! haha. good luck it really suits you! (and i don't often say that to people who try to rock this hair colour) 🙂

  15. closetwarrior says:

    I'm always so jealous when you post these videos, thanks for the great genetics dad I love being bald in my 20s its the best thing. Real talk though this color looks awesome on you and your stylist is really cute and I want to try their food

  16. Kyle O says:

    Never said if you liked it or not at the end, guessing you weren't sure at the time? haha

  17. disneyaholic says:

    yay a new Sharla video! day is now complete 😀

  18. Daniel Patrie says:

    wow 😀 you're so pretty sharla 😛

  19. Oi Missus says:

    The colour's lovely!

  20. rancekane says:

    Looks great Sharla!

  21. Laces says:

    YAY SHARLA this color looks so good on you !! i love it so much! 😀

  22. Chiccaonatrip says:

    That colour suits u perfectly!

  23. Jpr (IKaboboMember) says:

    you have really really nice hair :O

  24. Wendy in Wonderland says:

    Looks real nice but – you said highlights, it looks like they did the whole hair xD

  25. Rikkana The Fairy says:

    That is SOO PRETTY wow! and I loved the hairdressers haha they seemed friendly

  26. iMinikoo says:

    Your hairdresser looks so HIPSTER! I love it lol

  27. Violet Lauren says:

    I like the ash a lot! =]

  28. 1GreenEmerald says:

    Looks beautiful! Xx

  29. heychrissa says:

    Ahh, the colour is super pretty on you _ The hairdressers did such a good job and they were both really good looking, haha ;D

  30. Princess Anahi says:

    If I went to Japan and went to a hair salon, would they do a good job on my hair? It's curly and I've always had horrible experiences. I haven't cut it in 2 years >_>

  31. OnlyDoniaUKnow says:

    That's a really fun shade. I don't think I've ever seen that before

  32. Sarah Marie says:

    oh i love it!! so shiny~! i gotta steal that scissor technique he did there! 

  33. HoneyBii says:

    Wah!!! Legit our hair color is almost the exact same right now 😀 Love it! 

  34. Gabriella says:


  35. valkayink says:

    So cute!

  36. Glittering the Sky says:

    You look beautiful in that color, I like more than blond on you, you have a pretty face and the hair color shows better 🙂

  37. Gggg says:

    Ur hair looks amazing on you!
    Btw do you always talk to people in casual? No keigo?

  38. CosmicUnicorn2 says:

    dang! your hair looks so shiny! love it and love your hairstylist's with his gun slinger tool belt.

  39. Princess PrettyPoopoo says:

    Looks amazing!!

  40. Toshi Hakari says:

    I love the videos where you go to "Merry", but I would love to also see you talking to the hairdressers about what you want in Japanese as that would be an awesome opportunity for me to learn some new phrases and vocabulary for when I'm in Japan 🙂 Would you think about including that next time? 😀 Also LOVE the color! They always do your hair really nicely <3

  41. Lisykawaii says:

    I love how it came out! and i love your vlogs and videos ! you are awsome!!! =D

  42. Kei nothern Tokyo says:


  43. katisme17 says:

    oh wow sharla, tat colour looks really pre-tayh on u~ & i like the angle at 2.00…it was so cool~ & uwah ur hair colour changes with the lightin!!! Q▽Q/

  44. kyaryponponpon says:

    You look so fantastic with every hair do you get : O
    (sorry for all caps, it just expressed my emotions better xD)

  45. Yoshi says:

    Aww, you're too beautiful. Can't think of any other words…

  46. Saairah91 says:

    Oooh I'm loving this new look!! 
    You really suit it! and it's a lot different then your previous look! 
    How do you feel about it?
    I still haven't started the drawing I was going do of you, you keep changing your hair colour and then I'm like oooh maybe i'll draw this one instead! haha 
    but hey-ho you look awesome! xx 

  47. epäonnistuja says:

    That color looks amazing on you! 

  48. Ariana Liz says:

    I personally love ash colors in the hair,this is beautiful 🙂

  49. loopyfrog says:

    did you say his name was Loopy? xD

  50. loopyfrog says:

    lovely fresh change for you. I wasn't sure how the cool-toned shade would look on you, but with your flawless pale skin you look gorgeous!

  51. Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way says:

    That guys kinda hot

  52. bcgrote says:

    What a lovely, rich color!  And the style he used to cut your hair was interesting.  It looks great!

  53. Samurai Reincarnation says:

    Your hair color is pretty like that sharla

  54. Tea Em says:

    Beautiful!!!! すきです!

  55. Sujii Pon says:

    Aaahhhhhh!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! Creying at your hair!!!! It looks BEAUTIFUL ON YOU!!! Love the style!! <33333

  56. hiiiimymelody says:

    Looks quite lovely on you!

  57. suineg1 says:

    2:25 That skill !

