BABY YODA – The Mandalorian Inspired Nail Art
BABY YODA – The Mandalorian Inspired Nail Art

Kirsty: Hi everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do Baby Yoda nails. Oh my God! I’m so excited. Vanessa is really excited as well. This is all Vanessa’s idea because we love Star Wars and we love Baby Yoda because he’s that cute. So, we’re gonna do a cute Baby Yoda. Kirsty: You didn’t know I did orchestra music…
Vanessa: I didn’t know. Kirsty: …with the mouth. You need to do the…bet you could do it on that, couldn’t you? Yeah, could you? Vanessa used to play the… Adam: The fluu fluu fluu
Kirsty: The flute. The fluuute! Vanessa: I did Harry Potter Kirsty: Did you?
Vanessa: I don’t think we ever did Star Wars but it’s before they brought Star Wars films back out. Kirsty: Ah, so it wasn’t cool then.
Vanessa: No, it was old then. Kirsty: I know. It was just old, wasn’t cool. Now, it’s so cool. Do you know what? Star Wars has always been cool in my life because I loved Star Wars. One thing I do remember like on Christmas Day one time, we strap these stockings and my mum used put them at the end of the bed, and she’s put them at the end of the bed and… no, Santa did, Santa, used to put them at the end of my bed, and I used to wake up and I’d feel, used to feel with my feet, the stocking. You sit and start opening some of the stuff, and I had an Ewok in mine and I was like dead excited. Oh my God! Got this Ewok right. My mum went, “Oh, popped that in the wrong stocking” and had to give my brother, and I was like, I wanted an ewok. Vanessa: We’ve got a lego star wars calendar. but it’s between us, so we’re taking it turns for each day.
Kirsty: Yeah! Vanessa: So, we’ll work it out so that I get BB8 on the 24th. Kirsty: That is ace
Vanessa: you open that one, and then we can alternate Kirsty: Do they know that you’ve done that? No.
Vanessa: He does now. Kirsty: He does.
Vanessa: He does now. Kirsty: Now. he’s like, oh, it’s been fixed. You fixed it. Right! So, for the background, obviously, Star Wars and obviously, Baby Yoda, we are going to do a starry background. Though, I’m excited about this, and this will be good for those of you that want to know how to do like a bit of a galaxy kind of background, and I think the quickest way we can do this is using the Cat’s Eyes Kirsty: …because we’ve always said it looks a little bit galaxy, haven’t we?
Adam: Yeah, just because like sort of… Kirsty: Where’s the
Adam: …a universal, like sort of starry…hmm! Kirsty: Universe thing going on. I was looking for the wheel but I can’t find it. So, we need to start with a dark background for the Cat’s Eye, they do show up best. So, we’re gonna use Serious Black as our base and then this is when we will go on with the Cat’s Eyes. Now, wanna get this nice and neat, this black. We do not need to do two coats of this, one coat will be enough. Then may be some slight transparent sections, but it’s completely fine because we’re going over the top with the Cat’s Eyes, so don’t worry about that. So, nice thin coat of black over all of the nails. Vanessa: I saw a comment that was like, “oh my God, you must use so much Serious Black. You use it all the time.” Kirsty: I like it, it’s so good.
Vanessa: It is, isn’t it. Kirsty: Well, black and white, yeah, definitely get used more than anything else
Vanessa: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Into the lamp we go. So, we’re gonna use Stratosphere. So, it’s this nice gorgeous blue. The good thing about the Cat’s Eye gel polish is, you only need one coat of it as well. So, we’re gonna do one coat. We will cure these separately. So, we’re gonna put the…was gonna say magic eye again. Not magic eye, it’s the magic wand. We let that pull the pigment. Pop that in lamp. On this one, I’m gonna do it slightly different. So, I’m gonna put, we’ll put the Cat’s Eyes Stratosphere gel polish on the top section first. Adam: You grow your hands, please, Vanessa. Vanessa: What?
