24 HORAS CONMIGO *Me llenaron de pastel* ¡traicioooon!😭💔 Craftingeek
24 HORAS CONMIGO *Me llenaron de pastel* ¡traicioooon!😭💔 Craftingeek

Hello Crafters welcome to today’s video it occurred to me that it would be interesting to do a video of a day with me so today you’ll come with me and see everything I do. It’s not a normal day in my life it’s a day that’s going to be interesting so I think you’re going to like it. So let’s start with the first thing of the day which is to fly to Mexico City for an event. I finally got into the VIP lounge and the awesome thing is that there’s breakfast! So it helps me a lot when I’m in the run because I come in have breakfast and I have to run again because I only have like 5 minutes to eat up. Ah! I think I’m the last person! Jesus! This always happens but I’m happy because I ate breakfast! There I’m in line I’m not the last one I’m really happy. I’m inside now I’ll see you in a little bit in Mexico City. I arrived! I’m at the area where you pick up your luggage. The flight was really short normally people fall asleep at least you rest for an hour. And I would like to be that person that can sleep but I’m not like that! I mean I can’t fall asleep in any situation. I’m a little bit tired. (noises in the background) Excuse me. (background noises continue) I’m thinking about what’s the best idea right now. Supposedly I have to be at 12 at the event where I’ll give my speech but I’m not ready yet and I have to arrive 15 minutes earlier already fixed up. I don’t trust in Mexico City’s traffic normally when I plan a certain amount of hours it extends for any reason so I think that the best plan is that I get ready here and just leave that way if anything happens I could arrive straight to the event without being late. I would love to tell you that this is the first time I do this but it’s not the first time I get ready here. So how embarrassing my luggage is there I’m getting ready and people are passing by but oh well. I haven’t updated you guys because everything has happened really fast. I left the airport running I took a long time on the Uber and right now I’m on another Uber because I’m on the way to the Kite Museum to give the speech. Yay! I look more awake now but don’t be fooled it’s just makeup on the inside I’m tired. I’m here now, I’m waiting for my turn. Miraculously I got here early every time I’m in Mexico City I’m late everywhere but not today! Woohoo, we’re winning! How do you find your personality? First be yourself. It doesn’t happen in the beginning there’s always a change. We’re done with the speech it was a success there were a lot of Crafters we all got crazy with each other we love each other forever and we took a bunch of photos. I haven’t been to this museum for a while now. They told me that there was an area an ideas laboratory, that’s what it’s called right? Ideas Laboratory? It’s for creative people it’s to create and do new things. I want to see that area it sounds exactly like what we do in Craftingeek. Right now after giving a speech, taking pictures, saying hi to a lot of Crafters, getting to know the museum, and did an interview we’re going to continue to the next thing which is? I don’t even now what’s the schedule for today friends. -Surprise… -Okay it’s Iza’s surprise so let’s go! -Surprise! -How colorful! Hey it all started okay and I don’t know how I ended up like this. Obviously no one’s going to bite the cake because it’s full of saliva and stuff. My own team betrayed me! I feel betrayed! What are you laughing at? Your laugh hurts Iza. I thought we trusted each other. Look at this friends. They’re telling me this doesn’t come off! That I’m gonna go to the event like this because the blue stains the skin. What the heck!? Well at least… or I can go dressed up as a 90’s clown! -Yeah. -That way I have the… or it could also be something artistic oh look at this! Iza shows me her piece of hair it’s like a mini piece that’s stained friends. They gave me this invitation for the event that’s in 2 days of Barbie. Look at this beautiful box! I love these types of boxes for their textures! I’m a very strange person these things excite me. Let’s see what’s inside. Suddenly everyone left and I’m still asking myself if we’re going to eat the cake because I want to know what it tastes like I know that it smells like vanilla but I don’t know what it tastes like. I want to know. Look I’m right there yay! With all of the rest incredible people! After this beautiful surprise it’s time to change clothes. My luggage was stored at the office. And I’m going to change because we’re going to the party and to the premier of Captain Marvel. Hey have you noticed that this is the 3rd outfit of the day? And I’m always changing on strange places like this bathroom at the office. We’re arrived to the theater where the premier of Captain Marvel will be. We’re all dressed like the 90’s I’m using things that I had at home but they tell me that it does look like the 90’s. I’m wearing my happy face bag and my colorful jacket. We’re trying to have a more 90’s look. -Yes we still need something more. -Well aha, yeah. She looks like the 90’s. Paty is in the 90’s style but I’m not yet so she’s giving me my makeover. -We’re going to get her pretty now. -Oooo! We opted for a pony tail. Hey I do look more like the 90’s. 90’s. Give it a like if she was able to change my outfit to the 90’s. I found Rai, today’s her birthday! Congratulate her! It’ll be tardy but today is her birthday. Are you excited to celebrate it? -I’m very excited I’m finally going to be 12! Can you believe it? -Oh sure the young one. Hey this is my first premier and I’m discovering new things. There’s this bag. You store your cellphone there and you can’t open it right Erik? Try to open it. -It’s really hard. -It has magnets in it. -It’s actually like what they put on clothes. -Aha, you can’t take out your cell during the movie and that way they assure that no one records it. That’s crazy! This is new for me. I’m going to take my cellphone to see this magical process where I won’t be able to open it. Air plane mode on. Hey what a crazy project! And you can’t open this? -Not until you leave. Hey I’m glad I got here first because everything is full I can grab anything I want! Literally! On this zone over here they’re going to make us an aviation plaque with our name on it and we exchange it for our neon thing. Woo! Outside there’s a terrace where there’s a giant screen to be able to play video games. This is a 90’s party if they have this. Do you remember them? Give it a like if you played with this. It’s really cool! I got out of the party for a couple of minutes to post the last minute news. Guess what? Guess what? I’m really excited! I’m going to be in Club Media Fest for the first time in Argentina this year! I’ll leave you the info in the description box if you want to buy your tickets if you’re a Crafter in Argentina we’ll be able to meet! And I’ll let you know if there are other dates for other cities or other countries! This party is getting pretty intense inside I mean intense in a good way everything in there is cool. I honestly liked the movie a lot so I’m really happy. Plus I’m a 90’s fan as I told you before about this outfit I didn’t even try hard to find it I already had it in my closet so I’m a 90’s fan. Friends I arrived at my room and I found this package that YouTube sent! I think they sent it at the beginning of the year but they just gave it to me let’s see what it is. I’m very curious I know you guys are too. Okay the first important thing to notice is the type of box. It’s the kind that slides off with the hole I think. Ooo! Look at this shine. It says, “Thank you for sharing one more year with us.” and my name is shiny. “We cheer with you to accomplish more projects together as google grows.” Oh, it’s all of the projects that I did with google last year. Yes, oh it’s a MOET with a champagne glass that says, “YouTube”! Wow. I’m going to keep it in my house. I’m not much of an alcohol drinker But it’s nice to taste some once in a while. And now friends it’s time to say goodbye thank you for coming with me on this day. I hope you had fun. It wasn’t a common day it was a day full of things normally my days are more calm but I wanted to bring you along this special day because we’re working on a lot of projects that I know you’re going to love when they come out because I can’t tell you anything they’re a secret. So I’ll see you on the next video. Remember to tell me what you liked the most. Remember to join the Crafty Family by clicking on the red button that says “Subscribe” and now I’ll see you on the next one. Goodbye!

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