💈 성우이용원 Haircut and Hair Styling in South Korea’s Oldest Barbershop | Seongu Barber Shop Seoul
💈 성우이용원 Haircut and Hair Styling in South Korea’s Oldest Barbershop | Seongu Barber Shop Seoul

Hello Haircut … and [shave] Wet shave? Yeah. Hello Yeah, we’re open tomorrow Just as usual Yeah

100 thoughts on “💈 성우이용원 Haircut and Hair Styling in South Korea’s Oldest Barbershop | Seongu Barber Shop Seoul”

  1. H V says:

    Wow, this wins 2019 Harry!!

  2. GALLO RICO says:

    Wow….. That's good to know that still exist exellent good old barber , fantastic….

  3. 정치용 says:


  4. sameer kaginkar says:

    Loved this barber hats off truly loving his work

  5. turino ik says:

    He is very professional

  6. Chetana Ingale says:

    When the barber started applying cream on harry's head I thought harry gona shave his head😅 but when he started rubbing his palm over his head then realized😉 was a technique to check his hairs length and density. Cool and intelligent barber.

  7. Emanuele Carrucciu says:

    Harry grazie per i tuoi video rilassanti e per l’impegno per la loro qualità audio e video

  8. Mike Petitti says:

    Love the attention to detail from the classic barbers. Such a relaxing experience.

  9. Michelle says:

    Fun facts about #성우이용원

    1:43 24:00 The soap from the pot
    – He is rubbing the brush on the pot to make soapsuds.
    – He is boiling water in the pot with briquette heater
    – He applies the soapsuds to calm the hair and make sure it doesn't go all over the place after cutting the hair.

    5:22 It seems he always uses razor blades when he is cutting the front hair

    6:26 15:00 The white powder
    – He gently brushes hair and attach powder to see the outline and tell where he should cut more
    – Back in the days barbers used powder that had asbestos materials. Because of that his father got pneumoconiosis and it lead him to death. So, he decided to use potato starch instead of powders since it's harmless, natural ingredient.

    10:47 Hello. Yeah, we're open tomorrow. Just as usual.

    24:46 In other youtube videos and interview, he said he always sharpens all the scissors and razors with that leather. It's American-made 70 years old horse leather and that razor is 140 years old German product.

    It's not on the video but in other #성우이용원 videos…
    He does not use shampoo at his shop because it's too strong/potent.
    He uses soap and rinse with vinegar water(water with drops of vinegar added)

  10. mike halton says:

    You in North Korea next Harry? You can get 1 of the 15 state approved haircuts that are allowed. 😂

  11. Mitchell David Cottle says:

    No shampoo?

  12. jontgreene says:

    That is one smooth haircut. And it was all achieved with scissors! Amazing

  13. 인라인TV says:

    여기서 성우이용원 보니깐 반갑네요 ^^

  14. Kris Jonson says:

    Got to look good before u start putting in the work! 👍

  15. spoly 813 says:

    I'm curious how you explain to the different barber shops about your mission to film for YouTube without speaking all the different languages. I understand how you can point to your hair or face to convey a haircut or shave but the bigger explanation is why you are there to film them. Do you have to get an interpreter for every different country?

  16. Michael Hatcher says:

    Are those scissors dull or are the texturizing scissors?

  17. Michael Hatcher says:

    Why does he keep applying powder to his head??!

  18. Jonathan Krassic says:

    Me encantan estos vídeos internacionales, saludos desde México

  19. bryandjen107 says:

    Just found this page. I have no idea why I love this, but I do.

  20. Bryant T says:

    This is hands down the best ASMR haircut on YouTube….minus phone call lol 😆

  21. Erick Ruano says:

    Definitely in my top 5 favorites! Love the attention to detail and the care. Goes to show that older barbers will always be top notch! 👌🏻

  22. Patti Borre says:

    Love this barber.very exact about what he does and customer.

  23. Joel guerrero perez says:

    Incredible vídeo, and the barber, it's a Master!!!!!