Adam: You grow your hands a little bit because you nails are too small. Kirsty: Then I’m gonna go over with the magic board. Pop that one in. And then we’re gonna put some on here like that, and we will go over it again with our board. And I’m just making sure… sorry if I have ten shots, just making sure I can see how close I’m getting. If I wanna go quite close, I would say it’s about three to four mil away from your nail. Pop me that in. I’m gonna cover this nail and I’m gonna make sure it sits at the top. And what I can do is sort of pull the pigment like this and move, so we’ll get our little line, little ray of light coming through the top layer. So, we’ve pull that a little bit longer and then, bang it in the lamp. So, the reason I’m doing that is because I know what I’ve sort of planned in my head, where I’m going to put Baby Yoda, and I still wanna see the Cat’s Eye effect. I don’t wanna put Yoda on there and then just cover all in Cat’s Eye effect, and know that this sort of part the nail will be exposed. This one, we’re gonna do very similar to what we’ve just done, but we’re gonna go with a different angle by pulling the pigment from the bottom. Make it dark at the bottom of the nail. In. Let’s do the pinky. We’re gonna do a full nail of the Cat’s Eye gel and then we are going to do angled… Oh! Now, I’ve just touched it. Went a little bit low. Pop me that in. Right! What we’re gonna do now…oh, very good! …is, we’re gonna use the Blooming Gel. So, Blooming Gel, nice and thin. Don’t be tempted to put this on thick. It does work better when it’s thin, believe it or not, and it’s too thick, it kind of just suspends itself within the gel. Then I’ve got a little bit of Snow White. I’m literally just gonna touch a bit. Let those little tiny bits of white gloom, so as if they’re like glowing stars. What we can do as well, we can get a little bit more and give it a little bit of a whoosh round like that but it looks like the milky way, a bit of a milky way effect. I’m gonna let that bloom. So when you’re happy with how much it’s bloomed, you can put that in the lamp. I’m gonna do the same with the other nail. Should be able to do at least sort of two a time. Pop me that in. So, I’m gonna topcoat them just to seal that in but I will buff after. I love working with gel polish as a paint medium on top of a buffed surface. Pop me that in. So, I’m gonna give this a buff now. You could use a matte top coat and then work on top of that but I want to do it like this because I’m reducing a bit of thickness as well. If I were to put a matte top coat on well, I wouldn’t need to buff it, and then I actually wouldn’t be reducing any thickness down, if that’s what I wanted. Adam: People do ask that. Adam: They’ve asked in the past why you don’t just use the Matte one. That makes sense.
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: If I hadn’t done lots of layers then, yes, I would do that, but you know, I’ve done lots of layers and I don’t wanna keep chunking out that nail. Adam: Chunking out!
Kirsty: Don’t wanna chunking it! Kirsty: Gonna wipe over with the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution, that’ll just clean that up, get rid of the dust. Kirsty: Which Baby Yoda?
Adam: There’s only one Baby Yoda. Kirsty: Which image
Adam: but also he is just a gremlin. It’s just Gizmo been shaved Kirsty: Do you think?
Adam: Yeah! It’s a total rip off. Adam: Do you know what I think? That is literally Gizmo. You know, they’re green underneath, aren’t they, gremlins? Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: So, it’s just Gizmo’s been shaved Kirsty: Hmm! So, what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna do little Baby Yoda. You’re gonna come across. His face will be here, move here, we’ll come across onto this nail. Maybe a bit of an ear onto this one as well, see how it works out. Gonna use some backing paper as my little palette. I have many greens. This is a 958. I don’t know what the colour is actually called. I’m sure Adam will link it below. And then we’ve got a… Adam: Chartrouse.
Kirsty: What’s that? Adam: French word.
Kirsty: Chartrouse. Kirsty: It’s a little bit bright. We won’t need a lot of that. I want a little bit of Lemon Top as well, just for highlight. We most definitely need some Cyanide. We’ve got some Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution in my little Dampen Dish just to clean my brush. So, we’re gonna start off with this colour which was the… Adam: Chartrouse.
