Are Eco Friendly Beauty Products Worth it?! (Beauty Break)
Are Eco Friendly Beauty Products Worth it?! (Beauty Break)

– I eat a tube of lipstick a week. – I love using Q-tips inappropriately. – This is so gross. – It feels like I motorboated butter. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, welcome back to Beauty Break. – Hi!
– Hi! – Okay so we’re super
excited for today’s episode because we haven’t done
anything like this before. What we’re doing today is
we are going to be exploring eco-friendly products,
specifically beauty products and seeing what we can swap out for the stuff that we’re currently using. – Most of you know already
that the beauty industry, like a lot of industries– – All of the industries. – Are kind of destroying the environment – Mhm.
– And we’re all to blame. Not pointing fingers at anyone, but I think it’s time for
us to take the next step in getting better with
our beauty routines. – So, the Clevver team has done collectively a lot of research on eco-beauty products. But, there are plenty of
bigger experts out there. We’re definitely not experts. So if you want to learn more, you should check the description. We’re gonna put some
links down there for you to learn about it all yourself. – Eco-friendly stuff usually
is better for you anyway. It’s better for your skin, it’s better for your overall health, so I’m excited to dive in. – I would love to leave this episode with a, “Oh these are my new go-tos.” – Yeah.
– Yeah. – That’s my hope for this. – And of course, if there is anything that just doesn’t work, then we need to know those things too. – Yeah. – All right, you guys ready? – Yeah, let’s do it!
– Let’s get our hands dirty. – So, we’re gonna try and break this down into three different eco categories: the way it’s packaged, the way it’s used, and the way it’s produced. – Yeah. – So we’ll try to get
into that in more detail as we unpack these things, so let’s do it. – [Loryn] Yay! (Loryn burps) – Great.
– That was a vegan burp. (Loryn burps) – It’s harmful to me. – Eh, that one was. That one was. – All right, so the
first product is mascara. This brand is Kjaer Weis. So this is actually a
super eco-friendly mascara. I guarantee it’s more eco-friendly than any of the mascaras we’re using. – I’ve ever used, yeah. – Yes, because it’s actually refillable. I don’t think I’ve even heard of a refillable mascara before. – And this particular
one is about 50 bucks. – Sounds really pricey. – And the refills are $25. – Yeah, so if you buy
a higher end mascara, you may spend closer to
20 bucks on a mascara. So I guess over time, you’re not really spending that much more. – We also understand that spending $50 then $25 per refill is just not realistic for some people. – I will say–
– This is good packaging. – This eco-friendly packaging is gorg. – Yeah, this looks really, really bougee. This is really sexy. I feel sexy just holding
it in my hand right now. – So I guess let’s see if it’s as good. – [Sinead] I’m already
way ahead of you guys. I didn’t wanna look at it anymore. – I do appreciate it’s
a lengthening formula. – Okay, I’m not gonna lie, this is a really nice formula. – You see this? Nothing is even coming off of on cheek. – Yeah, I feel like it’s really light. – This feels like a brush
that’s been cleaned. Look, you see this right?
Nothing is on my face. – You kinda have to– – [Sinead] You really
have to get in there. – Thread it through, ’cause
I feel like it’s really good. It does– – Yeah, look at the difference. – You had it on this side, didn’t you? Your right eye? – No. Nevermind, I take it back. (laughing). – So we were just informed. The refill situation is this: their wands are recyclable, so when you order a refill, it gives you all of that so that you keep this
part of the packaging. This just is reusable,
over and over and over. And this is recyclable and refillable. So that when you buy a
refill it looks like this, and when you throw it
out, it’s not as harmful. – It kinda looks like… I don’t know. – I’m not impressed,
this is too expensive. I don’t think we’ve solved it for mascara. – I mean, it’s a fine mascara, it works. I just think for the price– – There’s from for improvement. – Do we know that it works? – I would just rather
not wear as much mascara over the length of my life versus spending $50 or $25 per refill. I like the idea, I
think it’s going places, but I don’t think it’s
there yet, you know? – Yeah, I do like the
idea. I respect the idea. The biggest issue here and the issue that they’re solving is that a lot of recycling plans just don’t deal with mascara tubes. Like I didn’t know that there was something
really in mascara wands that makes them virtually unrecyclable. – I know we have a lot, so let’s move on. – [Sinead] Yeah. – ‘Cause we gotta find a
