🥑Happy Avocado Nail Art 🥑 Proste zdobienie z użyciem żeli Arte Brillante Indigo
🥑Happy Avocado Nail Art 🥑 Proste zdobienie z użyciem żeli Arte Brillante Indigo

If some avocado enthusiasts are watching me, you’ve come to the right place, because in today’s video you will be presented in a quick way to make a happy, avocado man step by step Hi, my name is Aniela, welcome to another tutorial on NGNails channel I apply two layers of pastel pink to the tips By the way, I invite you to my previous movie, in which I showed how to apply pastel gel polish to get the best coverage Then on the color I paint the pattern using the art brillante gel in the mintshake shade and nail brush number 004 I start by painting a small circle in the middle of the nail, then, just below the painted circle, I paint the second one, bigger I combine the circles in this way to create the shape of avocado I cure the pattern and then I reach for more gels from the arte brillante line this time I will need rain forest and mocha colors With dark green and brush No. 004 I paint the avocado skin, start with the left part of the pattern, then stretch the dark green with a thinner brush No. 005 to precisely apply the color Then I paint a stone I use a mokka gel for this I am painting the paste in the middle of a large circle At the end I reach for the black gel and brush 006 With these products I create a contour of the inner part of the avocado and the skin it is very difficult to create thin and precise lines, which is why I recommend hardening the pattern gradually at this step I mean hardening singly painted lines. I mean hardening singly painted lines I cure it in lamp At the end I add hands, legs and eyes suggesting a good humor of the avocado man I secure the pattern and color with the super matte top this is how an avocado man looks like in a mat This minimalistic decoration will look great with a one-color manicure Let me know in a comment what do You think about my avocado man Thank you very much for your attention, I invite you to my instagram for more inspiration and to hear in the next video!

5 thoughts on “🥑Happy Avocado Nail Art 🥑 Proste zdobienie z użyciem żeli Arte Brillante Indigo”

  1. femketjeNL says:

    This is so cute 😀

  2. sunshine says:

    O jeju jakie cudo 😍

  3. Edyta Szarfemberg says:

    jaki slodziak 😀

  4. Kinga Pośnik says:

    Bardzo pomocne są Pani filmy❤ super ludek🤗🤗🤗

  5. MaliNaila says:

    Bardzo ładne awokado 😉 Też kiedyś malowałam u siebie i fajnie się nosiło!

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