ASMR 산타마을 미용실💝 헤어컷,샴푸,고데기,머리빗질,눈썹정리 | Hair Salon of Santa Village(Eng sub)크리스마스 산타마을 이야기
ASMR 산타마을 미용실💝 헤어컷,샴푸,고데기,머리빗질,눈썹정리 | Hair Salon of Santa Village(Eng sub)크리스마스 산타마을 이야기

Welcome to Santa Village Hair Salon. I guess you did a lot of good deeds this year. Here Santa Village can only come from earth people who have been doing good deeds. yeah, nice to meet you Did you look around Santa Village here? (Santa village)we are so many stores. The Beauty salon in our village uses beauty tools like toys. Do you have the hairstyle you want? It looks like your hair is long. Ah! Want to cut your hair? then, From now on, I will tell you the story of Santa Village here. you want it? okay Then .. First of all You’d better wear a gown. Our gowns are small and look like towels. It looks like this Dust has accumulated because it has not been used for a while. This … Oops! You haven’t sat yet. I’ll give you a chair This is a chair. How about some pretty small size. I’ll put this in front of you, sit down 🙂 you sit? Then gown you … just a minutes ok, good but, I’ll have bad eyesight so I can wear glasses. it’s my glasses It looks transparent, but in Santa Village, technology has advanced so much that even transparent glasses can improve my eyesight. I try to wear this Rebirth!! Oh, it’s clear! Now I have the confidence to do good to my guests. umm..After I’ve lifted the bangs with a hair roll, I’ll make eyebrows to match your short hair. it’s hair roll let me see Fix it so it doesn’t move. ok, good Now i’ll cut the eyebrows with a razor blade. This is a razor blade toy. Isn’t it scary? I’ll tell you the story of Santa Village. There are Santa, Rudolf and Trolls living in Santa Village. When Christmas is December 25th, all Santas fly to Earth. Did you know Santa was one? Santa has so many! I’ll trim your eyebrows here. It won’t hurt so much. yeah Your eyebrows are neat. So there is not much to tidy up. I’ll try this right away I’ll trim it with this hand. It doesn’t seem to work because it’s a toy, but it works. okay, very good! triming up your eyebrows is the end here. I’ll do this next time! ..just Hair Brushing! I will comb your long hair. After combing like that, I’m going to cut my hair. Hair rolls stay on bangs.. that’s okay Turn around and sit down. Here in the town of Santa, there are not only red Santas but also yellow and green Santas. Colorful Santas. Did you think there was only red Santa? Maybe so rumored on Earth. tangled hair at once~~ I’ll cut my hair this much. Meet as many Santas as a commemoration of coming to Santa Village There aren’t many people on earth who have seen Santa. So they don’t even know that Santa is colorful. I think your hair is combed overall. Yes. soft. It’s seamless softness. one more time yeah, great Next, I’ll cut the hair The scissors I’m going to use is this. hair brush sound is.. Get ready I’ll start by dividing the section of hair. Using a hairpin. ok, let me see Divide the center of the hair in half so let’s do this And later at night, there will be a festival. Santa village here has a festival every night. So basically, Santa Village turns off when it’s a certain amount of time. It makes a world filled with lighting. Like the yellow light here. Beautiful lights and mood lights will fill the whole world. ok,good ok, keep going It’s a different world from the earth. You can enjoy it today. Is it exciting to imagine? You don’t know yet? You’ll know it by night. I’m gonna fix the hairpin again. okay I’ll continue again. Santa Village is rumored to be the most beautiful village in the universe So everybody wants to come here. But the good guy! Just one day to a person who has done good deeds for a year Only they can come. My guess is, Did you go through the ‘cloud gateway’ today and come here? Yes. The gate is visible to a specific person. Direct, sudden gates occur. Anyway, our village has delicious food for you. To tell you the secret, our salon is free. What kind of food do you like? Yes. Please tell me your favorite food. like all food? Then … you can eat it all. we’ve prepared a lot. so You can eat a lot at night. Well, it’s not finished yet. Can you check it in the mirror? Should I cut more? Ah, I cut less in case. Oh, can I just cut more? Yes Yes ok, Let me do it again I’m going to remove the hairpin now. I’ll adjust the length to my shoulders. Do you know that? When Rudolf is tired, Santa rides in the clouds. Didn’t you know? Sometimes on Earth … Even if it’s Christmas, there are cloudy days instead of snow? One christmas day, Santa rides a cloud instead of Rudolf. That day is no snow. I’m going to cut it a little faster now. I’ve been holding scissors upside down so far! fine. Don’t worry about it. Please come to Santa Village again next year with good thoughts and good deeds. Next year, your hair will grow like this. Anyway, can you come again? I’ll check if the length is the same on both sides. just triming let see I’ve cut your hair perfectly. Next, I will go to the shampoo room and wash your hair. Now shall we go to the shampoo room together? yeah let’s go You can lie down comfortably with your head toward me. Please lie down. In our Santa village, this glass bottle is water. so water flows from this prop. Even if I use this, you don’t have to look strange. I’ll wash the hair soon. It’s going to be a little cold. It seems like the earth calls this a shower. right? In this town, you can use this as a scalp massage. Is it amazing? Make sure you’ve got enough water in your head. So it reaches the scalp. Also good for shampooing. It won’t leave any residue on your hair, Only you will smell the shampoo in your hair. and then shampoo course Now it’s going to touch the scalp. back of head Is it like a scalp massage? Scratching with my fingernails can damage your scalp. So I’m going to use my finger skin instead of my nails. good. The end of the shampoo~ Now agian, I’ll rinse with water. After finishing this, I’ll dry your hair And I’ll make the hairstyle pretty with hair iron I’m good at curling hair. ok. It’s done Raise your body up slowly. hair , like this….ok Hold your hair tight. Let’s move again. okay, and then I’ll dry you hair with a hair dryer. I’ll also give you the touch sound of the hair dryer toy. This part moves. back You will actually hear the sound as soon as I press the button. First, wipe your hair with a towel. Hair length is quite short. great Yes. Let’s get started right away. It will dry the inside of your hair properly. The scalp is almost dry and it’s time to dry the surface of the hair And the crown of the head Now bangs With hair brush Now hair curling time! This is called hair iron toy I’ll start. Maybe your hairstyle will be like my hairstyle. in this way, you see? okay, let’s go Your hair may get a little bit damaged. A little stronger! Santa Village hair salon offers hair styling to guests. In addition, I’ll put on eyeshadow makeup. Why do you do eye makeup? Your makeup would have been erased when you shampooed. That’s why. Oh change the other hand! Your hairstyle will be very nice. Moderate wave, not huge wave one more time Oh, look at the mirror? Do you like the side hair? Should I do more? Yeah I’ll start with the hair on top. beautifully. like this way More curls. The curls will have volume. from top to bottom Slightly …. no hard! what am I saying? like this Maybe you will have a hairstyle like a princess okay, good And then, touching it with your fingers when you’re done. Do you understand? I need to do a little bit more to the right side. Now you are as beautiful as Disney’s princess. Check it out with your own eyes. See if it suits you. here, too What do you think? About this hair style? good? Perfect. I’m glad. I’ll put it back. Now eye makeup for you This is the toy of eye makeup! open it Pick your favorite color. It looks like paper, but it’s not. Pink color? good. With a brush here we go one more other side good job Check with mirror how about? Is it pretty? great Today is a festival, so I’ll give you perfume. If you have a pleasant scent, your mood will improve. I’ll test it. arm? neck? here and here ok And I have a gift for you This is it! This is what I prepared. As you can see, it’s a bracelet. Glasses not bracelet I’ll show you closer. The color is that of purple, and light green. Originally, I only give one to Santa Village guests, especially I will give you two. here you are you’ll take it Today I enjoyed seeing someone from across the earth. I hope you will have a lot of good work and have a lot of pleasant thoughts next year. I also hope you don’t get too stressed. And come again to see me next year! Flying through the Cloud Gate It was a significant time. Let’s meet again next time. bye.

