5000 rupees FIRE Haircut
5000 rupees FIRE Haircut

Hey guys!!! We came to a Sloon which is in Madurai, They use fire while cutting hair. They also do hair smoothing with fire, So we came here to give a try, I wanted to finish this as well, I am going to cut my hair by using fire, [MUSIC] I am checking whether you guys have Kerosene, [IRFAN IS INSPECTING THE SHOP] Taj feels sleepy so I am waking him up, This is my hair before the hair cut, I will show once it is done. [MUSIC] Such a sincere cameraman I’ve got, We are going to wash my hair. Which shampoo you guys are using? What is the difference between normal shampoo and this one? [HE EXPLAINS ABOUT THE SHAMPOO WHICH THEY USE] [IT SUITS ALL THE SCALP AND HAIR TYPES] You are the one who studied in Malaysia? This guy went to Malaysia to study about this haircuts. [IRFAN SAYS A THIRUKURAL ABOUT THE WORDS] You scold me with bad words dude but don’t fire me, Am I looking smart? We all are friends, So be careful while doing, Before using fire just inform me. HAIRDRESSER: Do you want to change it? VIVEK: Shall I try it on your hair? He wants to try it seems, You want to try the fire? I will do on your hair bro, Otherwise, we will try it on Taj’s hair. VIVEK: This is a very good idea. I am going to become a stylish man, TAJ: Like which one? Like that, Did you see? I will become like him, and I am going to defeat this picture. No man I said I am going to DevarKotta after this. Vivek bro you are the one who brought us here. You want try this color? Red color dude!! I will do. I was checking out what color it is dude, [IRFAN MANAGED WHEN HE SEES THE HAIR DRESSER] HAIRDRESSER: How you manage this hairstyle? It grows like this, what to do bro? People recognize me with this hair, They’ve done applying kerosene. HAIRDRESSER: This solution will clear out the dryness of hair. HAIRDRESSER: It is called a hair spa. HAIRDRESSER: A normal one only I’ve used. HAIRDRESSER: Fire is the only thing which gets differ. You don’t use kerosene for that trick right? HAIRDRESSER: No no.’ HAIRDRESSER: Will you dubbings? No no, whatever we shoot we will edit and upload as it is. I am looking like a villain. Telugu movie’s villain. What is your name? If something happens he is the one who is answerable. HAIRDRESSER: Don’t come to closer with the camera because the flame will hit that place. HAIRDRESSER: Do you feel the warm? Yes, I can feel the warmness. It is burnt. Something has burnt, I can smell it. [MUSIC] That is it the cut? You said something abou spa? HAIRDRESSER: Both the process taking place. I am scared inside but, Happy that some progress is taking place. HAIRDRESSER: The dead scalp will get loosen automatically. Again it is!! HAIRDRESSER: You may think what this man is not doing the side hairs, I didn’t think like that bro, HAIRDRESSER: You should think. You are thinking that I am thinking. I will go to my home and get it process. TAJ: How do you feel? All the hairs are falling dude, Is it a side effect? You are so chill man, In many places, they will do seriously. I like it bro. He is going to do it with cotton! HAIRDRESSER: It should spread all over the head so, HAIRDRESSER: This will cover up 100% of your hair. HAIRDRESSER: If we do the corner portion directly it may burn your ears, HAIRDRESSER: Safety first that’s the reason we have this emergency fire gas, Oh!! He is threatening us more and more. It is like showing camphor to my head. I get some weird feeling. HAIRDRESSER: Girls are doing this with more confidence. They do it for their beauty. They will go to any extent for their beauty. They have that confidence when they come to the beauty department. I will cut my hair once in 4 months. If I cut once I won’t go to the salon for next three to four months. My viewers will start to scold me, After that only I will cut my hair. I didn’t think of doing straightening. With this fire spa, you also do straightening right? HAIRDRESSER: The cosmetics will get differ, HAIRDRESSER: It is dry therapy, HAIRDRESSER: Scalp cleaning. HAIRDRESSER: All the process are going on, HAIRDRESSER: Did you feel the hot inside? No. HAIRDRESSER: Now you are getting steamed. You are using the fire directly. HAIRDRESSER: This will make the cuticle spores to open. HAIRDRESSER: These cosmetics will get deposited to your