bunch a of winners, so. – I think we got some
winners in our upcoming list. – All right, what’s next? – This next product is a product that I actually have tried many times and its competitor I’ve tried many times. It’s called the “MakeUp Eraser.” It is a towel that removes your makeup without really using soap,
which is a bold statement but it does actually really work. I have the competitor to this. There’s a little mit that
goes right on your hand, but there are a lot of
companies who do this. This was the original one. – [Loryn] How much was it? – I’ve one of these before and
it didn’t work for anything, so I’m excited about this. – [Erin] So this will cost you 20 bucks. – I think that is definitely
more in the price range of good swaps, especially considering how expensive makeup wipes are. – It says it lasts three to five years. That’s kind of amazing. – That’s equal to 3,600 makeup wipes. Makeup wipes are expensive and a lot of them have chemicals in it that you shouldn’t be
putting on your skin anyway. So I would love to find
something like this that actually replaces a makeup wipe, but I wear waterproof mascara. – It literally says on here, “Erases waterproof mascara, eyeliner, “foundation, lipstick, and more.” – I’m happy to test this. – Yeah. – Even waterproof makeup wipes don’t work on my waterproof mascara. So, let’s see.
– [Sinead] Do it. – This is really soft, by the way. The only thing that I don’t love about it is that it requires me
to wash it regularly, and I’m not the cleanest human. So I have mascara on my hand
from earlier, and watch. – And you’re not scrubbing
really hard or anything? – No, I’m just wiping it. – Wow, that’s really good. – I know, I told you. – I have really, really
good waterproof mascara. It is not coming off. And it shouldn’t come off,
because it’s waterproof. Explain to me how a soft little bunny is supposed to get off
my waterproof mascara, with just water! – If you already know it doesn’t take off
your waterproof mascara, then don’t use it for that. But I would totally use
this on the rest of my skin because it looks like
it’s really sensitive and nice and soft. And it’s hypoallergenic
and dermatologist tested and I have serious bumps and blemishes. I like this. I think it’s great. – So, I think if you have
a really good precleanse or you’re just on the go and you need to clean up your makeup for whatever reason, this is great. I think the idea is that you keep this for
three to five years, it replaces daily wipes,
it’s better for you– – Yeah, because let’s be real, when we’re facing our face
and we use a makeup wipe, it still doesn’t get everything off. Makeup wipes don’t take a lot
of waterproof mascara off. So you use a makeup wipe, you
toss that or you flush it, and then you end up having
to wash your face too. So what’s better, you know?
This or a makeup wipe? – With this, you’re reusing
it over and over again. – This is obviously better. I’m keeping that, I put it in my bag. – Do we have any things where we put foundation on with? So I can fix this side of my face. – Up next, we are doing lipstick. This is Besame Lipstick. Their deal is that
they’re super eco-friendly because they use very little
plastic in their packaging. It’s kinda cool because it says here that the shade is a true replica of a color from 1969. (gasps) – I was busy reading this novel
on how to put on lipstick– – It’s so long. – But it’s actually kinda worth it, because it told me that it’s
a liner and lipstick in one. So the shape of it is
purposely doing that. – Well there you go, that’s reducing waste in the current sense of
you don’t need a lip liner and a lipstick. – [Loryn] Okay, here we go. I like this– – [Sinead] I love this
color. Yeah, this is nice. – I like this flat tip. – [Sinead] Yeah, me too. – I don’t know if it’s
working as a liner for me. – I love it as a liner! – Did you start– Did you do that on purpose? – I do a have mustache
now, I can’t see it. – [Loryn] You look French! (Erin laughs) – Oui, oui! – I love this. I think I just lined my
lips and put on lipstick borderline perfectly thanks to this. I’m actually obsessed with this. – [Loryn] I am. – This is a color I can wear
every single day of my life. It’s $24, which is
overpriced in my opinion. But then again, lipstick is one of the most expensive beauty
products I feel like. – Okay, yay! I found something I like! – I like this too. – This is amazing. I’m
definitely taking this home. – It’s not a $50 mascara, so yay! – [Loryn] Are you gonna kiss me? (mumbles) – I wanna make out with you. – It would be a very interesting color. – It would make for a good thumbnail. So next up is a product