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    03:45 Put on the hair roll bangs

    04:32 Tapping Eyebrow Razor

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    12:53 Tapping scissors and comb

    14:28 Haircut !!

    28:21 Shampoo entry and strange shower

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    31:52 Buckle the shampoo! Scalp massage

    33:35 Rinse with strange shower

    34:51 Toy Dryer Introduction

    35:42 Wiping dry with a towel

    37:20 Drying with a dryer

    41:15 Introduction to curling irons, tapping

    41:53 Doing a curling iron !!

    47:33 Eyeshadow Introduction, Tapping

    48:37 Applying Eyeshadow

    49:50 Look in the mirror! And perfume

    51:00 Christmas Gifts For You


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    41:15 고데기 소개, 탭핑

    41:53 고데기 하기!!★

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    51:00 당신을 위한 크리스마스 선물


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    그때도 산타 관련한 영상이였지요 ㅠㅠ 지금은 삭제되서 안보입니다만 그때부터 꾸준히 들었는데 어느새 16만 유튜버 되신거 보면 감회가 새롭네요

    저만 알던 유튜버에서 어느새 주변 친구들도 알게된 유튜버가 되셧다니

    앞으로도 꾸준한 활동 부탁드립니다.

  83. mica chan says:


  84. 효빵 says:

    영상미 목소리톤 손동작 퀄리티 후시녹음 모두 갖춘건 사기 아닙니까 ㅜㅜ 행복해 이런 영상을 공짜를 볼 수 있다는게..😊

  85. serendipity says:

    thank you so much, boyoung 💕 just listening to your voice in the beginning make me feel so calm, happy and sleepy ✨ muchas gracias 😊💖

  86. AvaWrld says:

    The chair and glasses sent me.

  87. 미요 says:

    헤어컷 소리 진짜 대박…❤️

  88. 유애나범 says:

    매번 좋은 영상 만들어주셔서 고맙습니다:) 보영님 연말연시 잘 보내시고 새해에 봐요!🙏🏻

  89. 최웅열 says:

    손이 너무 예뻐여 ㅠ.ㅠ

  90. 0209比翼の鳥 says:


  91. 해령도령ミ says:

    😴공부 중인데……으어ㅓㅓ….잠이….ㅣ…온다ㅏ….

  92. 헬로키티 says:

    와 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
    진짜 대단하다 ㅎㅎㅎ
    퀄리티 짱..

    반보영은 중독이다!!!😍😍

  93. キムソクジンのアレ says:


  94. 이현서 says:

    으앙 너무 조아요

  95. 최선희 says:

    이런 영상 너무 좋아요 잘 보겠습니다 ㅎㅎ

  96. 별나래 says:

    저 출퇴근시간이 왕복 4시간인데 이거 올라오고부터 하루에도 두번이상은 들어요 오르골소리 배경음악도 좋고 전 정말 보영님 목소리가 최고라고 생각해요ㅠㅠ 이번영상도 정말 넘 감사해요

  97. hiichan's trash says:

    Can you please make a cutting sound only video? It was so good

  98. 이성욱 says:

    ASMR 소재로 쓰여서 머리 다 밀려도 좋을 만큼 너무 팅글거리고 좋네요ㅠㅠ

  99. Tae Yang says:

    Boyoung so cute I from tw
    Video is good

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