17 Things YOU MISSED in Beauty And The Beast (2017)
17 Things YOU MISSED in Beauty And The Beast (2017)

Disney’s live-action Beauty And The Beast
is a gorgeous reimagining of the beloved 1991 animated classic and it’s loaded with callbacks
and easter eggs to the animated movie that many even casual viewers will notice. But the new movie also includes many delicious
details that only super-fans might spot the first time around! Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, it’s Jan here,
and in this video, I’m going to reveal 17 easter eggs and details that only real fans
will notice in the new Beauty And The Beast. And by the way, I’ll be including some fascinating
facts from my interviews with Beauty And The Beast director Bill Condon and composer Alan
Menken about how they used deleted scenes, characters, lyrics and dialogue from the original
animation in the new movie. Just before I start, I’m giving away this
amazing Disney hardback book from DK, which is loaded with behind-the-scenes artwork,
photos, and information about Disney’s live-action and animated movies over the years. For a chance to win, all you have to do is
subscribe and leave a comment about the new Beauty And The Beast movie or your favourite
easter egg from the film. And for bonus ways to enter, check out the
Gleam link in the video description below. Ok, quick warning: there are spoilers ahead,
so if you’ve not seen the movie yet, why not check out my spoiler-free review, then come
back here after you’ve seen the film! When Beast suggests Belle use the enchanted
map to ‘travel to the one place [she’s] always wanted to see’, the destination she chooses
is a lovely nod to a Beauty And The Beast cameo in another Disney animated movie! Can you guess where I’m going with this? Yes, Belle and Beast travel to Paris, where
Beast suggests they visit Notre Dame, all of which is very exciting because Belle popped
up in Disney’s animated feature The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where, in typical Belle style,
she walked along the street while reading a book. There’s an interesting moment during the opening
song “Belle” where Belle enquires if Monsieur Jean has lost something again, and he replies
that he believes he has, but he can’t remember what. Given that Emma Watson’s best known role before
Beauty And The Beast was as Hermione Grainger in the Harry Potter series, this feels like
a homage to the scene in the first film, The Philosopher’s Stone, where after Neville gets
his Remembrall, he says to Hermione that he can’t remember what he’d forgotten. Although Harry Potter fans may well love this
line, Beauty And The Beast director Bill Condon has said that it’s a happy coincidence because
the reason Monsieur Jean can’t remember what he’s forgotten is because of the Enchantress’s
spell and how it’s made the townspeople forget that the castle and the enchanted objects
ever existed. So, what Jean can’t remember here is that
he’s actually Mr Potts, and his conversation with Belle is some clever foreshadowing for
the reveal later on that he’s married to Mrs Potts. Perhaps a somewhat unfortunate consequence
of the changed dialogue is that we never got that brilliant line from the original where
the baker rudely interrupts Belle with the line, “Marie! The baguettes!” – because he’s bored of listening
to her talk about the book she’s been reading. In the new movie, Belle’s conversation with
Monsieur Jean replaces that conversation with the baker, but [perhaps] there’s a nod with
a twist to that moment as Belle still gets brushed off, but this time it’s by Monsieur
Jean when he says the book she’s returning to Pere Robert sounds boring. His line is also a joke at the expense of
the story of Romeo and Juliet which is the book Belle’s just been reading in this film
and also the one she taught the Beast to read in the original animation. In the new movie, the Beast also pokes fun
at Romeo and Juliet when he introduces Belle to his library saying there are so many things
that are better to read than that Shakespearian tragedy about heartache and pining. Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film La Belle et la Bête
is one of director Bill Condon’s favourite movies and he found it a source of inspiration
for his own 21st-century remake of the Beauty And The Beast story. For instance, there’s a different set-up to
the 1991 movie for Belle’s father. In this version, Maurice is taken prisoner
by Beast for picking a white rose. Given Condon’s love for the French film, his
use of the white rose is a hat-tip to Cocteau’s film where Belle’s father is caught by the
Beast when he takes a rose from Beast’s garden, the idea for which itself came from the original
mid-18th-century French story. And Beauty And The Beast’s filmmakers included
a nice easter egg and homage to the author of that very first Beauty And The Beast story,
Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, when they named Belle’s hometown Villeneuve. Shortly after Maurice enters the Beast’s castle,
seeking shelter, Cadenza the harpsichord starts playing ‘Be Our Guest’, but suddenly stops
when Maurice goes into the room. This is a delightful easter egg to the fact
that, in the animated movie, ‘Be Our Guest’ was initially actually going to be performed
by the enchanted objects for Maurice, rather than for Belle. Maestro Cadenza, who’s married to the Italian
opera singer Madame de Garderobe and becomes a harpsichord under the curse, is a new character
created for the live-action adaptation. But Cadenza’s inclusion in this film is still
a hat-tip to Villeneuve’s original story as well as to LePrince de Beaumont’s adaptation
a few years later, which feature Beauty playing the harpsichord in her own home, and also
reveal that Beast has a harpsichord in his castle. On top of that, Maestro Cadenza is also a
little musical homage to the 1997 direct-to-video midquel, Beauty And The Beast: The Enchanted
Christmas, in which the main villain was the music conductor and composer Maestro Forte,
who became a pipe organ during the curse. The live-action film makes this connection
when, just before ‘Be Our Guest’, Cogsworth asks Cadenza to ‘play quietly’, and Candeza
replies, ‘Sotto voce, of course.’ Sotto voce and Forte are musical terms which
are basically opposites of each other, which is fitting because Cadenza is a good character
and Forte was villain. The songs in the new Beauty And The Beast
also include homages to a variety of classic musicals. For “Be Our Guest”, director Bill Condon has
confirmed the new musical number includes over a dozen references including West Side
Story, Singin’ In The Rain, Cabaret, and Chicago, which Condon wrote the screenplay for, as
