Amazing! Hair growth acceleration. 5 Tips to Regrow Your Hair
Amazing! Hair growth acceleration. 5 Tips to Regrow Your Hair

Hair growth rate depends on many factors,
for example nutrition, environment, emotional background, physiological and other characteristics
of the body. Usually, after 30 years, the activity of hair
follicles slows down; hair growth slows down, hair becomes thinner and falls out. There are simple ways to restore beauty and
strength to hair. If you want to know how to do this without
using expensive cosmetics, then watch this video to the end. On average, hair grows 1–1.5 cm in 30 days. Therefore, it is a great misconception that
there are any ways to grow fifteen centimeters in 1 month. Hair growth rate depends on gender, general
health and individual characteristics; for example, for women after 35 years the state
of follicles is much better than for men. In this video, we mention several effective
tips that will help you improve the condition of the pelage, and these tips are universal. Hair Growth Stimulating Products
Nutrition is extremely important in this matter. If you don’t consume necessary substance,
then you won’t be able to achieve a good condition of the hair and accelerate hair
growth. First of all, you need to make sure that you
have the following vitamins in your food: • Vitamin A promotes the synthesis of collagen,
locks in moisture in your hair and prevents hair loss. There is a lot of it in vegetable and fish
oils, therefore nuts, sea fish, and eggs are healthful. • Vitamins B1, B6, B7, B12 are needed to
accelerate hair growth. They are found in bananas, tuna, cabbage of
all kinds, offals, heart, chicken, beet, fruits and dairy products. • Vitamin C stimulates blood circulation
in the scalp, improves the functioning of follicular cells, and generally has a positive
effect on the body. There is a lot of it in currant, citruses,
cabbage and in any fresh berries and fruits. • Vitamin E provides hair with strength
and a healthy shining. It is often found where vitamin A is, for
example, in sunflower and pumpkin seeds and vegetable oil. • Vitamin D strengthens your hair, it is
produced in the skin under the influence of sunlight, and is also found in egg yolk and
dairy products. And how often do you eat natural yogurts,
cheeses, cottage cheese and kefir? Write a few lines in the comments, it will
be interesting for us and the audience. There are many vitamins and minerals in these
foods, but, also, dairy products improve the intestinal microflora due to healthful bacteria,
which is important for digestion, so it’s important for skin and hair as well. It is important to enrich your food with products
rich in omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They cleanse the blood vessels, which improves
head blood supply and increases the synthesis of hair proteins, which makes them denser. From this point of view, it is good to eat
eggs and liver, because they are rich in biotin. Oysters are healthful because they contain
iodine, zinc and iron. It is also recommended to eat foods rich in
carotenoids, which turn into retinol, improving the growth rate and hair structure. Head massage
It is very useful for accelerating hair growth and strengthening. It activates blood circulation, which preserves
the follicles and stimulates their activity. 5-10 minutes of head massage per day is enough
to have a measurable result in a few weeks. Hair will become stronger and volume will
increase. The easiest way is to massage the skin with
your fingertips, changing zones and intensity of pressing. You can buy special massage brushes in cosmetics
stores, which will make the process not only more convenient, but also more diverse. Comb 2 times a day for 15 minutes or use a
brush to make circular movements on the scalp. Strengthening masks
Masks enrich the skin, follicles and hair with useful substances, enhance growth processes,
boost up pore activity. Usually, they are easy to prepare and use. You can buy them ready-made or make them yourself. If you have problems with your hair, you should
apply it to the head twice a week, and as preventive measure – several times a month. Stylists recommend to apply the mask starting
from the ends and then to the roots. After application, the mask should be covered
with plastic wrap and a towel. Keep it on your hair for 15-20 minutes and
rinse with warm water. Mustard mask
For this mask you need to use only mustard powder, usual mustard paste is not suitable
because of the burning effect. It is necessary to mix everything to smooth
texture: • 2 tbsp. of powder;
• 2 tbsp. of vegetable oil; • one fresh yolk;
• 2 tsp of powdered sugar; • 1-2 tbsp. of water. Honey-egg mask
Mix egg yolk, 1 tbsp. of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply to hair and rinse off in an hour. Hair Growth Accelerating Oils
Vegetable oils strengthen hair especially if you have dry skin. Burdock oil is the best, it makes hair smooth,
evens scales, and improves circulation, metabolism and trophicity of the roots. You can also use other types of oils: • sea buckthorn oil stimulates growth and
increases hair volume; • almond oil regulates the function of the
oil glands and improves growth; • olive oil – nourishes and moisturizes;
• apricot oil – due to mineral content and fast absorption enhances hair growth. Vegetable oils can be applied to wet or dry
hair. It is important not to overdo it. It is enough to rub a few drops into your
palms and lubricate the hair along entire length. Shampoo
Pharmacies and beauty salons sell hair growth accelerating shampoos. They are important because the skin and hair
will not only be cleansed, but also strengthened, and the follicles will remain unclogged. Micellar shampoos are very effective, they
provide gentle cleansing, preserving the hydrolipidic balance of the dermis of the head, so they
do not dry the skin. Perhaps you have your own recipes for making
masks or other hair strengthening products. Share them in the comments, and save useful
videos on your social network pages!

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