that I’ve personally been using literally 10 years. I feel like this brand
has been around forever. It one was the of the
first eco-friendly products that I think we were all exposed to. This is Ecotools. They are eco-friendly makeup brushes. You can get them at so many places: CVS, Ulta, on Amazon. We’ll link to all the places
where you can buy all of these by the way in the description below. I literally have Ecotools that I’ve had since I moved
to LA 7,000 years ago. – Yeah. – This is cool. All the
packaging is eco-friendly and it comes with a storage tray. The package, you keep it. You don’t just throw it away, you use it to store the brushes. – And it’s all made from
recycled materials as well. – Get yourself a set
of good makeup brushes that you just clean, get
a good makeup cleaner and these should last you so long. Yes, it’s made from bamboo, but you shouldn’t throw these away. You should be able to really stretch out the life span of these. – [Erin] Yeah.
– [Sinead] Yup. – These are really nice,
they’re really soft. I hate brushes that are prickly that feel like they are
attacking your eyeball when you use them. – You know what’s crazy is
that I’m putting this on and it’s going on so nicely and easily. – It’s so soft! – I always stayed away from Ecotools ’cause I just thought they didn’t work. – Really? ‘Cause it was so cheap? – ‘Cause it was so cheap. – I love this because
it is so not universal to be eco-friendly. It’s a luxury lifestyle to be super clean and super eco-friendly.
– [Erin] Expensive. – And that’s why people don’t do it and Ecotools is making it so accessible. This is sold at so many places. It’s affordable, it actually works. – And I like how I can
just put this in my drawer and keep my brushes in it. It’s like a drawer organizer. – Next up we have something
that I didn’t even know existed. It is a reusable cotton swab. – [Sinead] I have some thoughts on this because cotton in our environment is just a bad thing. It’s going into the ocean every single day because a lot of people
flush their cotton swabs or they throw it out. I did do some research on this because my mind was kinda blown by this because in 2017, nearly 550
billion cotton swabs were sold. So if you think about it like that– – Where do they go?
– [Sinead] Exactly. So 550 billion, that’s a
number I can’t even comprehend. And just to think how little that is, how easy it could just
end up in the water. It’s just one of those things that makes me really, really sad because when you can truly, truly see it, I feel like people– – It’s more impactful. – Make some changes, and
that’s a really good thing. – There was this photo that
came out a couple of years ago that kind of changed the
way I saw the environment in literally one photo. It was that photo, if you guys remember, of the sea urchin?
Dragon? Horse? Seahorse. – Seahorse. – [Erin] I was gonna get there. The seahorse was holding onto
a Q-tip and people were like, “Aw, look at how cute this is.” But then you’re like, “Wait a minute. “The sea creature is using a Q-tip? “Why does it have a Q-tip?
How did it get there?” And it was the one photo
that made me start recycling. I’m not even kidding.
– Yeah. – I was like, “This is so gross.” We’re contaminating our earth. – But if you don’t really
care about the environment, look up pictures of the ocean. Look up pictures of trash in the ocean and I swear it changes your mind. And I don’t mean care like a bad thing, just some people haven’t really seen the gravity of what
we’re doing to our ocean. – It does look like a real,
normal Q-tip that you would see. – Well, it works like one too. – Oh, you like it? – These are great. I love these. I’ll use these to fix my makeup and stuff. – I’d do this at the
sink, it’d be really easy to rinse it off and reuse this. As far as a reusable Q-tip goes, I was like, “Mm, yeah right.” But, no, this is a really easy no brainer. – Next up, we are gonna
try Wet Lip Oil Gloss. Which just sounds like four
adjectives that I really like. Kosas?
– [Erin] Kosas. – [Loryn] You’ve heard of this. – So one of my best friends
works for the company, she sent me this entire Wet
Lip Oil Gloss collection and Kosas as a brand is
one of my favorite brands because they are so clean and they actually promote
people wearing makeup that makes them look good and not like it makes you look
like you’re wearing makeup. So they have a tinted oil foundation that you just put on with your hands. – Hmm, I see.
– [Loryn] Cute. – And it makes you look super natural. – I like how it says it plumps, hydrates, and repairs with a little bit of color. – It smells so good. They’re kinda comparable to any kind of nicer brand of makeup. Obviously, you’re not
gonna get this at CVS. I think this is $27, but
