$325 Foot Facial Removes Calluses And Dead Skin
$325 Foot Facial Removes Calluses And Dead Skin

Emily Christian: Hey, everyone! Today I’m headed to the Institute Beauté in New York City to get a foot facial. Institute Beauté is the headquarters of podiatric surgeon Dr. Suzanne Levine. In addition to the typical services offered by foot doctors, she offers her clients
aesthetic treatments, including a foot facial,
which costs between $325 and $375. For that price tag, what are the real benefits of this foot treatment? Why not just get a pedicure? Suzanne Levine: Institute
Beauté’s mission is to really treat the foot the way you do the face. I think that the key
to longevity is walking and having feet that are healthy and beautiful at the same time. Emily: Well, it’s so nice to meet you. I am so excited to be here, and I think that this is going to be a really important moment for me. I guess I didn’t really think too much about my feet before now, because I’m looking at them and they are horrifying. Levine: So tell me, first of all, where are you having pain? Emily: So, I have all kinds of foot pain. I have really high arches, so I struggle wearing a lot of shoes and I get really awful foot cramps. Levine: You do have very high arches. This is called a cavus foot. This, by the way, is hereditary. So if you do a genetic
testing, you will see that you may have some aristocratic blood. These are actually people
Emily: Wow. that have been carried around. You are a likely candidate for callus, which you do have at the back of the heel. Now, some of the issues you face are not just foot cramps but knee problems, hip
problems, and back problems. Emily: Levine got to work
on my very neglected feet. The treatment started with an ultrasound to identify where I might
be losing cushioning. Levine: I would not jog, OK? Because I can assure you,
five to 10 years from now, you will actually break
down all of that cushioning. Emily: Wow. Levine: So I would
definitely find another sport for these feet. Emily: An excuse not to run. Like I needed another one of those. Levine took her green tea
cleanser to my toenails and stepped out to let her
medical assistant take over. Her assistant gave me a special massage meant to exfoliate the
foot and help with cramps. Levine: The interesting part of pedicures: They never massage correctly. They’ll massage in any direction. The greatest amount of pressure has to always be applied toward the heel. In fact, what they’re
doing is a disservice to anybody that has
swelling in their feet. The biggest mistake I see in nail salons is just no sterility. There’s instruments used
from one person to the next, transmitting all kinds
of bacterial infections. People think by putting
nail polish on their nails they’re taking care of their
feet, or massaging their feet. It’s not enough. Emily: Next she applied
a green tea mint mask to help heal any fissures on my foot. I feel so good. After the mask was taken off, Levine came back to
finally tackle my calluses. Levine: What I’m gonna
do right now is we took a sterile blade, and we’re
actually diminishing. Look how easy the callus
formation comes off. You could never, ever do this prior to using all of those products. Emily: My first reaction
seeing that tiny knife was kind of fear, but
you can’t feel anything. The process ended with Dermalinfusion. It further exfoliated my feet while infusing vitamins and moisture back into the skin. Whoa! That’s a whole new foot! Oh, my gosh, my heel looks smaller. Am I imagining it? It looks like a fresh little baby foot. Levine: The biggest problem is that people don’t take care of their feet. They’re so important. They last a lifetime. That’s your locomotion;
that’s your ability to get around from point A to point B. Love your feet. Emily: Before I saw my
feet through Levine’s eyes, I never gave them much thought. But once I realized the
problems I was headed towards, I was shocked. A pedicure in any salon will not get you a doctor’s
consultation and advice. And for anyone with any
level of foot concerns, that’s what makes this
foot treatment so valuable. Nearly a month later, my feet
are still feeling their best. Levine recommends a foot
facial once a month, but I think the results
will last much longer. My gosh, I love it.