  24. Gian Famiglietti says:

    His skills are from another world

  25. Todd Constable says:

    Hey Harry, what do you do that allows you to travel the world getting your haircut? Serious question. Watch all your videos.

  26. SevenShade says:

    This dude must have some serious tendinitis going on with that scissor thumb haha

  27. Cooper 250 says:

    You should come to Adelaide, Australia there are some amazing barbers here

  28. Rod McLean says:

    Oldest Barber Shop……. man it looks it. Not the hairdresser of choice for all the K – Pop stars. Great to see it's still in the family. Love Seoul great place.

  29. 피스 아일렛Peace Islet says:

    한국에도 오셨군요 ㅋㅋㅋ 선생님은 세빌리아의 이발사 촬영때 생각도 나시겠어요

  30. Seyðisfjörður ! says:

    Welcome to Seoul Harry! Please come again and visit many other good barbershops in our country!

  31. John Minckler says:

    I wonder why he swirls that brush around on the side of that stainless steel pot? Then makes that gesture in the air as he walks back.

  32. Zuhairy Abdullah says:

    That razor prep .. the famous barber nowdays doesnt do that. Take a foil and work done.

  33. Dhamar pandu says:

    When haircut by schorem barbershop??

  34. 정진호 says:

    WOW, It's South Korea. Nice to meet you, have a good day

  35. Cpoole9 says:

    I personally would like to see more of the girl in the back.

  36. Taci Karaduman says:

    On numara beş yıldız usta adam bravo

  37. eduard van zweeden says:

    What is up with the white powder he uses????

  38. J. D. says:

    Fantastic haircut!

  39. Digi Malone says:

    I would use him until his or my final days…truly Masterful.

  40. Thirsty cadaver says:

    3:54 The guy in the mirror startled him

  41. Ham Aru says:

    Finally you went there, Sir.

  42. Chris Boss says:

    Gotta say, this was a pretty fascinating cut to watch. The techniques he used are things I've never seen done before. I couldn't stop watching.

  43. Good Vibes says:

    In my opinion, he did a very great job. Nice lined up back of the neck, sideburn trimmed, and your hair looked clean, uniform. Great work 👍🏽

  44. Shane Pleasants says:

    You need to link up with switch scissors

  45. Cj indiano says:

    We Waiting For You in Brazil

  46. mckhimchan Brian says:

    good good good good good good

  47. Canadian Entrepreneur says:

    Love u Harry

  48. kıvanç erakçora says:

    02:33 really bro? 😂😂😂

  49. 블레어위치 says:

    오 이분 드뎌 한국오셨네

  50. litterature histoire philosophie says:

    Welcome my country


    Đây mới gọi là đẳng cấp còn ba thg nhóc mà gọi là baber trẻ bên hàn thì cắt chả khác j salon bth vn mà còn ko chuyên nghiệp hơn ;))

  52. Havada Ucan says:

    i saw all your videos, but this barber is the ONE the best of the best

  53. Jam * says:

    Bash it with the thinners 🙃

  54. silvano de lazzari says:

    I didn't expect a shop like this in South Korea.

    South Korea is supposed to be a technological country.

    This kind of shops is more usual in India.

    It's a big surprise to me.

  55. Apolon apolon says:


  56. Affluent Imaginings says:

    I'm not gonna lie. At first I was perplexed and incredulous about this one. Then, I was astounded about this gentleman. Wish I had the money to visit this shop. Top 3 favorite of all Harry's vids.

  57. Bria Johnston says:

    My man's cut Harrys hair like a five year old Korean boy

  58. DS. Kim says:

    공감 합니다.혹시 기타음악 좋아 하세요.

  59. Cal says:

    Powder? Never mind I read the videos bio and it said it was starch for visual aid

  60. Dave Sinclair says:

    The respect shown to each other by both men is matched only by their love of their professions ….Merry Christmas everyone

  61. maclac48 says:

    WHAT A FANTASTIC CUT! I was a little worried about the step stool at first, that worry QUICKLY disappeared when I saw the barber’s skill with the shears/scissors. Awesome video keep em comin!!! 👍🏿

  62. Mike Vey says:

    I was stationed in South Korea from 2008 til 2009, and while I got my haircuts on US military bases, they were all done by local nationals – both young and old. They always did a phenomenal job; I haven't had such good service since

  63. cabdolla says:

    whats up with that Osamma Bid Laden drawing by his dipolma on the back left corner at 24:56. Kinda weird thing in a korean barber.

