【ENG SUB】Korean ASMR | “Pastels & Mouth sounds Test ” | Male ASMR | 입소리ASMR
【ENG SUB】Korean ASMR | “Pastels & Mouth sounds Test ” | Male ASMR | 입소리ASMR

Hello~ How was your week? It’s already mid-March. It has been a while since March. Actually, I prepared lots of things. But I failed all the filming. So I couldn’t upload anything. I shot an eating sound video, but I couldn’t upload it. And I bought a pastel set because I want you to listen to my handwriting sound. But that didn’t go as I planned. So I agonized over… what I should do with the filming Since many people want to the hear the lip sound, I recorded mouth sound as a practice, but it was difficult to make sounds. I think the reason is that my lips became parched. It was hard to make sounds with dry lips. So I went to “Olive Young” (Korean drugstore) and bought the Nivea lip balm It’s my first time to use a red one. In the past, I was told we should not use it because our lips will be faded. Anyway, I bought it. When I wear it, it reddens my lips. and I bought it because it’s good for filming the mouth sound video in the future. Shall I try it? It looks like a lipstick. Feels like an elementary school kid wearing his/her mother’s makeup. Uh, anyway today I planned to do role-playing, but I changed my mind. Because it has been a while since I talked to you guys like this, the previous video was also a no-talking video… Um… I have a lot on my mind. I think too much before I even start. I couldn’t film anything because I wasn’t sure what to do and time just flew by. I wasn’t a timid person like this. But I’m getting timid as time goes by. I was thinking of doing a painting role play Honestly, I’m not confident with my acting skill Since I am not confident in acting, I decided not to do that. I think I need to attend acting schools for the sake of role plays. I bought a pastel set, but I’m not good at painting. So I will just scribble. I guess even after one year, two years and even three years of doing ASMR, I will still be a clumsy ASMR artist. When can I become a professional ASMR artist? Ah, my lips are too red. By the way, do guys usually wear makeup on their lips? Even those who constantly wear makeup? I haven’t seen guys wearing lipstick. Anyways, I want you to listen to pastel sound and the failed eating sound today. And at last, I will practice the mouth sound. I think I should make a separate video for the mouth sound cause not everyone likes it. Today, I’ll practice just a little bit. I can’t remember when was the last time I used pastels. It’s been a very long time. Can I do well? “Clumsy UNO” Maybe it’s a good idea to change my channel name into “Clumsy UNO”. I’m always so clumsy.. Wow, it’s so pretty. Um.. Let’s practice role play for ten minutes. Hi~ Have a seat. I have been practicing painting these days, so I will draw you as a present. Although I’m not good at painting I will try my best. Don’t move, please. Sit still. Yes, like that. Could you put your hair back a little bit? Ok, don’t move. Don’t be angry after you see the painting… Oh, no. It doesn’t look like you. Oh, no. I think I messed up today video. Making pastel sounds is harder than I expected. Let me show you the sound without role-playing. Role-playing is difficult as expected. What should I draw? Um.. Let’s draw a house. Some people take psychological test by drawing a house. I’ll try it. I want to live in a house that is.. Uh.. a house beside the river and mountains with fresh air. And a house with many rice-fields.
Many rice-fields, like this. I want to live in a house with many rice-fields and, it should be located by the river. the river, like this. And then, I’ll build a house. A four-storied house. The first floor is for parties. And the second floor…. And the third floor will be like this. And I will put only a bed on the fourth floor. The third floor is a dining room. And the second floor is a living room with other rooms. As I said, the first floor is for a party with chandeliers and loud music. The fourth floor can be used for sleep only. I think we should sleep on the top floor. And there is a private swimming pool. Only I can swim here. There have to be many trees. How does a tree look like? I want to live at a place surrounded by natures. There are mountains. My house will be surrounded by mountains… When I start to talk nonsense, it means I am sleepy. I’m a little sleepy now. Now let’s practice the mouth sound. Well, I haven’t done well in making pastel sound today. Instead, I’ll practice the mouth sound. I tried to use pastels, but it was difficult. So, let’s record the mouth sound today. However, some people may not like the mouth sound. Uh.. I will shoot an another ASMR video soon for people who don’t like it. Then, I will practice the mouth sound today. Let’s start! Before I begin, let me put this on my lips. Put on Nivea… It’s difficult. It worked well before. It’s hard to hold my breath. Guys, that’s all for the mouth sound today. Today I practiced it but I’m not good enough yet. I need to practice more. When I record the mouth sound, the breathing sound is recorded too. So I’ll try to record only the mouth sound without other sounds. And to be honest, I’m not sure how to make the mouth sound. I just tried, but I don’t know… Uh.. Next time, I want you to listen to the eating sound. And I want to film a twin ASMR video once more. Then, that’s all for today. If you’re new to my channel, please subscribe. Bye~ Translated and Subtitled by UNO & Tarot

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