Kirsty: Chartrouse! Kirsty: I’m gonna map that out. Once I’ve kind of mapped out where where his head’s gonna be, I’m going to fill with my colour, with gel polish, just to give us a base to work on. It’s not that one that we’re using, sorry, it’s the one that’s 958. It’s the 958 colour. Apologies! Kirsty: So, did Baby Yoda talk like Yoda?
Adam: He doesn’t talk. Kirsty: It’s too baby.
Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Too young.
Adam: Yeah, it was too baby. Kirsty: Pop me that in the lamp. I’m gonna do one more coat of that. While doing this second sort of coat, I’m gonna sort of give myself a little bit of idea of where Yoda’s eye are gonna be and his mouth. Because the eyes are so big, we can kind of leave that section empty, we don’t need to put the gel polish in there. Oh, what does it look like at the minute? There’s a character in Star Wars that it looks like? Kirsty: I think it’so ut of the bar
Adam: No! It flies the plane with… flies the plane. Adam: Flies the Millennium Falcon with Han, not Han, Lando in Return of Jedi. Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: His name is… Argh! He’s got a silly name. They’ve all got silly names. What’s his name? I’m not gonna look it up, I’m a bit star wars nerd.. And he talks funny as well. He goes… Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: Yeah!
Vanessa:Who are them that just go Hudini Adam: Hudini
Vanessa: Hutini or something Adam: I don’t know what you’re on about
Vanessa: so funny Kirsty: Are you sure?
Vanessa: Yeah! Adam: I’m gonna have to look it up.
Kirsty: Yeah, because it looks like him at the minute because how I’ve put it down like that. Wow! Somebody shouting at the screen now going, it’s…. Some of the Star Wars fanatic. My brother will know. This is one of those questions on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire that I would my ask brother. Andy Pandy. Kirsty: I’d ask Curtis as well.
Vanessa: He’d know. Vanessa: I mean, I like the lego advent calendar but we’ve taken some out and it’s like, what is that?
Kirsty: Really? Vanessa: It’s mainly like when the miniaturise the ships, it sometimes like it could be this or it could be that.
Adam: Nien Nunb Kirsty: Nien Nunb It’s a Nien Nunb
Adam: Nunb Kirsty: Niem Numb
Adam: Nunb Kirsty: Niem Nunb
Adam: Yeah! Adam: Told you it was a silly name Kirsty: With the ears, I’m just kind of going round where the highlighted parts are. So, whatever is closest to you, you will do a little bit lighter and the way I’m getting that lightness is by just putting this second coat of gel polish on and it kind of brightens everything. Pop me that in the lamp. Now with Cyanide, we’re going to add little bit of depths. So, where this sort of shadowed sections are. So, we can come and do his chin. This is where you can start to etch out his nose. These tiniest nose. He’s got no cute nose. and he’s got his nose to mouth lines. Gonna take a little bit of black and mix with a bit of the green. That Cyanide colour just to deepen that. Gonna add black to add some depth. Just flash cure me that, just so I know that they’re not going to move, I’m not gonna knock out. Kirsty: It’s gonna go…like that.
