🇧🇷 Foreigner Trying Brazilian Snack for First Time | PASTEL | Pastelaria Isamar Maria | TUPÃ
🇧🇷 Foreigner Trying Brazilian Snack for First Time | PASTEL | Pastelaria Isamar Maria | TUPÃ

hi guys welcome to all4food this will
be our first video of the channel now I am going to show you some food from
Brazil where they treat this as snacks so let’s see what this place is now we
are going to a place called Pastelaria Isamar Maria, lets see. this place is in
Tupa, Tupa is a small city is about 460 kilometers away from Sao Paulo and right
now here is summer now you can see the shop already pastelaria Isamar Maria
so this will be the shop right now we will go through briefly on
the menu like what they are providing and these things we also have mini pizza
here so today we are not not eating this but I have already made some pictures of
these which I will be showing you so this is our pastel we have six
pieces and we have a tomato with some sauce and I don’t know what sauce is
this orange thing but it just really good with pastel and we have ordered
pineapple fresh juice so let’s go taste I can feel the smell of the meat as you
can see this meat with cheese inside I hope you can see now good
let’s taste it mmm eating just like this is okay let’s see
with some Tomatoes more Tomatoes
this sauce the good thing is this sauce the good thing is this sauce It tastes really really good and yeah Bon appetit so now we are finished eating here and it’s not just about eating the things here its also about
taking home so right now I have two pastels in my
hand which I will be taking home to eat this is the pastel what we took home and
the shopkeeper gave just the sauce and we found what is this sauce this is
carrot sauce I don’t know how someone can make a sauce so good so delicious
with carrot and this is the monster pastel what we take not the mini pastel
what we ate in the restaurant see the size it looks like my face ohhh and it is
with cheese and palm it’s a vegetable let’s eat this monster I will show you inside what have can you
see there is palm and cheese inside so this is the thing what we buy now to
take home lets enjoy so today we are at the last session of our video it’s about
scoring from for the pastel and what we took from the thing so today we are in the last session of our video
it’s scoring for the pastel what we ate just for pastel I can give a score of
seven out of ten if we eat with the sauce and with the tomatoes I will give a score of
9.5 out of 10 and for the fresh juice what we take from the restaurant pineapple I
can give a score of 8/10 so overall pastel was a good food to eat in brazil so thanks for watching our video
and support us for all upcoming reviews or food or whatever and I will go enjoy my Pastel.

7 thoughts on “🇧🇷 Foreigner Trying Brazilian Snack for First Time | PASTEL | Pastelaria Isamar Maria | TUPÔ

  1. Maria Santos says:

    Muito bom pastel do Brasil hmmm

  2. Maria Santos says:

    Até o gato Garfield ficou famoso lol

  3. Mandificando says:


  4. Bob Lee Swagger says:

    Kkkk Brasil é uma porra

  5. Sagar Zalavadia says:

    Are u Indian man?

  6. drukão says:

    velho godi

  7. Anderson Rodrix says:

    Pastel ❤️

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