American pride nails & MY GAY KITTEN
American pride nails & MY GAY KITTEN

*sexy nail porn intro music playing* It’s the 4th of July or whatever coming up so how about american pride flag nails *gay eagles cawing in the distance* Gay Pride Flag plus american flag plus holo equals AwEsOmE cuz america just legalized gay marriage in all states *cheeky thumbs up* oh my god simply nailogical has a face *showing off face* amerricaaa fuck yeah gonna be a hOmOsExUaL naation *weird ass face* meanwhile canadians are like finally eh? we did that like 10 years ago now pass the maple syrup *drinks syrup* ah how do you do an austrailian accent? meow meow meow meow meow hey mates in austrailia its your turn next If you think my american pride flag nails are corrupting your nations symbol or whatever ITS NAIL ART CALM DOWN I was super happy to hear that america finally decided to allow gay people the right to do things that EvErY oThEr CiTiZeN got to do before and now i love america even more (why) so i made these rainbow pride nails for you guys i start off with a white base coat cuz im gonna put on a bunch of colors and you can watch my whats the best polish video if you wanna hear jokes about milk and car paint now i dont really need to be applying simply peel latex barrier around my nails right now cuz im not doing a gradient or anything super messy BUT im ADDICTED to simply peel so i just put it on just like drugs like, out of habbit look at all the rainbow colors i’ll be using *cheeky music* this ones from Quo quo by ORLY it’s only in CANADA take that americans here’s the rainbow gay pride flag I test painted the order of the polishes on paper first you’ll see why what’s all these random symbols and scribbles you ask!? nail art code i’ll nEVER TELL I’m gonna be making 6 different colors of stripes on my nail but I’m gonna start messily with the first 3 you’ll see it’ll make sense later I promise don’t worry about straight lines for now just paint the purple, and then paint the green a little bit further down don’t worry about making a mess and this is where simply peel addiction is a good thing cuz u can see that i got it all over the sides of my nail BUT IT’S FINE cause i got simply peel for later then paint the orange stripe take your tweezers and peel off simply peel and there you go it doesn’t matter if you paint like a 2 year old child add a quick dry top coat cuz we’re gonna add nail vinyls next let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes *more cheeky music* then add simply peel again around your finger cuz your addicted i CaN’t StOp AdDiNg SiMpLy PeEl ArOuNd My FiNgEr I do it wHiLe I sLeEp I got these thick, striped nail vinyls from Twinkled T and you can use my code “simply” for 10% off and they’re the PERFECT thickness of stripes that I wanted to do this flag business take the first one and cover up a straight, perfect line of purple and then again over the green and then again over the orange now we’re gonna take our red polish and paint it towards the base of the cuticle red polish in your cuticles is the DeViL thank god we’re addicted to simply peel this yellow neon isn’t quite opaque enough to cover the colors below so i had to kinda goop it on then royal blue then start peeling off the vinyls to reveal a beautiful seamless RAINBOW you can gently scrape off and dangling bASTARDS with a toothpick. add another quick-dry tap coat (or taco) and if you’re gonna comment below thats so many top coats good for you you made an observation cut the vinyls in half and make the shape of a corner square cuz this is gonna be the flag…star section I’m using a dark blue essie, “midnight cami” to fill in the square damn you…. go back where you came from I take a small nail art brush and dip it in white acrylic paint cuz now I’m gonna attempt to paint tiny stars which is the most IMPOSSIBLE task for me cuz as you may recall, I can’t actually paint I really don’t know how they do it I have no idea how those french nail bloggers paint tiny tiny objects on their hand I cant even paint stars they just look like dyeing white star fish or starfish that are in the middle of throwing up BLEHHH I’m gonna throw up on you to help disguise my dyeing starfish, I add a HOLOGRAPHIC top coat cuz the only thing missing from the american pride flag is HOLO I got too excited I put it in my cuticles *MORE CHEEKY MUSIC* and NOW my nails are proud to be american (again, why) *MORE FUCKING CHEEKY MUSIC* if your offended by this video cuz your anti-gay rights, take that stick outta your ass and go kiss a girl cuz you’ll like it unless your a boy watching this video then, go kiss a boy? I welcome the male species to watch my videos but I always assumed it was girls until I saw THIS 6% you are MALE youtube knows what your doing MALE SPECIES but the guys watching this video, please stand up, and tell me what you think of my nails but actually tho comment below cuz I really wanna know what you guys think of my nails the sad thing about this awesome holo nail tutorial, is that among the supportive comments, there’s likely to be some anti-gay CRAP if you dont support gay marriage, then you dont have to marry someone of the same sex GOD the world IS NOT ending it’s just changing GET OVER YOURSELVES AND LIGHTEN UP let people love whoever the hell they want if you’re still going to be an ignorant asshole and leave some stupid comment below PLEASE remember to leave your address and where you live so I can come to your house and make out with you and marry YOU I’m just kidding I wouldn’t cheat on menchie oh menchie my little gay kitty *kiss kiss kiss* i love you *kiss kiss* the only thing weird about this is that I’m your mother GAY KITTEN PRIDE YEAHHH I KISSED A CAT AND I LIKED IT if you were offended in any way by this video and you support the lgbt+ community I do want you to know that I truly did not mean to offend gay rights at all and I hope you can all see I was just using humor to make anti gay rights people UnCoMfOrTaBlE if you were offended in any way by this video BECAUSE you’re anti gay rights, then… TOO BAD thanks so much for watching guys and remember… LOVE IS LOVE *sexy nail outro music*

100 thoughts on “American pride nails & MY GAY KITTEN”

  1. Tracy Anne says:

    Now gay people are just as miserable as straight people, that's equality for ya.