well as nods to Esther Williams and Busby Berkeley, both of which also influenced the
1991 version. Plus, there’s also a little reference to Moulin
Rouge, which starred Ewan McGregor, who plays Lumiere in Beauty And The Beast. When Disney were going through the music archives
of the animated film, they came across some original lyrics by the late Howard Ashman
which didn’t make it into the final film back in 1991. So, director Bill Condon decided to put them
to good use in his live-action version. And when I interviewed Bill Condon recently,
I asked him what those new lyrics were, and he told me that they’re the last lines that
Emma Thompson sings as Mrs Potts when she reprises the Beauty And The Beast song at
the end of the movie, which are: “Winter turns to spring, famine turns to feast, nature points
the way, nothing left to say, Beauty and the Beast.” But that’s not all, folks! When I interviewed Alan Menken, he told me
that some of Howard Ashman’s unused lyrics from the 1991 movie also made it into the
live-action version of the song Gaston! The lyrics in question begin with Gaston singing:
‘When I hunt, I sneak up with my quiver, and beasts of the field say a prayer; first, I
carefully aim for the liver, then I shoot from behind.’ By the way, Menken told me that those lyrics
didn’t make it into the original film as ‘sneaking up and shooting an animal in the liver was
probably a bit much for a younger audience’. Music boxes play an important part in the
new film as Belle’s father, Maurice, is an artist who makes them. But they’re also a call-back to the animated
feature. In early drafts of the 1991 script, Mrs Potts’
son Chip only had one sentence of dialogue, and the other scenes where he appears in the
film as we know it today were going to feature in his place a Music Box character which spoke
only by making little chiming noises. But when the producers realised the movie
would benefit from a child’s perspective, they increased Chip’s role and got rid of
the music box character. After Chip says his famous line from the original
animation, ‘Momma, there’s a girl in the castle’, he follows it up by asking Mrs Potts what
kind of tea the girl likes and then lists a few different types including chamomile,
which is a delicious easter egg to the original name the filmmakers were going to give the
talking teapot in their animated movie. Yes, back in 1991, Mrs Potts was very nearly
named Mrs Chamomile, after the soothing herbal tea, but the filmmakers decided to go with
the name we know and love today as they thought ‘chamomile’ might be difficult for young children
to say. Toward to the start of the movie, we see Belle
teaching a young girl to read and pointing to a page with a Blue Bird on it. The page says “The Blue Bird that flies over
the dark wood”, which is a nod to the blue-birds that fly over the wood at the start of the
animated movie, and also to the blue-coloured bird that appears during the song “Something
There”. When we hear that song in the original film,
Belle is trying to bring out the Beast’s gentler side by encouraging him to feed the birds
in his garden. At first, they’re all scared away with the
exception of a little blue bird who jumps into his hand. By the way, look closely at what Belle’s wearing
as she teaches the young girl and you’ll see that her cardigan has blue birds embroidered
into the pattern. After Gaston and LeFou finish their big song-and-dance
number at the tavern, Gaston compliments his loyal side-kick on how great he is and asks,
‘How is it that no girl has snatched you up yet?’, and LeFou replies with a nice easter
egg to Frozen, saying that, ‘I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it.’ Josh Gad, of course, plays both LeFou and
Frozen’s Olaf, an adorable snowman who just loves introducing himself to the movie’s human
characters with the line, ‘Hi, I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs’, and who’s also happy to
melt for the right person. As well as being a Frozen easter egg, LeFou’s
reply also foreshadows what the movie’s director has called the character’s “gay moment” at
the end of the movie. Just outside the tavern’s doors, there are
two wooden carvings of wild boar heads, and one is used by the angry mob to try to ram
down the door to the Beast’s castle. Although this is a change from the animated
film, where the villagers chop down a tree to batter the Beast’s door, it’s actually
a really nice hint to the design of the Beast. Wild boars were one of the animals that Disney
artist Glen Keane took inspiration from when he was creating the animated Beast’s look
– in fact, if you look at the Beast in the 1991 movie, you’ll see he has the tusks of
a wild boar. But long before Disney’s much-loved classic,
the Beast was already associated with boars. Back in the late nineteenth century, for example,
the English artist Walter Crane portrayed the Beast as a wild boar in his illustrations
for children’s picture books. Speaking of boars, the coat of arms in the
Beast’s castle consists of a lion, a boar, and letters WD. Just as boars influenced the Beast’s design
in the animated movie, so too did lions – with the Beast having a lion’s mane. As for the WD monogram, that’s a nod to Walt
Disney! When Belle is surprised that Beast is able
to complete a quote she reads from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he explains that
he had ‘an expensive education.’ This is a change from the animation where
the Beast has trouble reading, but it’s also a reference to the role that made actor Dan
Stevens, who plays the Beast, famous. In the popular period drama Downton Abbey,
Stevens’s character Matthew Crawley also enjoyed an expensive education, which included a private
boys-only boarding-school followed by Oxford University. And interestingly enough, that’s mirrored
in Stevens’ own life as he too attended a private boarding school before going on to
study at Cambridge University. At the end of this movie, Belle looks at the
Prince and asks, ‘How would you feel about growing a beard?’, which director Bill Condon
told me is an unused line of dialogue that lyricist Howard Ashman came up with for the
animated classic. Interestingly enough, Glen Keane, who designed
the animated Beast for that film, didn’t want the Beast to turn back into the Prince at
the end of the movie so had Paige O’Hara who played Belle record that line about the beard,
though, of course, they didn’t end up using it back then. Now, I’d love to hear if you spotted any other
easter eggs or interesting references in the new Beauty And The Beast movie. And how do you think it compared to the original
animated classic? Don’t forget to comment and subscribe for
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