ADELGAZA COMIENDO este PASTEL!!! | PIEL bonita y huesos fuertes
ADELGAZA COMIENDO este PASTEL!!! | PIEL bonita y huesos fuertes

hello welcome to the healthy channel
healthy mind i’m here today again in my kitchen for in this video show you how to
make a super good recipe for remineralize all bones
skin hair nails through the feeding with that with a cake
millet with great vegetables let’s start with the ingredients that already
I have here all cut as you see so in super low round everything always
you have to cut everything in a way suitable in this case is cut in
tiny squares because we are going to make the cake and we don’t want to find
the very big tripping of vegetables inside is how I like it like this we have
carrot we have onion we have portovelo mushroom and we have a
little zucchini then this cake you’ll see how we keep doing it
main ingredient of this wonderful recipe millet
millet is a great cereal like you I say because it is very very nutritious it is
lightweight is nothing heavy and to do this cake is great for us
boiled as follows because to Sometimes you ask me how to follow me in the
cereals that is very important so that get well hydrated and be very
digestive is a part of my son wash very important to wash the
cereals because they come dirty one of millet for three of water with a little bit of
salt water and a slice of kombu seaweed to alkalize millet millet is very
important to eat it like any cereal integral because it gives us the energy and the
stable performance that we have to have all day will not give us
downturns we will solve them in this way with
proper feeding let’s start I have here the pan I already have here with
a little oil pan non-stick with the oil bottom and
let’s start stir fried let’s start with the onion
obviously we will start cutting it little oil as you see is
important oil because it is a good mineral driver do not stay with
the thing that the oil is not going well or not it’s good in winter it’s good a little
of oil in the preparations we have it here the onion we are going to
support over medium heat for about 10 minutes without a lid
important also like oil add a little salt so that
leave your natural water and we also help absorb all the minerals and
the nutrients that you have then all these vegetables along with the old we go
to throw it out for ten minutes without important cover also the cover or without
cover and see you when the onion is pochada is to go making the recipe
until now well and as you see the onion is already
poached and now let’s take directly all ingredients
first the onion doesn’t escape me some there is the onion the carrot some bottles if we see that we have little oil you
we add but I’m not going to Add then
portovelo mushroom let’s mix it very well it will come out
super good this cake my son that It is medicinal to act as the
food is medicine because it is like that and let’s do it with love and
joy the last ingredient very well the zucchini this cake will be a part of the dish not
we are only going to eat a piece of my son’s cake because
it’s only carbohydrates of slow absorption that will give us energy
stability more useful the stomach the I spleen the pancreas but also
we have to put a little protein in this case
we have a grilled seitan and then a few scalded green leaves few
minutes and so we will make the dish perfect energy now we have
mixed all the vegetables we are going to salt rectify and then let’s put a few
condiments and it’s also the grace of the preparations we are going to put
a few pinions cited which are also very good opinions that will give us those healthy fats
These are how you see Mercadona a little garlic that will also give you that
spicy dot that we now need in winter
A little hot spicy call
this goes to taste then ginger with black pepper that
this goes very well also the sensitive it is also a spicy spice a
hot spicy to tone the kidneys that are the
winter organs and the pepper and as last a little
of parsley as you see I miss many things so that it is very rich a little
of parsley and vitamin c an herb aromatic that we create then the
balance on the plate let’s give some droplets if you want you can put a tad of
water I’m going to do it to not add go do not add oil and we will
put a little bit of water now we will put it in half a half town
and now we are going to cover because what we want is a soft poached
let’s leave it for 5 to 7 minutes to medium heat and see you when you mix
with millet and the whole story that follows come on now Well, it’s already with Chad and it’s all
Vegetable and now we are going to
as you see this is compact and so will the cake of the same very good to strengthen all
bones mucous hair nails good bull skin because many times we want to wear
super beautiful with products buying things and we don’t pay attention to what
truly has practically has all the weight that is what we eat very
important very very important turn off the extractor because I don’t
feel good and well as you see it is already well mixed
and now I’m going to rectify a little bit of Get out because having put the millet
first there is more food we go to rectify a little but then this my son is going to go
accompanied by a little sauce In this case, the sample will be
ketchup is black too as more thanks to the preparation to form this cake
let’s put it I have a tray it doesn’t have to be lined with oil or
with nothing and let’s put our my son funes
in the mold let’s put it very carefully
I’m going to put out the fire and we will be putting it as I say with
watch out that doesn’t escape just happened to me now
same we will crush it well I will finish putting it
and now with the same hands we are going to crush the good with the same hands and
with the spatula we will be putting it good for it to be good to know
put the form then this is preparation let it cool a
little bit nothing and we can start it in the form of
cake we are going to zap like that a little to fill in all the gaps it’s a different way
of eating another type of cereal that doesn’t be
and the rice for example
and it’s a cereal as I say very suitable and for children it is also very nutritious
very nutritious now with the handyman a moment I’m going to wet my hands a little and to
don’t burn me I’ll crush and cupcakes and now we’ll let it cool a little
and then you can unmold it into pieces and a little trick that is much richer
is that when we unmold it, let’s put a pan with no oil nothing a
droplet and we mark it grilled it gives to the golden touch that is also more
tasty and looks great and then what we dress with a sauce that we like and
it will be good when everything is done cold unmold dow I show you how it looks
the result so far well here I have already cut the
my son’s cupcake as you see a is resting a quarter of an hour this
if you leave more, you still settle better let’s love it here we are going to turn it around and then
Now we will serve with some salsa in this case I was going to do it with
ketchup but let’s be is of the brand is of freedom a
centered that is very rich and gives the I like the grace to the plate back
we don’t mark your life remove it in this case we are going to
accompany my mana lights with a seitan burger
and to round is silver we are going to put in this case is that the
scalded let’s put a portion of keil scalded this each what
Go to eat and then we put a little above the sauce and this would be my cake
son which is delicious very easy to make and
most importantly very very beneficial for our good health if you
I liked this video this recipe I ask you that if you want you give yourself a finger up
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see me soon tb to you with a new one beauty food recipe and so on
Well, nothing that bon appetit and even another video bye

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