head. These many things are there huh? HAIRDRESSER: This fire will make your cuticle spores open, HAIRDRESSER: It is temporary coloring. HAIRDRESSER: It is used for the kids like you all. Listen to what he says. TAJ: Irfan may die if this process continues. They are keeping the fire on head, this will be interesting for you guys to watch. That’s the reason why I came here. HAIRDRESSER: It is the innovation bro, You will see this process alone after five years. HAIRDRESSER: After ten minutes you will have to do hair wash. The work is done? HAIRDRESSER: The whole process will get over once you are done with hair wash. It was very quick Let us do the hair wash and see the transformation. What was the name? HAIRDRESSER: Dry therapy. HAIRDRESSER: The dryness will go off. HAIRDRESSER: You can follow this every month. HAIRDRESSER: you will get more dust as you travel to more places. Yes sometimes will get sands while washing my hair. For the next month, if my hair looks silky, he is the reason for it. Think about how it would be if my hair looks like this every day, You did your hair wash huh?? Let us see when it gets dry. It is wet now. When I do my second hair wash I could feel the exact difference, The hair cut cost 5000 rupees. When Vivek said I thought it will come around 500, When I came here the cost was a little bit expensive. It was like 3K to 5K. I have more velocity of hair so it will be a little bit higher they said. I will tell the differences tomorrow. As they used serum, I can’t tell the difference now. Tomorrow when I take bath I will know the difference. It is a very good place for hangout. It is in Anna Nagar, Senthil Plaza, Madurai. For him it costs around 500 rupees. For Taj, it was a complimentary style. TAJ: I am not responsible for it, These two guys are. This is the update of the hair cut which we did yesterday. I didn’t feel any differences. Sometimes we regret the thing which we do in our life. I am adding this in that list. It was fun when I did, It was from 3k to 8K. I thought they will charge a higher amount for the ladies. Because they do have lengthy hairs. I thought it will come 3K for me. But it was 5K. If I felt some differences I would be happy on giving 5000, But same, whenever I take bath my hair will look like this. Before this, I did a hair spa. My hair was silky for two weeks after doing it. I felt the softness, I saw that difference in that hair spa. I am not fond of this hair spas. For 1500 I did that hair spa. At that time I felt that was too expensive. But when I saw the result I felt that the money I paid was worth, I thought doing a hair spa is good stuff. The same expectation I had yesterday. For the fire cut, we cannot give that much amount. When they said they will do spas and therapy, I thought they are going to bring huge difference. This is not a smaller amount, If you guys are spending 5K, it should be worth the money. If you go to a place and spend 200 rupees for the food, You will expect the food should be hygiene, I will be more conscious about health when I go to a restaurant. If I go ill I will not upload the particular restaurant’s video. I will just mention somehow if I upload the video. And the taste I will never be keen about it. Because that’s the business. But this is the different issue. If you give your head you should also give 5K along. It is just an experience. For experience, if we spend 5K it is expensive. But the people were good. That spray when they use during fire hair cut it is strong. When we inhale it causes some irritation. I also smelled the burnt smell, Till now I can feel the burnt smell. Even after the wash I can smell, I thought it was my imagination, But Taj too feels the same way I feel. He also feels the burnt smell. If you liked the video like and share. TAJ: God saved me. VIVEK: I am going to screw you guys for this. Look at my boss. Taj’s before look. Add the permanent coloring. Dude, You are the stylish man, Do as much as you can. After the hair style. Show Taj. [VIVEK HAS GOT SHY WITH HIS NEW HAIR CUT] VIVEK: Usually haircut plus beard design they will charge around 250 rupees, But here it is 500 rupees. Vivek is feeling bad for it. Taj is also feeling bad as he does a haircut for just 80 rupees.

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