2019 Best in Beauty Favorites| Lia Lavon
2019 Best in Beauty Favorites| Lia Lavon

Hey YouTube fam! It’s your girl Lia back
again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
just my best in beauty for 2019. Now if you’re not familiar with my channel
welcome join the family smash that subscribe button but I do this video
every year where I come on here and talk about what have been my beauty favorites
of that current year. Now I think I did it in 2017 2018 and now we are here for
the 2019 edition. Now this year I didn’t buy as many products. I think I’m over
the consumerism of makeup and I’ll get into that in a separate video but some
of the products that I have just work for me. I don’t feel like I need to try
that many. I don’t think I need to hoard as much makeup as I have in the past. So
today’s video I’m going to also put up under the product that I’m talking about
whether it’s been a repeat winner for my last two best in beauty videos. Now I
haven’t watched those video as of now cuz I don’t want to cloud my judgment
but I will put as I’m talking about it up under it if it has won in several
years. Just because some of the products that I do have are products that I
really do love. I’ve used them over and over again and they have been my
tried-and-true products of the last year. And the first product that I’m gonna talk
about that I’ve talked about and I can pretty much say without even looking at
my previous videos has made my video every year for my best in beauty and
that’s my eyebrow product. You guys know probably sound like a broken record NYX
brow pencil is my brow pencil of choice. It’s my brow pencil of life.
Probably for the last two years haven’t used anything but this NYX brow pencil
in chocolate. Love it. It’s $9.99. I hope the price hasn’t gone up. But as I’m
recording this I believe it’s still $9.99. Has the pencil end which I love.
Also has the spoolie and which I love even more because the issue with my brows isn’t that they aren’t you know filled in or they don’t have hairs. It’s the
fact that they can get unruly so that brush really comes in handy as well. And
I’m going in the order of the way I apply my makeup. If you’ve seen any of my
makeup tutorials I always start with a brows first. I feel like that just
defines the face. It gives it the shape it needs to go on with the rest of your
products and brow pencil of course has to be the NYX brow pencil. Now
next step I typically go into is going into the eyes. I always do the eyes
before I do my face. Just because if I have any fallout it’s easier to clean
when I don’t have foundation on my face already. And what I do is I prime my eyelid and get it prepared for that eyeshadow. What
primer I use is the soft ochre by Mac. Now this is what it looks like. This is a
fresh tub. I just bought this one.Um again like I said it is the soft ochre
Paint Pot by MAC. Love this for priming my eyes it just really does a good job.
Of course they are cheaper alternatives on the market for this. NYX has a good
pencil. The NYX jumbo pencil in white was my used to be all-time favorite but
I like this because it is a little bit more skin tone. So again my soft ochre
Paint Pot amazing by MAC for priming my eyes. And everything I’m talking about is
of course products that I have used today on today’s face to achieve
today’s look. And after I prime my eyes of course the next thing is to put that
eye shadow on and I couldn’t just pick one eyeshadow palette. These have really
been in my heaviest rotation for the year. Now what I’ll say has been on the
rotation for the longest of this year is soft glam by Anastasia Beverly Hills. If
I open this and show you guys. You guys can see I I gravitate to a couple of
colors maybe one in particular that I love the most but again this palette has
been my go-to palette of this year. Now following that up I think my next go to
used palette was this Huda Beauty obsessions palette. I think this really
came in handy as I traveled a lot this year because it’s so compact. And as you know 2019 was a travel heavy year for me from
my cruise to all my work travels. This was really what I needed. The other
palettes are just too big especially if you’re traveling by plane. It’s just not
a good you know sizing. This is perfect sizing. It has the perfect colors I need.
The crease, the transition, the lid shade, outer corner, outer V. Now the palette
that I used heavily today was I feel like all of them. All of them I used. I use
that burnt orange from Anastasia. I used these two colors kind of in my crease.
Then moving on to my kind of later in the year palettes that I really loved. Jackie Aina of course her collaboration with anastasia beverly hills. Of course
of course I highly recommend you check this out. These are the colors in that.
