Angry, Frustrated, Pissed Off? 10 Tips To Stay Cool & Control Your Temper.
Angry, Frustrated, Pissed Off? 10 Tips To Stay Cool & Control Your Temper.

Anger is a normal emotion that everyone feels
but uncontrollable anger can take a toll on
your health and relationships! So if you’re someone who sees red often,
and regrets it later then here are 10 tips for you to control your anger
before it controls you! Try to identify any other causes for your anger Are you hungry or tired? An empty stomach or lack of sleep can mess
with your mind and make you react more strongly to something that might not be a big deal. Addressing this cause first might
help you manage your anger in the future. A lot of people tend to yell at someone or throw a tantrum in the moment and then regret it after. To avoid this, imagine watching yourself from
someone else’s point of view which will help you deal with the situation in a calmer
manner. When your anger is at its peak, stepping away
and taking a moment to yourself will help you organise your thoughts and then respond
appropriately. Doing a quick physical activity will help get out the negative energy and calm your mind. Try doing jumping jacks, going for a quick jog or
walk and its sure to help! Try expressing your anger to an outside person
who you trust and know will never judge you. It will help you express your feelings and also get another persons point of view on the situation. If you feel anger about something or towards
someone, it helps to write it all down. Putting a pen to paper and writing everything
you feel helps release those feelings and can also help you express your thoughts calmly. Distract yourself by dancing it out to your
favourite music or watching a funny video that will definitely make you laugh and completely
change your mood for the better! Harness all that negative energy into something
positive or productive like cleaning your room. You’re sure to feel much better after and
all those angry thoughts will be gone too! Make yourself a calm-down-kit of objects that will reverse the anger. Fill it with things like a stress ball, calming essential oils, your favourite candy, photos of happy memories, and even something fun like bubbles. The kit will help distract you and ensure
you’re cooled down in minutes. Finally, remember to never hold a grudge! Fits of anger are temporary and can be controlled
and even resolved if you happen to say something you don’t mean, so ask forgiveness from
the people around you and forgive them as well. We hope these tips helps to stay cool, calm
and collected even if you feel your worst temper tantrum coming on! Until next time, stay tuned and stay GLAMRS.

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