it’s a really small price to pay for a product that’s really good and that you’re gonna use for long a time. I don’t think I’ve ever run out of Kosas makeup that I’ve purchased. – I’m excited to try this. – I mean I really like it.
I think it’s really nice. The only thing I would change is that I don’t really feel like there’s a lot of color to it. It’s not really tinted. Then again, this just might
be the wrong shade for me ’cause it is really light. The formula itself feels
really, really nice. – Oh my god, it feels so hydrating. – It is tingling a little bit, so I do know that there
is something in there that’s gonna plump it a bit. – Wow, this feels like butter. – It does. – [Loryn] It feels like
I motorboated butter. For $27, if it’s really, really good, I would spend the money. – Awesome. – Yeah, this is good.
– [Loryn] I love this! – Kosas is on a bunch of green lists because they don’t use any
chemicals in their makeup, so it’s all natural ingredients. – And then the chemicals don’t
end up in the environment. – Or your body because if you’re like us, you eat a lot of makeup accidentally. – Yeah, especially me. I eat like a tube of lipstick a week. – Mmm. – All right, next up we have a sunscreen which is something that’s
like… I don’t know. We all need to wear more sunscreen. I feel like the world needs
to wear more sunscreen. – Y’all need to wear more sunscreen because the sunscreen that’s out there is already so expensive and it’s killing the ocean and quarries. – Yeah and it’s killing yourselves, too because there’s so much
chemicals in sunscreen. So this is Juice Beauty and this is SPF 30 oil-free moisturizer. It’s a zinc oxide sunscreen. I have used zinc oxide
before and it’s basically… Isn’t that something
they used in the 80’s? – Yeah, they just put it on their nose. – Yeah, so it is– – It’s tough to really one that you like because could make you look purple or make you look white. It’s really hard to
rub in, so I’m curious. – I’m super curious about this. – And I have super sensitive eyes, so I never wear sunscreen ever. – You just wear a beekeepers
hat when you go outside? – I have used this before, but I think I remember only using it on Harrison because I liked that it looked like it was
a fairly natural product. So no chemicals, it’s also
cruelty-free and vegan I read. – It smells so good! It smells like freshly cut grass. – That’s what it smells like! – Wow! It’s not–
– [Erin] Greasy. – Oh no, this sunscreen’s
for white people. Look. Look at the difference. – Oh… (speaking in unison) – It is $30 for this tube. – That’s actually incredibly expensive. – But I will say you can probably use this on your face and make it last longer, which is really where I– – Yeah. – It’s a really big
tube for face sunscreen, if we look at it that way. – Yeah. – And actually, it’s been
a couple minutes on my hand and it doesn’t feel greasy
the way sunscreen feels. So I feel comfortable
putting that on my face. – I would totally use
something like this on my kids because–
– They don’t care. – Yeah, and also I know
that no chemicals on it, which is something I do care about when it comes to Harrison and stuff. I love it. – Great, I love it.
– Smells nice. – Next up is the floss category. I love flossing. I
could floss all-day long if I didn’t have a life or a job. I floss multiple times a
day, but unfortunately, normal floss is made with chemicals. This floss is completely biodegradable, it comes in this cute little jar. It’s like a little twine. – It looks like a severed finger. You know? – I’m not gonna floss,
I’m gonna save you guys from the horrificness of that.
– Why? Why is it horrific? But I do wanna rip apart this just to see. ‘Cause it’s gross! Again, like cleaning your ears, should be done in the
comfort of your own home. Welcome to world of zero-waste. Just toss our natural, pure silk floss to your compost pile after
you’re done using it. So it is 100% recyclable, it says. And then the packaging is made of craft paper and soybean ink. And it says the glass jar and
be reused over and over again or of course, glass is recyclable as well. – It makes sense, right? This is gonna break down way better than all that other trash. This is the stuff we want–
– To throw away. – Yeah. – [Sinead] You’re so
excited about this floss. I’m so happy for you. – I love flossing. – You can take it. (Sinead gasps) – Oh my god! It’s really caught! – It’s biodegradable! – [Loryn] So just wait ’till–
– [Sinead] Yeah, so just wait. It’ll only take a few months. (Erin laughs) – Can we use some tweezers? – I don’t know what to do to get it out! – You need to stop flossing! – You don’t put more
floss in it! Oh my god. (Erin screams) – I got it, don’t worry. Love it.
– I am all in on this. – Yeah. – I took one home, I put