Vanessa: That would be bad Kirsty: That’d be extremely annoying
Vanessa: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: Pop that in the lamp. I’m gonna use Timeless. So, this sort of fleshy colour, and I wanna say fleshy colour because I mean like, human’s fleshy colour, not Yoda, not Baby Yoda fleshy colour. Because I just think it’ll be perfect for the insides of the ears. So, bring that hand and I’m just gonna soften that as it blends over the green shadow. This is kind of fleshy colour that’s like around the edges of the eyes. Pop that in the lamp. Tiniest bit of white. Now, I didn’t know whether to do this before I do the dot of the eyes but because I was using light colours on my brush, I didn’t want to have to really sort of get the colour out of my brush. If I use black now, my brush is gonna need a really good clean. So, that’s why I’m using white now. I may have to add it in afterwards because it would be easier to do the white after but due to pure laziness. I’m gonna highlight the nose a little bit, to make that stand out a little bit more. You do need to darken those nostrils as well a just highlight little part of his face. Don’t forget, this is a computer-generated image. It isn’t like an actual thing. It’s not like, you know, when we did the Dark Crystal nails, you know, I saw the puppets and how they were made and everything like that, but this is actually a computer-generated image. so everything is quite smooth. But I do want it to have try some kind of realism to it. Adam: I have an Apple watch, all this thing does is annoy me. Kirsty: Alright! It tells me…
Vanessa: I dunno why he wears it. Adam: Siri goes…when I’ve said nothing. Kirsty: I know. It keeps going, and when we filming and Siri will just like, put her two pence in. Adam: And then, it tells me to stand up…
Vanessa: Alexa just says stuff randomly Adam: …it tells me to get moving. All of these things I don’t wanna do, right. Kirsty: It’ll tell you to get moving.
Adam: Yeah, it’s like, “Come on, Adam, move!” Adam: Just because you’ve got move goal on it.
Vanessa: You sat at the computer for too long though. Adam: Yeah and then…
Vanessa: go and get a cuppa Adam: …the only good thing about it is, if I listen to stuff on the move, I could detach it to my apple watch, like the headphones in my apple watch, but I can do that with the phone anyway. What else? Obviously, I take phone calls on it. Guess what? I do that on my phone as well. Kirsty: Pop that in the lamp. So, I’m just gonna fill the eyes in black now with Serious Black. Adam: Now, he looks like a little green man. Adam: You know, like a Martian little green man because you’re covering his ear, so…
Kirsty: Oh yeah! Kirsty: Pop me that in. A little bit of Blooming Gel and a little bit of black. This is to serve…I can create a bit of a shadow but it’s still moving quite freely. You’re kind of making a wash. And then I’m gonna take some Blooming Gel and I’m gonna put some on top of the eye. Then I’m gonna take some Butterscotch and just drop tiny dots. You can see it’s got this kind of mottled brown iris around the edge. I just wanted to add a little bit of that. I can’t really see that on camera. I can see it. Right! I’m gonna pick up a little bit of black with my Dotting Tool and you just make like a round make the pupil, slightly more prominent. I’m sure this really difficult to pick up on camera. Pop me that in. Then we’re gonna add a little bit of highlight to the eyes. Pop that in. Right! So, I think we’re kind of finished with him but we need to now do his nice roll neck Jedi costume, I wanna call it. Adam: Not Jedi, yeah. He’s not even a padawan Kirsty: I know but that’s what I’m gonna do. Kirsty: Right! So…
Adam: Yeah! It’d definitely look better than just a floating head… Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: …in space. Kirsty: Gonna do with this background, this is Pepino Dolce. Adam: What is that even?
Adam: I have no idea. Adam: Hey Siri! See, Siri doesn’t work when you want it to work and then it just pops on every now and again going, “Hi you!” Sometimes, my watch records my conversations and then I’m like… I’ll be able having a chat with somebody and then it will stop, it’ll beep and then it’ll say, “I don’t know what you just said” and it’s got a list, like you can flick through it, and it’s been writing down what I’ve been saying by recording it. Kirsty: What?!
Adam: Yeah! Vanessa: Oh like, as though you’re talking to Siri.
Adam: Is if I’m talking to Siri? Yeah, but it’s not that I’ve her to do that. Vanessa: We tried to watch a film and we had to switch off the Alexa cos it kept piping up Vanessa: …and you don’t say anything to it and all of a sudden it just talks to you and you’re like, proper freaky.
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: That will just set you off.
Adam: Definitely, yes. Adam: Me mam, she unplugged hers because it would just do that. It would like, whenever she walked in the room, it’d go, “Hello Karen!” Kirsty: No way!