  64. TRÉVIZ says:

    Melhor asmr do mundo pqp.

  65. Y park says:

    I’m a Korean and live in here. Need to visit the 성우이용원 soon. Anyway thanks Harry & youtube🤣

  66. Jolan Shannon says:

    Ye olde piss barn!

  67. ShingToMe says:

    Wow that was the most handsome hair cut and shave result I have seen thus far on your channel.

  68. 달동박펀치 says:

    와 이 형님 한국까지 왔구나 ㅋㅋㅋ 반가워요

  69. 레피온 says:

    머냐 대박이네

  70. bastien lourdin says:

    hello , hair wash with soap

  71. Руслан Айтеков says:


  72. Keith Dean says:

    me thinks you cut the film at 25.59 and then had the hair washed. Your finger up was the clue

  73. d_ says:

    This must have seemed so odd at the beginning, for the barber. Just imagine: you're doing your job the same way for over 50 years, and before you, your father did the exact same things for probably another 50 years, for your neighbourhood. Then, all of a sudden, the world is watching and people from everywhere are coming into your shop.

  74. erpc says:

    feel's like i'm watching an in game cutscene

  75. Positive Angel says:

    A detailer….!!

  76. O Mret says:

    Nice video 😀💪

  77. Trapper says:

    Without a doubt one of the best haircuts I’ve ever seen, Harry

  78. CTW Atlanta says:

    Best haircut I've ever seen given! He's a true master!

  79. scottc9100 says:

    The fan is such an excellent touch, there’s nothing worse than being too warm while sitting.

  80. the CUt. says:

    I'm all about, if I don't use a YS PARK comb everything else is not a comb, and I see this guy and I'm telling myself to shut up, the haircut looks very good!

  81. Frank Garrett says:

    The barber who makes sure his hair is good, before he makes sure your hair is good!

  82. 익명 says:

    I always you visit in korea barber shop

  83. lee SJ says:

    이 채널 2016년도 부터 봤는데 한국의 성우이용원이 나올줄은 꿈에도 몰랐네 신기하군요

  84. Firstn Lastn says:

    원장님 건재하시구나
    못 뵌지 십수년

  85. Tisan Saavedra says:


  86. Whitey Powers says:

    What kind of blow dryer does he use, is it a vintage model or something new designed to look old.

  87. Gülenay Peynircioğlu says:


  88. PeytonsPawPaw 1 says:

    This gentleman knows his craft and does it extremely well. I'm sure he's admired among his colleagues. Cut looks good Harry

  89. Toxy says:

    Wish barbers near me gave a toss, the majority of the time they cut like they aren't even paying attention

  90. Wendy Sanderson says:

    Those are not very sharp scissors…

  91. 박민정 says:

    허..이양반 언제 한국까지와서 머리깍고 가셨데?… 진짜 전세계를 돌아다니는구나…

  92. 왕초밥 says:

    매일 챙겨보던 채널에서 한국이 나오다니 신기하네요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  93. evnthorizn says:

    Better haircut, by far, than I ever got when I was stationed at Osan AB 37 years ago. Great job.

  94. Cody Mobley says:

    Question, is it appropriate to tip your barber in South Korea ?

  95. 조경석 says:

    Whts your name
    Whts your moms name
    Whats your girls name?
    Whats your girls phone number

  96. Monsieur Park says:


  97. martin guillaume says:

    Quel talent ! Maîtrise parfaite de sa technique !

  98. 황정민 says:

    Welcome to korea.

  99. -Tina95- says:

    Da weis jemand was er tut 💇🏻‍♂️

  100. Pablo Ferreira says:

    Show de bola! 🔥

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