it in my in little tin. Here is your refill– – Oh my god! You’re gonna let
me have it? (Erin squeals) I’m so excited! – Now we’re gonna try this
dry shampoo from Acure. It’s rosemary and peppermint
for all hair types. I guess we will see if that’s true. – I say that’s true. – It’s 100% vegan, 0%
pretentious. That’s kinda funny. – Oh, I like that.
– That’s cute. – The bad thing with dry shampoo, or one of the bad things
is the aerosol spray. And I actually, aside from the environmental impact of that, I am constantly worried about how much dry shampoo I am breathing in. – ‘Cause if you think about
it, powder goes everywhere. So, you could still be breathing in– – Right. Talc powder, in
baby powder is terrible. – It’s horrible. – So this is a powder-formed dry shampoo. If it doesn’t make my hair white and it actually does what it says it does, I’m gonna be a changed woman
because this is my price range. – Right. I actually sent this in to test because I’ve been really curious about it. – Also, just a fun fact. It says you can puff this onto your brush or work it directly on your scalp. Never would’ve thought to do that. – This is the only bad thing
about powder dry shampoo is that it’s a little messy. – It smells like… – It smells like a spa. – It smells like Thanksgiving,
like rosemary something? – [Sinead] I don’t smell anything. I think I would definitely have to try and use the brunette one, because it just gave
me ashy head, you know? It’s still good regardless. – I think the principle behind this is, “Okay it’s clean, great. It’s
good for the environment, “It’s good for you.” – It’s cheap. – And it’s cheap! – But I will say, I think
this will last you a while. And for being only $8, I think this is a worthwhile investment. Not only because it’s
good for the environment, but also it works. – You really don’t need
any more dry shampoo. – No? – Let me show you. So we actually started
off today not so good, but we’ve come to find
we like a lot products. – That are inexpensive and accessible. That’s the big thing. – I’m actually excited
to steal some of these. – I already have. There are
things in my bag already. – Same. – Erin has seven flosses. – I’m so excited! – I don’t know about you guys, but I think I was most surprised actually by Ecotools,
just because it’s been at the drugstore since
I was, I’m not kidding, probably in middle school. – Yeah. – Like dead serious. – And I feel like I’ve just
never paid attention to it. I’ve never thought of it of being a really great product and I am converted. – [Erin] I also love this floss. Didn’t know it existed, now
my life’s changed forever. I’m gonna be helping the
environment every day by flossing 20 times a day. I’m so excited. – This was the most
eye-opening in terms of just how wasteful and terrible
Q-tips are for environment and I love using Q-tip inappropriately. – [Loryn] Right? Not up my butt or anything! – [Erin] I know what you mean. – You know what? One time
when Harrison was constipated, the doctor told me to
stick a Q-tip up his butt. – Yeah, that’s what I meant. – All right, I do think this was a very eye-opening episode for us. – Absolutely. – Because we all know that it’s important to be environmentally
friendlier than we already are. We could all do more, but just knowing that there
are products out there and that we actually do
like a lot of them… It’s exciting! – We’ve just reached the tip of the eco– – Iceberg. – Eco-friendly iceberg. So let us know in the comments what other eco-friendly products that you think we should try. Be nice to us, we’re still learning. – Especially if there was something where we all scoffed at
it because of the price. If you’re like, “I got
something better for you. “I know you’re interested
and looking for this, “Here’s one that’s more
in your price range.” Please let us know. – Educate us in the comments. There’s a lot to learn and still learning. – More importantly, take a look at the things you are using and prioritize. You can find things in your
homes, I guarantee you, that you can swap out for
more environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly. A little bit goes a
long bit goes a long way because if you think how about people there are on this Earth, if we’re all just doing a little bit more, we would be making a huge difference. – 2020’s gonna be the year of clean beauty and clean makeup, I can feel it. – Absolutely. – And plus, it’s better for
your skin anyway, you know? – Oh yeah, totally.
– [Loryn] Absolutely. – Yay, you guys!
– Yay! – This was our try our new products. – Woohoo! If you guys haven’t yet
hit the subscribe button, hit the notification, and we’ll
see you back here next time! – A lot cleaner. – Bye! – Maybe.