The two colors that I really love in this is edges and ginger. So these two
shades. I also tried to use and incorporate them in today’s look as well
as these two shades are my kind of lid shades that I have going on right now. Again I have small eyes so it’s hard to kind of see but again I love love
love this palette as well. And then the final winner for this year came in
really at the end. I was not going to buy it. I literally told myself I walked into
the Sephora I literally walked out without it. But then I you know two weeks
later walked into another Sephora and then walked out with it. And it is the
Urban Decay Naked honey palette. It’s all my favorite shades I think combined
together. There’s not one shade in here that I
cannot use. I’m a gold fan. I’m a warm eye fan. If you watched any of my videos
you guys know these colors speak to me and this palette spoke to me so well. Of
all the naked palettes. I didn’t really like that rose gold one, the naked
three I believe they had. I do have the naked one and the naked two. And then
all those Smokies and all the other ones did not speak to me but this honey.
This honey though. It got me. It got me. The won me over for a good reason
though. Of course I bought this during the Sephora vib sale because again I’ve
been really anti. Not anti consumerism but I haven’t been that much spendy
spendy spendy at Sephora without a good reason. But for good reason I got this palette. So again naked honey
definitely my MVP for the end of the year. So the next step for me eyeliner of
course. I tottle between both the Kat Von D tattoo liner as well and the Stila
stay all day waterproof eyeliner. These are both I think equally as good. Both
very fine tipped both are waterproof as well. I use them like today when I don’t
do a wing. I use them when I do do a wing. I just really overall like both of these
eyeliners. So they’re equally as good. I tried to choose one over the other I
really can’t. They both do the equally same exact job and I don’t know who’s made
the list in the past but again they both do such an amazing job equally that I
can’t choose between either. So again both have been my eyeliners of
choice for 2019. And then next what I do is I think I’m gonna go on to lashes.
Lashes in theory is what I definitely do next and I love the kiss lashes. Kiss
brand overall. Now my two favorite Kiss lashes of course are the kiss oh 03
beyond naturals. As well as the kiss 09 so wispy lashes. If you guys ever wonder what lashes I have on in any video it’s
one of these two brands of lashes. There is no other lashes that I’m trying. Kiss lashes overall a good brand of lashes. Now to apply those lashes I do
love the duo glue. The adhesive. The one that actually is the brush on adhesive
though. So this one has the kind of brush applicator unlike the tube applicator
that you see sometimes. A lot of times you’ll see that little tube applicator. I
used to like that but I realized too much comes out. It’s easier to control
when you have that brush on adhesive. So I’ve only ever used kind of duo products
when it comes to adhesive. I think they’re the winners overall in the adhesive game. They last on me. They don’t go anywhere. Can find them at Beauty Supply
stores. That’s where I typically get mine from. As well as let’s go ahead and go
into mascaras. Mascara now I don’t really have amazing lashes. So no mascara ever
does the job amazingly well for me. So that’s why I don’t invest a lot and
spend the you know 30 40 dollars on those best mascaras because at the end
of the day they never gonna do nothing for these nothing lashes that I got
going on right now. So what I have loved and what I do love
is the covergirl super sizer mascara. I mean it just does the job good and it
does the job well. It does the job that I need to be done. The wand isn’t anything fancy. It’s a regular wand but it’s waterproof. It it
does me no wrong as well as I love the Mac extended play lash. Love this
mascara as well for my under lashes. It’s a fine very fine wand that is amazing for
getting those under lashes or I also can use it sometimes for my upper lashes as
well it just depends on what I kind of got going on. If I just want to use one
mascara. I’ll hit those upper lashes. Hit the
bottom lashes and it does the job so well. So next we go in to face and for face primer Smashbox photo finish primer
water. Without even looking at previous videos I know it’s probably made the
list several times. I love it because it’s easy just to spray on and go. My
face is very dry skin or as my local esthetician told me recently I have
kind of normal skin but normal skin that loves to soak up water and likes to stay
hydrated. So if I put any kind of liquid products on me it likes to go dry all of
a sudden and so I love all the water and all the water that I can get. And
Smashbox photo finish primer water does that trick well. So really love this
primer. As well as moving on next two foundations. Now I typically have a
hoard of foundations during this video. It’s typically like ten foundations. This year
especially towards the end I’d say like September, October, November and now we’re in December this has been my combo of choice. I haven’t used pretty much any
other when I’m filming, for my day-to-day standpoint. These are my two foundations.