  58. PrettyKitty Wright says:

    That color looks amazing on you Sharla! 🙂
    I want to dye ALL of my hair pink(and maybe a bit of purple and fuchsia here and there)sometime this year. It's also time for a different hair style but I'll decide on that later.

  59. Nella Nutella says:

    I love it! It looks really pretty on you! (。♥‿♥。)

  60. Hannah Loughran says:

    Gorgeouss~~~~~ss (/o)/

  61. Jessica Castro says:

    I love your hair is Kawaii 😊😊

  62. Flastew says:

    It looks very cool and besides you can never look bad. Thanks for sharing

  63. ruby ; says:

    i honestly can't believe youre 29.. you look like youre 18 or something wow

  64. Kuri the Vegan says:

    I've been wondering how well Japan does with dying reds.  Do you know if they can do ginger?  I have auburn, but prefer ginger.  (I've been trying to achieve Rachel(&Jun)'s hair colour for several years :P.)  Whether it's sold in stores or available in salons, it doesn't matter.

    Just curious so I know if I have to import my colour when I move to Japan.

  65. Francisca says:

    I really liked it!

  66. Tomoyuki Watanabe 渡辺 朋幸 partⅡ says:


  67. BlackVirtue says:

    You're nice without any makeover.

  68. I'm Kira says:

    I love it!

  69. Lily Dabbs says:

    I love how Ariana Grande's album was playing while your hair was getting finished! 🙂 One of my favorite albums of the year.

  70. Cameron Wilson says:

    I have been binge watching your videos on all of your channels for the last few days! I love your videos and your smile is so wonderful, it just makes me happy. I recently started self teaching Japanese and I hope to make it to Japan some day, and depending on how much I like it live there as well. I am so fascinated by the culture, people, history, and language. Thank you for sharing such wonderful and informative content with us Sharla!

  71. Gianfranco Patio says:

    Looks good!

  72. Heck Intosh says:

    Dat scissoring action.. :')

  73. angelXOcupcakes123 says:

    I love it! Came out well!👍

  74. 808naty says:

    You look so pretty with that hair color!

  75. Nihonrabu says:

    I happily married but gosh, this first stylist is cuuute __ lol
    I love how skilled Japanese hairdressers are!! Which reminds me, I should go in for a change soon maybe…I usually go to "Assort" in Gaienmae 🙂

  76. Alyssa says:

    I mean this in not a bad way at all but your hairdresser looks like Zorro ahaha xD This color looks wonderful on you! My natural hair is white blond, and one time I got it dyed dark brown with red undertones. I loved it and everyone I know freaked out(in a good way) because it was so different and complimented my skin and eyes. Now I am back to my natural white blond and want to do something again. My mom hates it because she loves my natural hair and says I should too because so many people wish it was their natural color but.. meh. It's too boring for me!

  77. Princess Sirenity says:

    G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S <3 Sharla your new hair looks so beautiful <3 Good choice ^__^

  78. theryn204 says:

    Ohh what a pretty color, it fits you so well 🙂

  79. IttyBittyKitty says:

    looks awesome!

  80. Olympic Gaming says:

    looks good

  81. 9687loveless says:


  82. shampoochampion says:

    Grade 8. 🙂 so Canadian

  83. Rupa A. says:

    Is that Ariana grande in the background music?

  84. TiaVamp Salvatore says:

    Yay !! brown hair !! u look better with dark hair 😉 

  85. ViolentWolv says:

    The colour is interesting, but it really suits you! <3

  86. Sarah Weiler says:

    Sharla I love it!!

  87. sanablue1 says:

    omg I loove this colour! 😮
    now I want to dye mine in the same colour 😀 maybe I will…?
    I suits you great an I really like the cut.

  88. Ivory Ebony says:

    Ahhhh this is the exact colour I'm going for hnnn.
    It's so pretty!

  89. Ellie Elena says:

    Love this color and it looks cute on you❤ Do you know what color this is in case I'd want to order it online? I live in the US.

  90. MattsChipTunes says:

    Watching these stylists work is amazing.

  91. Xia Malou Priiskorn says:

    do they speak english? if no do you know any other hair salons there does?

  92. Awkventurer says:

    Ahh, thanks so much for your videos! I'm terrified of getting my haircut in Tokyo, but decided I'll go here since they did such a good job and your hair looks gorgeous! Gonna ask for a treatment but no idea what haha… fingers crossed this week gahh.

  93. Raptorjesuslives says:

    a wild chris broad shows up haha

  94. Kimberly Fma says:

    omg the way they cut hair n style it is beast. your hair turned out amazing !

  95. Katie D says:

    The Japanese Johnny Depp cut your hair

  96. Amber Linder says:

    Love that color on you. Your hair looks so soft and shiny!

  97. Weeabooberry says:

    I think you would look cute with pinky-brown hair. :3

  98. MsAevari says:

    This is the color that I want when I dye my hair again, do you know the name of the colour? 🙂 It looks really great on you!!!

  99. americangirlwonder says:

    Omg! That hair color looks AMAZING on you!

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