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    It’s so great promoting eco friendliness, but America does not contribute hardly any of the trash that ends up in the ocean, that comes from many other countries with less protocols for getting rid of garbage. I hope other countries learn to become more eco friendly!!!

  25. carmela says:

    STOP! Im sorry to say but there is NO point in recycling anymore, China doesnt want our stuff anymore. All our recycled stuff was going to China which was just going into the ocean anyways. You guys think it does stuff but it really doesnt. What works best is eco stuff that dissolves with our earth.

  26. esto pesto says:

    That was a vegan burp

    It was harmful to me

  27. alisha s says:

    Lmao the way Erin put on the lip liner/ lipstick

  28. alisha s says:

    Sinead calling Loryn out mulitple times lol

  29. L M says:

    Please don't flush make-up wipes (or anything similar such as baby wipes, anti-bacterial surface wipes, etc). They can and will end up clogging your drain! Even if it doesn't affect your household particularly because you're lucky enough that the wipes don't get backed up, part of your water bill goes to the maintenance of the entire water system. The more people that flush inappropriate products, the higher your water bill will be.

  30. Melissa Ziober says:

    You guys's energy seemed so low in the video. No one seemed genuinely excited to do the video

  31. Lyssa Baby says:

    “Miscara” it’s mascara sinéad MAS-cara! 😩😂

  32. Lilly Collier says:

    Eco tools but they come in so much one use plastic…:/

  33. Karen Behnke says:

    You ladies are a riot to watch! Note our Stem Cellular CC Creams are tinted with beautiful shades! The box is FSC paper, plant inks and of course organic ingredients are the ultimate in sustainable. We also have a $16 Sport sunscreen for the body! Thanks for doing what you do! Karen Behnke, Founder Juice Beauty

  34. Desire Love says:

    Poor Harrison all his business is on Clevver. Lol

  35. Desire Love says:

    I make my own hand soap with Dr. Bronners and reusable foaming hand soap pumps.

  36. coffeegirl18 says:

    Love Juice Beauty I have a anti aging serum and it's making my skin so healthy. I have very sensitive skin and have used Sheiseido sunscreen for this year and it replaced my Clinique because they changed the formula.

    Lush makes an awesome deodorant powder called Greeench and you lightly shake it in your hand then use it as dry shampoo or deodorant.

    No Pong is an awesome deodorant and it's basically a small tin of lemon scented deodorant that dries slightly powdery and dries sweat. It comes in baking soda or baking soda free.

  37. Kali Tipton says:

    Rip to Erins hair 😭

  38. Lindsey C says:

    Acure is so good!!

  39. Johanna Giesbrecht says:

    More of this. Less fashion nova. Less fast fashion.

  40. Lisa de Groot says:

    If the floss is 100% silk then it's certainly not cruelty free. Caterpillars are boiled alive to get the silk.

  41. Rocker NOUF says:

    I miss lily 🙁

  42. A b says:

    I would but don’t have the money

  43. Stormandfire says:

    Ear spoons! Serves much the same purpose as the little plastic/silicone reusable 'cotton bud' but debatably more eco-friendly (metal/antique). Not quite as multipurpose but you can feel like a person living in medieval times as they were used to clean ears before cotton buds were invented.

  44. BlackGrapes says:

    Great episode!! I've always been on the lookout for eco-friendly, affordable makeup stuff that actually works. I like the honesty too!

  45. suzan koot says:

    The eco tools seem great but unfortunately they don’t last very long. I used to use the eyebrow brush but everytime I would clean it the hairs would come out so easily.

  46. lefty says:

    what do you mean HELP the environment? this channel is based its viewership on buying and supporting FAST FASHION. which is AWFUL for our planet.

  47. Toka Mansour says:

    i loveee erinn

  48. Trisha Yu says:

    I used to like Loryn but all she does lately is complain. I mean you can dislike a product, give your comments and honest feedback but all she does is whine a lot and make a face (eyeroll, squirm her lips, etc). My point is, there is a better approach to voice out if you hate something. I love the video, but she is putting a lot of bad energy in it. Just giving my feedback and hopefully something clevver can work on.✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  49. Kirsty says:

    Was Loryn feeling ok during this video? I thought at times she looked a little tired or heavy eyed.

  50. Amanda Gregory says:

    everyone is freaking out about these soft cloths that take off makeup…. havent washcloths been a thing for like centuries lmao. i get that these are supposed to not really need soap but regardless i'm going to still feel like i need to actually cleanse and wash my face with soap afterwards. therefore i rather just use a washcloth and soap and save $20 and also not be creating any waste or purchasing another textile. just me tho.

  51. Guðný Ólafsdóttir says:

    Try villimey skin products, all natural and ego friendly, Icelandic products made from Icelandic ingredients, I swear by them they have made my skin so much healthier 🙂 100% recommend💕

  52. Aria Frehner says:

    I am obsessed with the juice beauty oil free moisturizer. It makes my face feel like satin.

  53. Amelia Kate S says:

    What happened to lily?

