Ballet Dancer Analyzes: NCT WINWIN – Beauty Unparalleled | Anatomy of a Dancer EP. 2
Ballet Dancer Analyzes: NCT WINWIN – Beauty Unparalleled | Anatomy of a Dancer EP. 2

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  1. shaky raindrop says:

    Hello everyone! Please read the following:

    1) Please refrain from making any "SM sucks" rants. Frankly, they get annoying, and I would like this video to be a place to talk about dance. I would love to have a conversation with you guys about Winwin and anything dance related here in the comments.
    2) I HIGHLY recommend watching this video if you want to know more about predebut Winwin and predebut WayV. I promise it will be well worth your time. You'll learn a lot about the boys and see them in a new light.
    3) If you want to know more about the similarities and differences between ballet and traditional Chinese dance, you can read this article:
    4) Community contributions for subtitles are on
    5) Please tell me if you enjoy this kind of longer video.
    6) Thanks for watching!

  2. Alex Lee says:

    Winwin com certeza é um dos melhores dançarinos do NCT

  3. Uwa Chan says:

    Thank you very much for making such a great vid of winwin.. Let me honest, i Love NCT because Winwin in there. I see other member just ordinary dance, rap and singing, while Winwin just got 1-2 second in a song but catch my eyes for entire year. I love the way he dance, its different from other member. I am not a ballet or what. Yeah i pretty agree that WINWIN IS HIDDEN GREAT GEM in NCT. I Hope SM dont waste on him easily and Love him more as other member.

  4. Muza Lis says:

    Хоспадэ,у меня чуть сердце не остановилось от начала видеоролика,напугали.

  5. W. Fan says:

    This is such a good video essay! I’d say Ten is a fast learner and dances great in his style. But in “Lovely”, it’s so easy to tell that winwin had so much formal training and it is not something that one could obtain just because he’s very smart in dancing, no. Just take a look at winwin’s feet pointing. And i kept noticing the way winwin walks very much shows he’s a classical dancer, I mean he’s turnouts are so cute.

    btw, this video reminds me once again how much I don’t like how Kai(probably not his idea) always being introduced as a dancer who had classical ballet training at a young age, I don’t mean anything bad or try to start a war…but, I just don’t see any “classical ballet training” in his moves(especially his early performances, who knows maybe he learned some later😂) not a bit… I’m saying that he definitely is a great Kpop dancer yeah, but if you tell me he’s trained in ballet then…what am I trained in🤦‍♀️

    Ok just once again, winwin is a BEAUTIFUL DANCER!!! I hope he got to show more of his skills, he deserves all the love.

  6. Sara Wagenmaker says:

    idk how this vid popped up in my recommended bc i have no idea who NCT is but all the things you noted are super interesting! classical chinese dance definitely borrows a lot from western concert dance (ballet and a little bit of early modern techniques). chinese dance as we know it today was really created around the 1930s by looking back at historical artifacts (images, descriptions, things like that) and folk forms from different cultures (Uighurs etc), and then codifying those and meshing it with ideas coming in from the West, hence the shared movement vocabulary with ballet. Emily Wilcox has done a lot of research into this (and published it in English) so if you're interested definitely look her up! i think she recently published a book too

  7. 하늘YeZoKi says:

    Ah, I just want to say thank you for making this video! I haven't done ballet in YEARS, but I did it so long as a kid that the training and movement is still ingrained within me. Because of this, I always find myself leaning more towards the dancers in Kpop who I can tell have been traditionally trained in ballet or similar styles. (Like the traditional Chinese dance) I find myself consistently having to explain to my friends why I prefer so and so's dance style over another. That it's not because I think they are inherently better but because I understand and appreciate their style more. Where my friends only see the places where dancers such as Sicheng "fall short" as mistakes, I understand the reason behind why the movement is the way it is, and I find the small traits of their traditional training that bleeds into this unfamiliar style beautiful. I just haven't actively been in the dancing world beyond learning small choreos here and there in many years, so I find myself lacking the proper ability to fully explain myself to my friends. So THANK YOU for making this video!! I'm making all of my friends watch this, so they can understand what I'm seeing that their eyes are simply missing!