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  1. Orchidenica says:

    I NEED this treatment

  2. Morgan Hertz says:

    here comes the " she doesn't even have have bad feet" comments

  3. Pitch Black says:

    This is soo b…s

  4. Hermetic Kitten ASMR says:

    That little foot vacuum must feel so good

  5. maya willow says:

    you'd have to pay me that much just to touch someone's feet

  6. #cheer goals says:

    If people take cared of there feet's this would of never had to be

  7. Precious Hopper says:

    If i had the money i would do it….

  8. Mountaineer16 says:

    Imagine if you had ticklish feet

  9. Jasmine Grace says:

    I’m a dancer I feel like she’d just roast tf out of my feet lmao

  10. Wes Hermes says:

    Scam city. All snake oil haha

  11. KrystalKstar says:

    Who actually can afford this though?!
    I just did my own foot treatment for free.

  12. cristallynette says:

    Honestly the podiatrists will use the scalpel as well to scrape the callous off your feet and you don’t have to put all of those products on lol. They usually spray antibacterial spray and grate away 😂

  13. proud2BaNurse says:

    Wow…there is absolutely NOTHING anyone could do to my feet for that kind of money. I take care of my own feet at a nominal cost. But this is a nice luxury if u have extra money to spend on urself.

  14. April Brooke says:

    She was spot on about how A LOT of the nail salons don't sanitize and improperly massage. You can do so much more damage then good if you massage incorrectly and don't use professional techniques. I'm glad she mentioned that because it's so under looked. But people seriously have issues with this and get bacteria and fungal infections and live with the consequences while the people who did the damage aren't held accountable. Always look to see if they have their license hanging up or even ask.

  15. myka says:

    Why call it facial when it's on your foot…

  16. Samuel Bagwell says:

    Show feet guy has entered the chat

  17. Lola Meera says:

    Isn't this the contraption they use to suck out whiteheads?

  18. Yeet boi kpop says:

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  19. Seth Gohn says:

    Lol really? Can't scrape it off without using all those products…… The most false bullshit I've heard 🤦‍♂️

  20. Roxx Pat says:

    shouldnt it be called FOOCIAL? lol

  21. cimci ._ says:

    this is footcial, not facial.

  22. -honeyKukie says:

    Bro I'm 12 and my feet looks like old grandma's.

  23. Srimonti Kundu says:

    "Ma'am so would you like a Fruit Facial or a Foot Facial?"
    "Foot whatt!!!???"
    "300$, heres the bill"

  24. Nitesh Dabad says:

    That's what $325 did…

  25. Ashley Zamzow says:

    My mom has bad feet and I used to get ingrown toenails. I do this at home plus change my sneakers out every couple of months. I'm super particular about my feet.

  26. Potato Pal says:

    0:21 is no one gonna mention the hydro flask?

  27. NIVEDITA ROY says:

    Her foot is in such a bad shape like ewww..

  28. gabriella says:

    holbfuck im gonna puke

  29. jordyn holmes says:

    I can literally get the same results with the foot peel I get off of Amazon for $13 for 2 pairs

  30. Kayla Michelle says:

    This would be the best experience

  31. RainbowUnicorn says:

    That is literally the dumbest name I have ever heard!

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    That woman was a bit rude to people who do pedicures! Generalising much? 😬

  36. Tamera C says:

    I just walk barefoot on the beach and the rocks and my feet are super smooth.

  37. Tabata Rabelo says:

    The doctors who work on feet have a foot fetish lmao 😂

  38. Nobody You Know says:

    I think feet are so gross 🤢…I don’t like anyone touching my feet…I do my own pedicure at home😌

  39. Hales G says:

    My feet are like my dad's feet, fingers for toes, and there's no arch in them and I walk on the insides of my feet. So like if they can fix my feet then heck yeah

  40. Dark Heart Tantibus says:

    Idk what salon they go to, but at the place where I get my pedicure, they heat their tools and cool it down after sterilizing, in between uses

  41. Ms J 504 says:

    This lady full of shit

  42. Kennaynay F says:

    If everyone would scrub their feet with soap and water, then lotion them after each shower, no one would have crusty smelly feet! I’m almost 40, and have never had crusty or smelly feet. Proper hygiene and wearing socks are key!

