Apeach Nail Art Tutorial | [KAKAO FRIENDS]
Apeach Nail Art Tutorial | [KAKAO FRIENDS]

Hey guys, it’s Becca! Today I’ll be showing you how to recreate this cute design inspired by Apeach from Kakao friends Start off by painting all of your nails a sheer pink Make the shape of a peach at your cuticle with a light pink polish Once the polish is dry, add two darker pink ovals for the cheeks Use black polish to make three curved lines: A smaller one between the cheeks for the mouth and then two larger ones above the cheeks for the eyes Seal in your design with a topcoat For the second version, start with the same peach shape and use black to make the outlines of two eyes You want the eyes to be kind of semicircular Keep using black to make a thick curved line for the mouth Fill the eyes and the mouth in with white, making sure to leave a black outline around all of them At pupils with black and then add to small, dark pink ovals for the cheeks Seal in your design with a top coat and you’re done! All the products used in this video will be listed in the description below Thanks for watching!

4 thoughts on “Apeach Nail Art Tutorial | [KAKAO FRIENDS]”

  1. Jennifer Kopenga says:

    Idk even know who these little peach dudes are but they are ADORABLE you did a marvelous job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Blumenkind 863 says:

    such lovely nail art. apeach is one of my favorites.🥰💕

  3. femketjeNL says:

    Aahw these are so cute 😀

  4. scft yoonϻin says:

    could u make an ego look? From the MV by BTS

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