  8. Yoebma Nakamoto says:

    Oh my god I don’t words

  9. Yoebma Nakamoto says:

    I’m crying

  10. Yoebma Nakamoto says:

    I love Winwin and I love you

  11. Hadassah says:

    Honestly, part of why I loved their dance cover of lovely so much was because of the contrast. They are like two sides of the same coin. Coming together.

    Winwin's movements do have that shape. That emotional elegance. Ten's body seems to carry emotion too, but differently. He is feeling the music. Winwin is living the music.
    It ties in, too, with the outfits, the set, the overall meaning of the video. Amazing

  12. Jiaaa D says:

    i'm so proud of my boy.thank you for making this video. "learning kpop dance " for people who learn Chinese traditional dance so much years, will be much harder than people who never study dance. but he also did it. i can not imagine how much effort he did. i love him. winwin is the best dancer in my heart❤️

  13. Khadgi Rakshya says:

    never ever thought about dance in this detailed way.. This was so informative and i learned a lot..
    even kinda wish he was a solo artist.. he is so talented but he is not in the place where he can show his talent and be appreciated.. but he deserves better!

  14. Mia M. says:

    Not gonna lie I was gonna hit this dislike button because it was at 99. But then I realized how stupid that would be considering I liked the video.

  15. Devellicus says:

    Where is the video of the spinning dancer at 1:54 from? I want to watch more~

  16. Marrazly says:

    this really reminds me of the mold of 'Scarlet Ibis'. of course winwin isnt dying and neither is his dance, but his rarity and uniqueness in such an abstract and jarring location reminds me of the scarlet ibis. this shit isn't that deep but as a winwin ult it really fucks me up to see him at such a raw point. as an artist and ex dancer, i really start to see how really special winwin is.

  17. Aicha Fabienne says:

    It is not impossible to say squirrel? Like it's not that hard?

  18. LY Tear says:

    Like I speak Spanish and I watched the video in English… And I realised that it has subtitles… F*ck

  19. Tanndyh says:

    Amazing :0

  20. Dinnerdash2 says:

    woahhhh i’m a ballet dancer who joined a kpop dance group and i always thought i was hearing the music wrong or something, because i’m always later than everyone else? but now that you pointed out that ballet dancers extend their movements and hear counts later, i realize that’s why i hear the music differently.

  21. Michelle Moa says:

    In the middle of this video I got an ad to dance Chinese traditional dances in an academy.

  22. Baron Villar says:

    4:01 song?

  23. Ananá says:

    Esto es lo más hermoso que he visto 😭❤️ Gracias!

  24. 丽文Chris says:

    I know the struggle of saying "squirrel" so well. I'm German 😂😭

  25. alex greyson says:

    god damn it now I love him more

  26. Hala Said says:

    Yes! i agree. Winwin is one of my favorites too. Him, Jaemin, Taeyong, Ten, and Chenle.

  27. Jacquelin Garcia-Guzman says:

    what’s that video at 6:20

  28. peanut butter says:

    i really love winwin as a dancer, and as a modern and ballet dancer your videos actually really help me with finding tips and ways to point things out.
    side note: lovely is one of my most favorite dances ever 🙂

  29. Timo B says:

    i know you say you only analyze nct but i think you would really enjoy analyzing N from VIXX. just a suggestion though, i still love your nct videos!

  30. Y A says:

    I'm always tearing up whenever see him dance to traditional chinese dance. It so beautiful and graceful.
    It must be so hard for him to do choreo that totally different from what he learn since kid. But he show his best and we can see the progress.
    His body already memorize and become a habit to dance like that. Its like someone who left handed try to write with right hand. Its possible to do that but need more time and practice. He is special. Please give him more love that he deserve to ♥
    Btw thanks for this video, it help so much for new fans to know more about winwin ♥

  31. neo culturee says:

    the intro was everything 😂 .