  54. MadisonElaine says:

    When you said flush a make up wipe. People do not realise but when things like baby wipes and make up wipes even when they say can be flushed.. they can't. This messes up our sewers and causes clogging and other issues.. you may think you're doing a service by putting it down the drain… you're not sadly. Also.. just wash your face in the shower with face wash. I stopped using make up wipes because im a broke adult and doing it in the shower is free and the best and easiest way to remove make up.

  55. Radiate radical vibes says:

    Definitely think you guys should do more eco videos!!

  56. Julissa299 says:

    I love this.. Please make more of these videos!!!!

  57. Jenna Raggio says:

    Isn’t cotton biodegradable? Like y’all were going off on cotton swabs and how awful cotton is but cotton is actually better than like polyester and other options

  58. penelope says:

    this is cute i love this video

  59. Molly Worthley says:

    I looove the makeup eraser!

  60. Ciera Kelley says:

    erin is disturbingly beautiful tbh… like, i feel lowkey offended that i don't have that face

  61. Natalia says:

    I really hate Sinead's attitude towards Loryn on this video… no need to act that way, if you don't like her / don't agree with her , at least try to fake it and be professional during the video. Made me uncomfortable every time she was just being straight out rude to her.

  62. Trixy Little says:

    I miss Beauty Trippin.

  63. Sunny5MA says:

    I'm so glad u guys are doing this. It is so important. Do a vegan episode next cuz what's what we all need to aspire to tbh

  64. Sherri Letitia says:

    Do not flush. Dont flush anything but toiler paper

  65. Crystal Tuu says:

    U guys should research about fast fashion. Me and my social studies class jus finished our fast fashion unit and it’s so bizarre. Please! If u see this u need to research about fast fashion.

  66. Ruby Seligman says:

    You should try all the To all the boys i've loved before P.S i still love you collaborations. Can find on Sephora by searching name of movie.

  67. CounTessa says:

    Manic Panic makes !Amazing! vegan cruelty free makeup, Yes Manic Panic Like as in Manic Panic hair dye. They make vegan makeup and they sell it on their website. It is my most favorite Foundation in the world right now And talk about shade range. Oh my God. They have seemingly every shade from light to dark skin tones and a pure white mixer So if they didn't quite have your exact color match you could mix it and match it. And their prices are phenomenal. I got one of their lightest Shades plus the pure white mixer And a pressed powder for like 40 bucks. Not to mention. It's like super cute Packaging LOL. If you're interested in finding a good vegan formula Foundation I highly recommend the Manic Panic kind and it is so worth it to check it out.

  68. CounTessa says:

    I have that same brush set. From Eco tool and it's the only product to put my makeup on that I have found that lasts and doesn't cost. An arm and a leg LOL I have super sensitive eyes so I have to Wash my eye makeup brushes after every use. Because if I do my eyeliner. And I don't wash the brush and then use it again. My eyes get super puffy and itchy by the end of the day and it has to do with allergies mostly but I really like the ecotools brushes because I have to use and abused my makeup brushes and usually they just get tossed out cuz the little hairs are breaking off and coming out. But these ones have lasted. And I love them. I don't think I will ever buy another kind.

    … Another reason my eyes are so sensitive is because they're really big and just everything lands in them sound like a brush that's shedding little hairs if I'm doing my eyeshadow doing my eyeliner and get everything perfect. then I pull that brush away and one of the little hairs breaks off and lands in my eyeball. My eyes just are like all right. Here comes the Waterworks and ruin everything. Lol so I'm picky about brushes lol

  69. Girl With Ideas says:

    My biggest thing is just refuse a bag. I bring one big bag with me when I shop it go to the mall!!!

  70. Nikoline says:

    Normal people: spends little money on non eco friendly makeup

    Eco friendly people: spends lots of money on eco friendly makeup

    Me, an intellectual: spends no money on no makeup. 🙂

    yeah like I really don't wanna offend anyone, but I don't get why people don't just stops wearing makeup. BUT I still enjoyed the video very much, and think its totally cool you guys at Clevver show people (that might not have thought about what the beauty industry does to the environment) that there at least are some better alternatives.
    LOVE YA <3 😀

  71. Betsy Wetherby says:

    Mascara wands can be donated to the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. AWR says before mailing, to wash the wands in warm soapy water to remove residual mascara. For more information, you can visit the Wands for Wildlife section of AWR's website. You can mail the donation form, old wands, and donations to P.O. Box 1211, Skyland, NC 28776

  72. Skyelar Porter says:

    Does anyone know the shade of the besame lipstick Sinead what wearing?