I’s a foundation I have one today. If you’ve seen a video from me in September,
October, November and it hasn’t been a foundation review I have this on. This is
the combo and it is the hourglass foundation stick. Now I have a review on
this. I don’t feel like I was overwhelmingly impressed with this when
I did a review on this. I wasn’t a huge fan of this foundation when I reviewed
it. Now something has happened where this is my go-to and I wear these in conjunction.
I have to put these on together. I know it seems extra. Two foundations. Gonna put two foundations on but it just really it lasts all day. My foundations look so
good and I didn’t even go into my second foundation. Now the hourglass I’m in the
shade of golden amber and the Maybelline Dream under cover full
coverage foundation SPF 50 I am in the shade 330 toffee. Again this foundation
these two foundations together. I love them. And I know one’s high end one’s low
end it doesn’t even matter I love them two together. If it’s like girl we going
out I’m going to grab these two foundations without fail, without
question. When I pack something to go now this is going with me for sure because
again it just does the job amazingly well. And then for concealer only one
this year. Again probably a second time winner. Maybe I
just discovered this this year. I don’t know but there hasn’t been any other
concealer that I’ve used this year and it’s the Mac 24-hours Studio Fix smooth
wear concealer. I am in the shade NC 44. Again the concealer of choice for me. I
really haven’t picked up any other concealer this year not even just to test
really. I have used this every single day since discovering it. So it’s just an
overall amazing very smooth like it says concealer. Next we go into setting powder
you guys know Laura Mercier translucent setting powder my setting powder of
choice. Really really love this setting powder. Can’t say enough great things
about it. Have it in this size. Have it in travel size because of course I don’t go
anywhere where I have concealer without bringing this powder. Next we’re gonna go
into contour. When I contour my face it has to be the Fenty Beauty contour stick. I
am in the shade truffle. Now this I have loved the Fenty foundation of course
this year as well. That has been something else I’ve really been loving. I
didn’t include it in this video because if I’m really being honest with myself
that is what I reach for when I really want to look beat. That combination of
that hourglass and that Maybelline but I do still like I think Fenty is my third
runner-up for my favorite foundation of this year as well. But this truffle
contour stick. Love this thing. Does the job well. Next we’re gonna move on to
blush. For blushes of course we have the wet and wild mellow wine. I love this for
quite some time and I’m pretty sure it has made a list or two before. It is the
one I have on today. Not the other one that I really love which is Mac Raizin. MAC Raizin perfect perfect blush as well. Both of these are kind of my favorite blushes. And they are very similar in terms of look. Well this has a little bit
more pinky-er to it. This is a little bit more of a fall kind of tone which is
what I really love about it. Is kind of how fall-y inspired it is but I do have
mellow wine on today. I do like how pinky and kind of rosy it makes it cheeks
while at the same time taking into consideration you know we are brown skin
women and I think this is a great brown skin as well as this being a great brown
skin blush. Next we move on to highlighters. This has been my
highlighter of choice and I know they don’t make this palette anymore so I’m
just gonna talk about it briefly but it is really what I use and I’ve used it
forever. And it is the Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics her collaboration with them.