  43. gentlepenguin says:

    i'd cum all over her feet if you know what i mean

  44. Tori B says:

    Girl I woulda just went to the nail shop an let them scrub my feet cuz I’m not paying $325 for this

  45. M M says:

    This lady have serious foot fetish

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  47. Evaa404 says:

    You can easily do this at home, with an electric foot file and a foot peeling twice per year. And keep them soft with some good body butter or a special cream. That's about €50 for a year!

  48. Litara Duodox says:


  49. tuberculosis says:

    I couldn't do this I'd be squirming the entire time because it would tickle

  50. wassup waddup says:

    I go to karate and ofc we don't wear shoes or socks on during practice so I have to take well care of my feet

  51. Sammi Jo says:

    Those battery operated foot file rollers do a great job and cost about a tenner. Do that then moisturise and save some bank.

  52. the creator says:

    “Love your feet” spend 325 dollars a month

  53. Chris says:

    I would actually pay for this service

  54. governor Hunter says:

    This girl is living her dreams. Free facial all over your body

  55. meł says:

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  58. Sf2590 says:

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    Don't you think something is wrong

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    Foot facial.

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  65. salman zaheer says:


  66. Cr8tive says:

    What a scam

  67. Wanda E. Rias says:

    I have been doing mani and pedi for 17 plus years. EVERYTHING she's doing as a professional Pedicurist can do for less money. They also teach you this in school( EVERYONE DOSEN'T go to school, this is training) how to properly massage feet and legs. I do and I have receive the best TIPS from pedicure clients.


    what a crock of shit

  69. jebiusenvy says:

    I would pay for the foot ultrasound that is it.

  70. EXPLR says:

    Sign me up!

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    I give em for free

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    Her feet did look good afterwards.

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  74. werewolfx51 says:

    Ultrasound in feet? man…maybe im not the right person to say that, im not expert, but.. it's just dead skin, a good pedicure can deal with that, her foot it's not pregnant…

  75. S. Jay says:

    My feet are so bad form standing all day in retail work that I’d get this like once every three months to renew them and keep them from going over the edge

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    Why call it foot facial when it's not really the face?

  78. Cindy N says:

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    Wow! My feet feel better just watching this treatment lolol!

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    We do get trained on how to do massage, we do clean our tools
    Not all of us nasty people 🤨😒

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    Foot FACIAL lmao i give up on this world.

  87. Tarina Brooks says:

    Now I don’t know about New York but in Maryland you cant use a surgical blade to scrape off ANYTHING the Cosmetology Board would have a field day you can get the same result by soaking your feet in water with lemon juice epsom salt or alcohol scrub with pumi stone

  88. Jo-ann Flores says:

    Its easy : USE GLYCERIN CREAM and its tested…results: SOFT FOOT ANS NO CALLUSES

  89. M McDonald says:

    "Foot Facial." Someone is an idiot.

  90. idontshoplift says:

    For people with too much money who've run out of ways to spend it.

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    Facial is for face and pedicure is for foot !!!!

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    this is so stupid

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    Don’t listen to her, people who run live longer your heart will thank you

  97. Yo Mama’s Gun says:

    Got damn her feet were crusty

  98. LinzBelle says:

    As some who went to beauty school to be a nail tech. All the products are for show. You only need a callus softener and a Mr. Pumice bar. You can get both as Sally's beauty supply. To keep your feet soft use a foot cream that has the ingredient potassium hydroxide. I recommend Gold bonds. I've just saved you $370.

  99. Believe in Yourself says:

    I would like to do this footicial.

  100. 4LIFE1DEEP1 says:

    Some of these women commenting need a foot facial. Back of their feet look like Sea Barnacles ( Google it). Feet so hard that can run barefooted through nails and hot coal without any damages. Old Alligator feet looking Mofos.

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