  32. sophie hebrard says:

    I loved your work on explaining the dance of WinWin and also the technical points: just love this dance!

  33. Mc lotinha says:

    I would compare it more to a neo classic, contemporary or modern style than ballet itself but, still, you're right it makes sense.

  34. Rebecca Tang says:

    I wish he had more opportunities to show off his classical training

  35. hyuckshines says:

    4:50 lmao bro it couldve been the choreo or sth for him

  36. Maria says:

    I'm classical ballerina, and the mistakes that Winwin has are common because in the classic the countdown is different the rite is another. For us we have to do everything in a form of an armonized way, when we are going to soullish to dance Other rhythos and styles is really complicated. And he's a great dancer, both of classic Chinese, when hip hop.

  37. Some Person says:

    It would be nice to see SM give Winwin a solo debut where he can really show off his skills

  38. denice victoria diaz vicky d says:

    Me encanta Winwin es un increible bailarin 👼☝👏❤👑

  39. Tiamaria Cha says:

    2:15 is so cool wtf

  40. Anya says:

    Why i just found you now? YOUR EXPLANATION IS WHAT INSIDE MY HEAD FOR A WHOLE TIME. He has HIS BASIC and it cannot be break. All dancers has their own basic. When you said that there's no "squirrel" word in German, so does dance, there's no type of moves like that in Chinese traditional, IS DEFINITELY RIGHT, I 100% AGREE WITH YOU. So it's all about what basic do you have. Thanks for this good explanation. Keep dancing!

  41. Bless Me Achoo says:

    The last part makes me think that's Winwin is a beautiful art, and thanks for this video !

  42. gwiyeo noona says:

    okay this channel needs to be subscribed!!

  43. Glenda Ryanne Fredy says:

    pause at 12:03

    oof winwin's shape is pure heart eyes

  44. Laisa hh says:

    cant get over his dancing

  45. I’m a multistan says:

    can someone tell me what's the difference between idol and artist pls?

  46. Pink Gangsta says:

    Just like Sandrine, She is Indonesian traditional dancer and try to make Kpop dance cover. But fans said she look stiff. I said that kpop isn't her soul.

  47. Laisa hh says:

    that is the greatest gift

  48. Laisa hh says:

    whats the ending music?

  49. BethariaNoor says:

    Thank you for the video. I'm tearing up.
    I agree with you. Our boy is a tough cookie. I cannot imagine the struggles he has to go through, the pressures he feels, and the sacrifices he has to make, to practice every step, every beat, in every NCT song. Words cannot describe how I feel watching this.

    KPOP is really something I cannot quiet explain and honestly, cannot exactly understand. What's so attractive about it that these youths are willing to get forced to mature beyond their age, pressed to work hard beyond their physical, and often mental, capacities… self inflicted or otherwise… I can only pray that they find joy in everything they do 💟💟💟

    Once again thank you for the video… 🙂

  50. BethariaNoor says:

    My chest hurts from feeling so much.

  51. BethariaNoor says:

    "It's hard to dance in a language that isn't yours" is beautifully descriptive. "Doesn't belong to KPOP" stings, because it's the current professional path he has chosen, I would like him to belong. But that he belongs to something grander, in the sense of dance as an art, I totally understand.

  52. Laisa hh says:

    Dong Sicheng deserves the world

  53. Laisa hh says:

    i honestly cant get over this

  54. saloni singh says:

    this was phenomenal!!!! also, i'd absolutely love if you could one day make a video analysis of exo kai's dancing. he has a background in ballet training and is able to pull off various forms of dance and i think it'd be really interesting to hear your perspective on it!!

  55. Ol Ga says:

    These videos are such a jem honestly
    It's always so inspiring and catching to listen to someone talking about things they are very passionate about.
    I have no knowledge of dance techniques and terminology whatsoever. But your explanation, attention to details and the way you tell each of the boys stories and describe their personalities through this analysis is just mind blowing and makes me so emotional every time.
    Thank you so much for all the love and research you put into this series. I'm so looking forward to watching all the episodes!