  2. Jeanie Jones says:

    My best friend is biSo I am excited for her

  3. Masin Warme says:


  4. Skullprincess says:

    Finally a YouTuber that supports the LGBTQ community 🏳️‍🌈❤️❤️

  5. Hales Chan says:


  6. Rosie Rose says:

    Watchin this in 2019

  7. UwU says:

    Why do pepole say that gay pepole go to hell? we all go to hell by default

  8. sophiex says:

    Am I the only one from 2019..?

  9. Abby Heitzenroder says:

    I laughed when she said “ITS NAIL ART CALM DOWN!” 😂 yes Cristine yes

  10. bowlhead66 99 says:

    i wish i could kiss a giiiiirl but ill forever be….ALL BI MYSEEEELF

  11. Margaret says:

    These nails are really so beautiful. I did them for pride month recently. <3

  12. Kawaii Wolf says:

    2019 Any one

    Im gay and i love this so much

    I watched this ages ago when i was staight

    oh how times have changed 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈❤🔶🔆❇🔵💜

    bisexual peeps where you at

  13. Allianna Cobos says:

    Hah me Do things for us gay's

  14. Harmony Taylor says:

    She said Australia is next and it's so great to he watching this video again after its legalised. I'm so happy that I can be myself

  15. Harmony Taylor says:

    I'm gonna do the nails (without the American part) for pride this year

  16. Zhanna Fehling says:

    It is okay to be gay! Also being a proud Dutch person. (The Netherlands were the first country in the world to legalise gay marriage.)

  17. A lil bit Ritardando says:

    What is homophobia? I only know assholery!

  18. مَـــلاك says:

    yall ain't homosexuals, you are holosexuals

  19. Kiley Carelock says:

    2019 where ya at?!!!!

  20. jaina marie says:

    fetus simply 🥺

  21. louiza ariouat says:

    Am I the only one who just clicked on this vid to look for the homophobic bitches in the comments

  22. ThePiedPiper And Piers says:

    I’ve been struggling with coming out (as lesbian) to my family and close friends and this really helped. I’m still nowhere near ready yet, but every video like this one that makes such a bold statement really goes a long way to making me feel brave enough to go for it.

  23. Itz Pürplë wölf says:

    Yay I’m bi

  24. Lila Zalucky says:

    Like why is homophobia a thing? Over 450 species show homosexual behavior and relationships yet ONLY one species (humans) show homophobia!!!

  25. MobileMinecraft says:

    Aren't u in Canada?

  26. Emma Yungblut says:

    Hi my name is Emma and I am proud to say I am holosexual!!!

    I know I’m super late but I was watching an old video of simply nailogical reacting to her old vids so here I am!

    #LGBTQ I really don’t judge about any gender identification or sexual orientations!!! I am bisexual and truly accept anyone and everyone! Love you all!

  27. Rachael Baker says:

    So my friend is homophobic so I put a sticker on her bumper and it say I'm so gay I can't drive straight😂🌈

  28. Jordyn Fleischhauer says:

    2019 anyone?????? Lol

  29. My Wonderful World says:

    Is no one gonna talk about her face reveal?

  30. Laineley Diaz says:

    i’m straight but i’m fine with gay people bc they are PEOPLE JUST LIKE US SO LET THEM LIVE 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  31. Lkc Toms says:

    It brings me great joy to know that simply nailogical would come to my gay wedding

  32. save the animals says:

    last time i watched this i identified as straight, hehehe, times have changed

  33. Lea Rößler says:

    Did Cristine really say add a holographic topcoat instead of holo taco?! 😳😳😳

  34. Gutter Gremlins says:

    When I first watched this I thot I was straight 😳 then I got a crush on one of my bffs (we gorls) so yeah life be shit but these nails aren’t shit 👍🏼

  35. Battery_Acid_ says:

    Oh my gosh we should set our cats up on a blind date my cats also a lesbian

  36. Dylan Keener says:

    i love that this is all true and good advice

  37. Jess the burnt chicken nugget says:

    I'm literally just binge watching all of simplys old videos

  38. Tiffany Anders says:

    Not letting people marry who they want is like telling everyone what to do when to do it and how to do it it shouldn’t matter

  39. Marissa Martinez says:

    I fucken love this vidoe how is it the first time i seen it ( gay disappointment)

  40. Katelyn_Does _Covers says:

    "Take that stick outa your ass and go kiss a girl, cuz you'll like it!"

