7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Bras | Myth Busting With Glamrs
7 Lies You’ve Been Told About Bras | Myth Busting With Glamrs

Bras are the most important part of a woman’s wardrobe. That said, they come with a sea of information, a lot of which maybe bizarre, unrealistic or just not true. Whether it’s your lingerie store attendant, or your best friend, this list of debunked myths will make sure
you have your bra facts in check! This is one of the most common myths a lot of women believe, but the fact is, it’s completely normal. Whether it’s a big difference or a small
one, a majority of women have asymmetrical breasts which may vary in size, position or shape. While this is mostly due to genetics, a change in weight can also cause some amount of asymmetry. Balconette bras & plunge bras can give you the shaping and support you require to keep both your breasts in the same position and give them an even look. This one is for most curvy women out there. If you thought a double DD cup is the biggest one out there, you’re absolutely mistaken! Brands like Zivame, Triumph, Parfait & H&M have cup sizes that range from a DDD to E, F, G, H, HH or even a Z cup. The truth is quite the contrary! A white bra is going to show WAY more if the fabric of your outfit is even slightly translucent. You’re much better off with a nude-toned bra that matches your skin tone, or even a grey one. How can it not?! If you gain or lose anywhere close to 2.5
kgs, your bra size will automatically change Our breasts are primarily fatty tissue, so the increase or decrease in fat overall will change the size of your breasts too! So if your weight fluctuates often, you should make sure that you get sized regularly. Wearing a bra to bed is only a matter of comfort. It doesn’t make your breasts perkier or
make them sag, much contrary to belief. However, wearing a tight sports bra, or an underwire bra can restrict blood circulation & even cause irritation. So it’s best to pick a soft, comfortable bra while you get your beauty sleep. That’s untrue! The band of the bra is what gives your breasts the maximum support, the straps on the other hand help keep them in place or uplifted, for a desired look. For ideal support, make sure you have enough room for a two-finger space at your bra band. While there are age-old myths claiming underwired bras can cause cancer, there is no known scientific evidence that supports the same. That said, underwired bras can only cause you discomfort if they fit you incorrectly. So make sure the underwire doesn’t poke or dig into your skin. It must fall flat on your chest, without any spillage These tips will make sureyou get your facts right! So go ahead and give your girls the love and care they deserve! Until next time, stay tuned & stay Glamrs!

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