최애가 10cm 앞에 있다..? | 메이드 바이 보나 | Made by BONA | WJSN | Makeup | K-BEAUTY MAKEOVER
최애가 10cm 앞에 있다..? | 메이드 바이 보나 | Made by BONA | WJSN | Makeup | K-BEAUTY MAKEOVER

(What if an idol star you like
gives you a makeover?) (A special day made by BONA) (MADE BY BONA) (One day in 2019 at L beauty shop
in Cheongdam-dong) (Someone is hiding for today’s main guest) (Shaking) (Nervous) I haven’t done makeup on someone
since my trainee days so I just hope I don’t ruin it (Shaking) I can do it, right? I can do it! (Today’s main guest comes in
to the beauty shop) I’m from Jeungpyeong in Chungcheongbuk-do My name is Seo Min and
I’m a passionate fan of WJSN I got married when I was 20 and
I’ve been married for six years I’m raising a six-year-old child (The main guest believes that
she’s going to WJSN’s fan meeting) Is she here now? (Oh, no) I think she’ll be very surprised because she doesn’t know
that I’m coming to the shop (She thinks she’s filming the makeup
process before she meets with WJSN) I’ll help you with your makeup today Okay I wore a face mask yesterday Since you’re meeting with WJSN? Yes I think it was my first time in one year Who is your favorite member? (Pounding) Her name is BONA I know who she is Oh, do you? That’s me How do you know who she is? Because she’s pretty I have indigestion even though
I only had one glass of water today I’m nervous too I’ll turn the chair a little bit
Please keep your eyes closed Please keep your eyes closed (Please go now) (Go now?) (She’s waiting with her eyes closed) (She’s going to meet her) (Pounding) (BONA is finally holding the brush) It’s okay now (Surprised) (No way) (Surprise was a success)
(Excited BONA and surprised main guest) Hello (Laughing) (How is that BONA is here?) I’ll do your makeup today Oh, my gosh… Okay (MADE BY BONA) Please believe in me I’ve been practicing hard I’ll do the idol makeup Okay Should we start? Are you older than me? Yes, I’m one year older Then, what should I call you?
Older sister Min? (Embarrassed) (Focused) (She can barely breathe
because she’s so nervous) (Cute) Please don’t be nervous (In fact, she’s the most
nervous person here) Can I take off my jacket? I’m nervous too so I feel so hot First, eyeliner I’ll try it hard When I put on eyeliner, I usually
fill it very round at the front edge Then, I think the eye shape
looks less sharp? (Focused) Can you open your eyes? (The main guest can’t make
an eye contact with BONA) (Cute) You can close your eyes now – I heard that you have a child
– Yes What is the child’s name? It’s Yeonsong – Yeonsong?
– Yes It’s a pretty name What’s the most difficult
part of raising a child? Haven’t you taken care of a baby
in an entertainment program? It was so difficult for me, by the way Because the baby wouldn’t do
what I intended to do Then, you don’t see your friends too often? I see them once or twice a year… Really? Then, you don’t really have occasion
to dress up and go somewhere, right? Right, barely. So When I was around 21 and 22, my friends were going out and traveling together but I got pregnant and gained weight I got a full makeup done
at my wedding but since then… I didn’t get to do things like that
so I am very sad (BONA hopes that this will
cheer her up a little) Earlier… I heard you wrote down what
you wanted to say on your palm? (No) Shall we look? No, you can’t You’re erasing it, you’re erasing it Oh, no I wrote down how I should call you You can call me whatever
you want to call me Just “BONA” is okay too How dare I… (Laughing) You must have glitter for
the idol star makeup As for me and the also for members we really focus on charming fat
when we put on makeup I see We always ask the makeup artist
“Please do some more” I don’t know how to apply false eyelashes Today, I’ll just put on mascara (Her eyes became defined) And the shading that all members focus on I’m not sure if it’s because of the mood but you look so different now There’s a reason why the makeup artists
use their hands like a palette everyday It’s very convenient (Press down the lips to finish) Rub your lips together (Feeling rewarded) (Embarrassed) Oh, so pretty How do you like it? (The best, the best) Then, should we do your hair now? (The hair designer who
will complete her hair) I think waves would look pretty on her (Like this, like this) That kind of a style (Starting with makeup and ending with hair)
(The main guest is doing a makeover) Doesn’t it feel like I’m waiting for her
to put on her wedding dress? (Wow) (The main guest is perfectly
transformed by BONA) It looks so good on you Oh, I feel awkward You really look like an idol star (Ample glitter shadow, thick charming fat)
(BONA’s favorite velvet lips, curled hair It looks really good on you Since you did it for me How was it today? When I opened my eyes you were right in front of me
and I really… wanted to hide (Laughing) Thank you so much It’s my first time doing
a makeover like this so thank you so much for
giving me an opportunity It felt so different from
when I do my own makeup so I was nervous and my hands were shaking But I’m satisfied You look so pretty I’m very satisfied Then, let’s take a picture together
to remember this day I hope you’ll cherish this memory Thank you so much for creating
such a memorable moment that I didn’t expect at all

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    1:24 기다리는 김보나 ㄱㅇㅇ ㅠㅠ
    2:53 내 앞에 있었으면 기절각…😵💓

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    방탄이 저렇게 해줬으면 기절각이다….ㄷㄷ

  4. Sugi Sugi says:

    A princess from head to toe 👸

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