  41. Juliet Olivares says:

    This one girl at my school was going off about how gays are going to hell! and being gay is bad! and God made you to love Male and female not differently! and I could tell you I was so mad I just started telling her WHY CANT YOU LOVE THE WAY YOU WANT (I'm not gay) btw I hate her she is really annoying,mean, and she ruins EVERYTHING

  42. Tuel says:

    Am a guy( FtM trans for anyone wondering) and I like ur videos, I haven't painted my nails in years bc of dyphoria and general fear of being judged but your videos are tempting me.

  43. Mary K says:

    Love ur nails

  44. Sophie the Singer_13 says:

    Nail art code i will never tell

  45. Alexandria Sutherland says:

    U CANT PRAY THE GAY (or bisexuals) AWAY…….

  46. ˈkēnwä says:


  47. Julia Blackwell says:

    Why have I never seen this video?!🌈

  48. darren gudz says:

    2019 anyone

  49. Iara Moreira says:


  50. Kin The Nerd says:

    I love my Simply mom

  51. tigerking47 says:

    i enjoy your videos a lot and i am exited to try some of the designs you've done.

  52. Funfever 76 says:

    Ahh yes took me about an hour but I found a video with your face hehehehe

  53. hehe it's Bre says:

    I was born with it not metering if you where gay or straight

  54. Aliejha Cullick says:

    this is when she was trying to be funny😭 i love her

  55. Veronica Sawyer says:

    sexy nail porn intro plays

  56. Veronica Sawyer says:


  57. Stranger Thingz says:


  58. Mish Mash says:

    I’m male species u the best nails are pretty tho

  59. datalisk says:

    gurl those nails are fabulous

  60. Dj’S AMAZING says:

    Do this again love u simplyyy

  61. MoniCrain says:

    We gay

  62. MoniCrain says:

    We're all about making homophobes uncomfortable

  63. zalpawee human says:

    When you're an old fan and trans (masc) and pan lol

  64. Lilith Scott says:

    I IS AN LGBTQ+ ALLY! Plus I'm Bi myself but I'm too scared to tell my family. What should I do!? Send Help!

  65. BlazinBeth PheonixGirl says:

    I thought menchi was holosexual!!?!

  66. JD D says:

    I know this video is old but wanted to comment and say love your nails <3 I'm in that percentage of males who watch you.

  67. rosie muffins says:

    i kiss my kitten all the time and she's a girl

  68. Jasper says:

    We of the male species throughly enjoy watching your content and will take it upon ourselves to kiss a fellow member of our male species.

  69. Lexi_80s Griff says:

    Who is watching this 2019

  70. L A says:

    yeeeey!!! do pride nails again <333

  71. CazOSX says:

    This was uploaded on my Birthday, wow. :O xD

  72. Sara Allen says:

    Cristine: a straight line over the purple

    But what if I want a gay line?

  73. Nabila Ardya says:

    2019 anyone?😂

  74. Icy Angie says:

    Ahhh cringe😁😁😁

  75. Eline De vuyst says:

    No I’m not a stalker.I just realo like your video’s

  76. Denki Kaminari says:

    I love this X3
    "Damn you! Go back where you came from!"

  77. Sarah Sanford says:


  78. a.person says:

    2:20 whoa. she just said top coat and no taco

  79. nikolas charlie says:


  80. nikolas charlie says:

    also as a guy watching this video i LOVE your nails

  81. Jay Vilayrack says:

    I love your nails.i wished i had them but i cant or i will go to jail because i will rip off your nail thank u!!

  82. Kaminari Denki says:

    I am trans and pan I loved this

  83. C.K. Hart says:

    I love them!!

  84. Chewy Paramore In A Jean Jacket says:

    I FEEL SO VALID NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Rowan C. Hanson says:

    As a boy who watches nail videos, I love your nails. ❤🏳️‍🌈

  86. Stephanie Garza says:

    Yay gay!

  87. Anna McCarthy says:

    wow i miss Obama so much 🥺

  88. Lpstwinning 22 says:

    This is so stupidest

  89. TaitKaito says:

    Those nails are nice. I just down own enough polish to do that. Being a gay male I enjoy painting my nails and your channel is inspirational

  90. Ashlyn_ says:

    4 years ago this was the first video on Simply's channel. I was 9 at the time in 4th grade. And 4 yeas later, suffering in 8th grade, I'm a Holosexual, and a Proud Homosexual (Lesbian)

  91. Gacha Gum says:

    Simply u will be better in 2019

  92. peacendpola23 says:

    First face on camera vlog-type-video-thingy

  93. Ochen C says:


  94. Pidgethepidgion203 says:

    I came to read the homophobic comments… but I couldn't find any.

  95. Olivia Nuske says:

    I’m scrolling through the comments and crying because of the support.

  96. 903 Gaming says:

    LOL I came here after seeing her reaction video to read the "hate comments" but I couldn't find them good job everyone!!!

  97. fluff cat says:

    Anyone else looking through the comment section for any homophobes to roast?

  98. ThatNerdyBoyRobbie says:

    since the rainbow part of the flag is upside down compared to the stars, I think that means either the US or the gays are in distress if I know my flag codes right…

  99. Wolfy’s little Stories says:

    Menchi is so CUTE 🥺

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