3 MIN MAKEUP -Sustainable edition
3 MIN MAKEUP -Sustainable edition

Is beauty flawless skin or a feeling
from within? Advertising is always telling us what we should do, how we should be, what new product we need in order to look closer to a Photoshop unrealistic ideal of how a perfect human looks like. They tell us we should Botox
our smiles, cover our skins with parabens and chemicals, bleach our natural color,
never cry and use facetune in order to look perfectly poreless. True beauty,
healthy and lasting beauty, is expressed from within when we are nurtured by
nature. Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t a video
to bash on makeup. Makeup is just a tool we have at our disposition, it’s how we use it that
makes a difference. Are we coming from a place of love, or a
place of fear? Are we using makeup to cover what advertising has told us is a
flaw? or are we using it to accentuate our beautiful and unique features? In this video I’m sharing with you my five minute makeup routine with products made with organic and clean ingredients this This in not a sponsored video, even though I wish it was. I hope you guys enjoy! you

22 thoughts on “3 MIN MAKEUP -Sustainable edition”

  1. Francine H. says:

    I can't believe those old advertisements! Wow so discouraging and damaging to women's self esteem.

  2. Amber AA says:

    I was just telling my husband that I need to find no toxic, eco friendly makeup. Over the years I've replaced my other products but I'm having a difficult time with the make-up part. Thank you for this video.

  3. Jonna Andrusca says:

    You are very beautiful.

  4. Flora underCover says:

    "Is beauty flawless skin or a feeling from within", that sentence hit me hard
    I love your videos Caro! As a teenager (18yo), I have rarely seen someone (especially in youtube) showing what a REAL skin looks like.
    That quick video taugh me that I can be beautiful even if I am not perfect

  5. Ro Maga says:

    I love you and your art (and your videos) How do you find nice music with no copyright? I

  6. Siobhan Smith says:

    Like, then watch! Thank you Caro ♡

  7. Jonna Andrusca says:

    What eyeliner do you use?

  8. Isabel Peláez says:

    Hola. Podrías ponerlo en español?

  9. holisticmaya says:

    beautiful video and very inspiring intro 🙂 love your makeup, it's so natural and radiant

  10. lalala says:


  11. Mariela Diaz says:

    You are beautiful!!! I’m so curious, what is your zodiac sign?

  12. Jennifer Rush says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to the many hidden toxins that we are constantly exposed to via cosmetics. I have also read the following:
    Perfume/fragrance – Companies aren’t required to list the ingredients that make up that fragrance–cover for chemicals.
    Titanium dioxide – Often found in loose powders and is considered a possible carcinogen.
    Tocopherols have a 1 rating with EWG for contamination and cancer concerns.
    The mica, titanium etc. are also metals and exposure should be limited to prevent metal toxicity.

  13. cyn cyn says:

    Mica ,poor Little kids mining in dangerous caves just for that shimmery effect.🤦

  14. Juno Nabutaki says:

    I wish you’d post more your videos calm me 🧘🏻‍♀️

  15. Elena Pilipova says:

    Thank you for sharing 🙏✨💖✨ I love how on your channel you bring awareness to the daily life things 🙌 I believe our generation is the change of old matrix and belief system. Much love 💗💗💗

  16. Anita R. says:

    Gorgeous lady ❤

  17. Elizabeth C says:

    Carol! Como siempre me encantó! Es que tus vídeos son relax total. Pocos productos y gran resultado. En mi caso hago lo mismo, antes usaba media tienda, pero con el tiempo he aprendido a que puedo ahorrar comprando lo que realmente necesito. Ahora siempre uso antes de maquillarme el protector solar y esta semana he comprado una base y corrector de una marca que no hace testing en animales, natural y cero ingredientes peligrosos, incluye de paso un aceite y cómo lo estoy disfrutando. Sin duda alguna: menos es más. Mil besitos y bendiciones!! ✨🙏🏼✨😘😘😘

  18. Lena Shatto says:

    i have those same bumps on my eye lids. What are those? is it possible to get rid of them? are they natural? lol

  19. Linda Hiles says:

    Though you are MUCH younger than I am, I can completely appreciate your sentiments on the rituals of make up. Our bodies were created UNIQUE and precise by God. Therefore, what we have, IS and what we do with what we have should matter. Your 3 minute make up routine was just the right amount to show off your true beauty! Thank you for sharing!

  20. H says:

    You have strength in your eyes, that shine through. Beautiful!

  21. MrKarina2111 says:

    Do you use ecotools brushes?

  22. Ruth Williams says:

    HI caro …thank you for this …i am looking for a stick foundation that is clean and sustainable but sadly all that are being advertised as 'clean' contain mica. Even this tarte one you are mentioning, i really hoped it did not 🙁 please look up about mica…children are risking their lives in India working in mines so that we can have a little shimmer in our faces. You have this big platform maybe in the future you could address this issue if you feel it resonates with your thinking and way of life. I watched a you tube vid on the topic and it broke my heart seeing children risking their lives and inhaling dangerous fumes for us so we can be more beautiful. hugs X

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