Vanessa: Do you know Xboxes do that? Adam: I don’t know.
Vanessa: Sommat to do with an Xbox. Used to do that when you walk in the room, it’ll greet you. Vanessa: It’s like it could do each person. Like, it could identify between people, cos he friend’s dad had one and… Kirsty: That’s weird.
Vanessa: …in the end they had to switch that off. Vanessa: That’s got to go.
Kirsty: That’s weird. Vanessa: They got my nan and our granddad an Alexa, with the idea of if my nan went to the conservatory, she can say where…she tell it where she is. Vanessa: So, then when my granddad’s confused, he doesn’t know where she’s gone.
Kirsty: Mmm! Vanessa: He can ask where she is. It told him she was in Spain. Kirsty: Just need a bit more shadow there. Right! What I’m gonna do now is use this Timeless colour and I’m gonna add a little bit of Butternut Squash. Butternut Squash, it’s not. It’s called Butterscotch. Kirsty: And then I’m gonna put a little bit of the Faux Fur…
Adam: Embroidery. Kirsty: …yeah, embroidery colour. We want it to look a bit fluffy. Adam: Remember when we used to have some fluff?
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Adam: Whatever happened to that?
Kirsty: I don’t know. It’ll explode on you Kirsty: So, we’re are going to do his little roll neck here. Kirsty: So, I have got a good base and I can do this roll neck part.
Adam: can you come upstage Kirsty: It looks very comfortable, this his little roll neck. Adam: Very wintery.
Kirsty: Hmm! Adam: I suppose you need that in space because it’s very cold in space. Kirsty: Pop me that in. Then I’m gonna add tiny bit of a dab, just for a bit of highlight and texture. Let’s add a bit of Butterscotch to that weird-named one. What’s it called? Pini… Pepino Dolce, whatever that colours is, and colour in this section. It’s got a nice pale background so it should be easy enough to just colour this im. Pop me that in the lamp. I’m just mixing a tiny bit of black into Butterscotch. This is gonna be our shading colour. Pop me that in. I’m using the tiniest bit of black, use to define the edge of that roll neck. Now, this is Butterscotch with a tiny bit of white, just a tiny bit of highlight. Pop it in the lamp. So, we’ll matte topcoat Yoda there. Yoda! Baby Yoda! Kirsty: I can’t believe he doesn’t have a voice. I feel really sorry for him
Adam: No he doesn’t speak. Kirsty: So, I’m gonna use the Urban Graffiti Top Coat. I’m gonna put that on top of the Yoda, we’re gonna put it on the starry galaxy background. Use a little brush just to get close. So, I’m just going round this now with a little brush. Makes it a lot easier. No way I could use the brush from the bottle. Pop me that in the lamp. Next bit, little bit of bling. Obviously, Baby Yoda needs a bit of bling in his life. Right! So, we’re gonna finish with a little bit of Cuticle Oil. Now, we’ve added a little bit of Yoda bling. Baby Yoda bling! Adam: I mean, he isn’t Baby Yoda, you do know know that, yeah? Kirsty: I know his name’s not Baby Yoda. I know he’s not actually Yoda’s baby. He is just the same being. Adam: Same species.
Kirsty: Same species but it’s a tiny one. Is he only like thirty or something? Kirsty: Not five million years old.
Adam: Nine hundred. Kirsty: He’s so cute!
Vanessa: I like the background as well. Kirsty: If I had Cat’s Eyes on my nails, I’d just be going like that all the time, playing with them. Cool! There you are, guys! A bit of Baby Yoda for you. Everything I’ve used today will be listed below. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram and I will see you in the next video. Bye-bye! Hi everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin. Kirsty: Are you rolling?
Adam: Recording yeah. Kirsty: Pe pino Dolce! Adam: Oh, what happened there?. Adam: Oh, what the hell is going on here? I can’t believe it. Pepino Dolce. Kirsty: Help me!

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