The highlighters at the bottom love these for years. Don’t know what I’m
gonna do when I run out because again she doesn’t have this collab anymore. I
think she has a collab now with Anastasia which is awesome but I own this palette
probably since 2016. I don’t even know make up wise it says you were only
supposed to keep it for 24 months on here so I’m doing a no-no on the back
I’m just now reading this I’ve had it way longer than 24 months but it’s
highlighter it still does the job well and I really love it but my second
favorite of this year has definitely been this Laura Mercier and discretion
of face illuminator and this is kind of what that looks like again is the Laura
Mercier indiscretion and face illuminator I actually have this one on
today just kind of show you guys instead of that Carli bybel witch that Carli
bybel is typically my filming highlighter because it blinds you but
this one also really does a job well at highlighting as well but it’s also
demure enough to be really good in person to Carli bybel I do tend to like
to wear when I’m going out for like a party or I’m filming that’s kind of
where I like it we ran and for pictures but this one I think it’s good for
filming while at the same time being really really good for real life – you
don’t look crazy out here like why she like a disco ball you don’t really have
the disco ball look with this next for lips lip liner chestnut no chestnut is a
color that I try to make them work with any lip that I’m wearing I have it on
today I tried to make it work with pinks and sometimes I worked with pinks I mean
it’s not gonna work with reds but it really works well it’s a mystery
Sisterhood of the Traveling lipliners type of lip liner where it will work
with anybody for anybody of a darker skin tone
it just works really well and the lips of this year I’ve actually expanded upon
now everybody knows honest agia sofia favorite liquid lip of life it just goes
on very smooth it just doesn’t make my lips feel irritated just amazing looks
good and it’s consistent enough for me to be in every single video wearing this
and I get the same question over and over again and I know what to answer
because this makes it easier I can wear red and then I forget what look what
stick but with this I can just always remember oh I had honest idea Sofia on
in that video but now I kind of switched up the game a little bit now today’s lip
I have on the coloured raine of truffle ring liquid lipstick and I have that on
kind of as my base color and I mix it in with color pop beeper I love this on its
own but I think for fall this lip just does a really good job and in the middle
to kind of soften it up its color pops Qi now I like to use these three or all
separately up but I have them all kind of three mixed in together today on
today’s look to create kind of a custom lip but I think all three of these
together separate all really good I like liquid lips I’m not a real lipstick wear
and I’m not really a big lip gloss wear too if you’ve seen any of my videos you
know I’m not out here by lip glosses popping I’m typically moreso of a matte
lip type of a fan but again that has been my favorite lip of this year
now next favorite setting spray Urban Decay all nighter of course of course of
course I’m running low on this one so I have another one back up ready to go
what setting spray does it he kind of brings your whole look together I like
to go over my face all together with a big brush a big kabuki brush to bring
everything together and then I spray this on again for that one last bit of
hydration and that one last little kick to give it that long lasting power that
my foundations I feel like need so again setting spray has been Urban Decay and
last but not least my applicator of the year has been the Sonia Kashuk makeup
sponge now this is dirty because I used it of course on today’s look but I do
have one that I have not opened yet I’m trying not to because I just I love
these so much I have so many of them kind of just all over the place I use
them on a daily so my other ones aren’t already too but it is the Sonia Kashuk
makeup sponge originally I like the black and white ones but now I really
like the grey and white ones they are like five dollars if you see them in
your stores definitely definitely I’d say pick up the grey and white version
of them because they are so amazing for hitting up under here getting your
foundation all blended doing my contour everything about the sponge forget
Beauty Blender if you are Beauty Blender fan throw it away if you’re a real
techniques sponge person throw in a way as well morphe sponge although
sponges can go to the wayside as far as I’m concerned
sorry Akashic makes one of the best sponges out there point-like period so
those have been my makeup favorites of 2019 my best in beauty you can say of
2019 if there is something I really really really need to try in 2020 make
sure you leave it down below again a lot of these are probably repeat favorites
because when I find something I love I like to stick with it I’m not the
typical I guess Beauty influenced or what I’m trying and forcing you know new
things down your throat if you like something why not just stick with it
it’s doing this job right then we got to spend all this money
so again if you find something I need to spend my money on leave it down below
make sure you give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it make sure
you give it a big thumbs up even if you didn’t enjoy it we won’t add the love
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thank you so much for watching bye he’s gonna be private I will give you all not more

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