💍 Hand movements 👚 Tapping long nails ASMR sounds
💍 Hand movements 👚 Tapping long nails ASMR sounds

немножко потапаем тап-тап это мой крем для рук сначала снимем кольца мои классненькие колечка все, пока пока пока

20 thoughts on “💍 Hand movements 👚 Tapping long nails ASMR sounds”

  1. Radha krishna says:

    So beautiful nails. Your long nails are perfect nails. I love so much

  2. Brendan Wall says:


  3. Timo Hannemann says:



    (I wish you a very nice evening 😉

  4. ZEN master says:

    Lora's video in notification – instant thumbs up without even loading the vid. I wish to see some more vids outdoors wit your gorgeous nails

  5. Joseph Mackie says:

    Your hands are sooo soft looking and the sound your nails make made for a amazing video 👍🏼♥️u Lora

  6. seryoga83 says:

    Замечательные ногти.

  7. hun says:

    all is beating between my legs

  8. hun says:

    it is such a perfect length, i hope you you don't let them grow much more

  9. tassotazzina says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, infinitely beautiful 😘😍

  10. edwin89 d says:

    Tolles Video mit super sexy langen Nägeln 😍😍😍!

  11. diego ruiz says:

    I love the sexy claws on you… you make my day.😘💚🌿

  12. James Cipriani says:

    Hi how are you today Lora you loo great to day my friend and you supper long nails have a good day james

  13. S from says:

    They're perfect. Lovely length and color. The clicking sound as you click them together is mind blowing. I can watch this video over and over again.♥️

  14. shihan3127 says:


  15. talentscoutpa says:

    Great video Lora. I’d still love a few hand puppet movements please??? Let your nails click❤️

  16. talentscoutpa says:

    Pink nails are my favorite color

  17. Manisha Kadyan says:

    Show ur toenails too

  18. Manisha Kadyan says:

    Can u crush orange in nxt video plz

  19. Manisha Kadyan says:

    Where do u live

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