  73. Mine NOTurs says:



  74. Gabrielle Stella says:

    Anyone else get a add for eco friendly makeup, aahahhhhhhh I’m scared

  75. Mrs Keaks says:

    I thought I was the only one…flossing obsessed. 😂

  76. Joy Acosta says:

    Honestly just try anything from the zero waste store. Everything is amazing

  77. Kodi Brenon says:

    I have to brushes lol

  78. Alejandra Tepetitla says:

    lmaoo Lauren is so funny I can't like her weird comments and the girl's reactions were everything! Plus I love the content you guys are creating keep it up :)))

  79. sd v says:

    The "ohhh" lol

  80. Amile Honstein says:

    Use makeup balms or oils becauss it's less harsh on your face and you're not tugging or pulling your skin. They have some very clean balms and oils that will remove almost all your makeup because makeup wipes dont take everything off. You're spreading product around more than removing it off your face.

  81. Amile Honstein says:

    Also, dermatologist tested doesn't mean recommended. Be careful with that.

  82. DreamBelieve Create says:

    Why dont yous try menstrual cups? They're eco friendly arent they?

  83. Erin gemini says:

    So, I think a lot of people still don't know about the bacteria that EATS plastic, developed in Japan in 2016.Its called; Ideonella Sakaiensis. You can look it up in Wikipedia Its complicated, however its an exciting discovery, knowing that something"eats" plastics & breaks them down. I believe the current drawback, is that it is a very, very slow process.

  84. Andrea Rosado says:

    Reusing mascara wand tip:
    Call animal shelters and ask if they accept them. Some rescue/adoption centers use them for grooming.

  85. Heidi Richards says:

    Do not flush your make up wipes down the toilet it will ruin your plumbing.

  86. Sarah Bond says:

    We did a ecosystem project and I did ocean with friends and someone chose that seahorse picture

  87. McKenna. Brook says:

    does anyone else notice the tension between loryn and sinad

  88. Harley, West Coast says:

    Still have my eco tool brushes from when I was 16, they’re 10 years old this year and are still my go to blush and bronzer brushes

  89. Jennifer Mallon says:

    Why not just have recyclable mascara… who cares about the silver packaging

  90. Tortoise:P says:

    They only let the middle girl join so that they could get the discount on lip gloss 💀

  91. Emmaline says:

    I do love my eco tools brushes but my makeup sponge from them is a bit rough. It works excellently for setting my foundation with powder though! On another note, Qtips are supposed to be biodegradable when composted.

  92. Alisia Lopez says:

    Not everyone has to be insanely environmentally friendly. We needs billions of people to make small changes that’ll add up. Bring a reusable cup to Starbucks, skip the straw, opt of glass/paper/canned goods instead of food sold in plastic. And remember recycling is not the answer. REDUCE, REUSE then recycle. Only about 5% of plastic is actually recycled so reduce the amount that you buy.

  93. Elizabeth Faye says:

    shane ( sorry i dont know how to spell your name) you look beautiful with that lip gloss on meaning you look beautiful without lip color

  94. RojoJean says:

    Do realize cotton is a plant, right? Cotton decomposes quite rapidly. There's a reason 100% cotton clothes (even when you keep care of them) after repeat wear and washing get holes in them.

  95. Isabela Freund says:

    IDK who needs to hear this but…DO NOT FLUSH YOUR TAMPONS!

  96. Nikki Hooks says:

    I’m so glad y’all did this, since I’m someone who has been becoming more zero waste. I think a product that would be so fun for you to try is zero waste hair products such as dry shampoo. There are zero waste stores that sell dry shampoo in recyclable containers and Lush also creates their own powder (and you’re able to recycle the container with them). Thanks for spreading the awareness!

  97. Miia - says:

    How about using actually ecofriendly and sustainable brands? No? Mkay…

  98. Dante Ferrise says:

    Got to love makeup that doesn’t work or look like you have makeup on. I LOVE HOW IT LOOKS LIKE I HAVE NOTHING ON Lmfao. All of the beauty gurus and drag queens be shaking their heads lol

  99. Dante Ferrise says:

    And who flushed makeup wipes?? WTF?! Nasty! Do you not realize how toilets work? Nor care that you are about to cause plumbing problems let alone pollution

  100. Kylee Vines says:

    I use all natural baby powder as my dry shampoo, it’s corn starch and eucalyptus and it’s only $3 for the whole bottle!

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