  56. CS. says:

    Now I'm so curious to ask: who's your top 3 fave dancers in nct?

  57. pearlpower17 says:


  58. Eunmin says:

    May i know the title of the last song, the classical one??

  59. mercury - says:

    wht is the song called at 6:18 ?

  60. Raisa Ayub says:

    He has short Achilles’ tendons, that’s why he’s really good with classical training and not that good with kpop dance. It makes it hard to make quick movements. You can see when he stands flat footed, he bends his knees a bit or his feet turn outwords on their sides a bit. They’re also called “ballerina feet” because most kids who have them walk on their toes.

  61. taetae love says:

    I'm German… Am I not saying squirrel right…?

  62. TeaCourt press says:

    Your ending actually made me cry

  63. Mark Idk says:

    I love his dancing style tho. It reflects his soft, pure and innocent personality. Winwin💕

  64. neverland goddess says:

    I don’t know why but this made me cry

  65. maryam says:

    i love these videos

  66. Clarisse Jose says:


  67. Schadenfreude All The Way says:

    1:52 who is this??? I must know. That slow descent and coming back up was just *chef's kiss*

  68. Schadenfreude All The Way says:

    I really like how you said that the energy moves outward because it allows me to just PICTURE literal energy flowing from their feet and fingertips.

  69. Kitty Nguyen says:

    Wow, I’m watching all these videos backwards (cuz I’m weird like that) and my mind is blown away by everything in your videos!

  70. yuli lili says:

    I really want to see winwin, Cheng xiao, yein, and jimin modern dance

  71. Park Jimin is my LOVE says:

    I learn so much with these videos and im glad cause i love dance

  72. Bella Zhang says:

    Very well said, a lovely video. I’m a beginner dancer leaning jazz but I follow many idols that specialise in dance and Winwin is truely special. His form and lines and beautiful and he’s such a humble boy with so much power. 💚

  73. Higor Santos says:


    But he was

  74. B C says:

    as a beginner, how can I improve the shape?

    I'm sorry, I am practically an amateur at dancing. I've never been to academies, I can't pay for them. But I'm really interested on improving my skills, I know I can. I know that I have to keep practicing but, is there any advice you can give me?

    tysm <3

  75. Xena Choo says:

    can someone please let me know the title of the show at 2:30
    i just started to get to know NCT and they are really funny so i really want to watch more of their varieties

  76. Sage Strydom says:

    I am not a dancer but the way you explain things makes me understand why a person dances and how much technique goes into each movement. I now see dance as more than movement but rather expression, beauty and art

  77. fatia rahmatika says:

    O my gosh! you educate me :')
    Love this! Now i can see clearly the beauty of winwin 💚💚💚

  78. Enrique C says:

    I don't get why people always say someone is bad, there's a fucking hundred of dance styles, obviously he got the traditional chinese one, or Kai got ballet, Taemin got the basic popping, as other idols are good at choreos and that's all, everyone's good at what they do, that's why they up there.

  79. Patricia Raquel Prada says:

    Me encantaron esta serie de videos, por favor has mas como estos… Amo el ballet y el kpop y que tu lo unieras me pareció la cosa mas espectacular del mundo… Mas videos así pliiiiss

  80. Wooshie X.x says:

    Heyyy, I'm a ballerina you're a ballerina, wanna be friends? c: it's ok if u don't want to :c

  81. Fifi Pha says:

    Winwin's dance is special for me, idk, i just love it

  82. Sara sweetie says:

    ballet is a dance that brings meaning and feeling, it's so beautiful ,Winwin has an unparalleled talent

  83. seokjin kim says:

    I'm not a big fan of nct but I really like winwin and this video make me cry

  84. Amnestria17 says:

    it's amazing how you make me realize that Winwin sometimes isn't bad at dance (he absolutely isn't)
    but kpop dance is just not the style where he can put in all his emotions and feelings.
    It's like when a hip hop dancer needs to do ballet for the rest of his life, it'll never be "perfect"
    In the "lovely" video I always thought I prefered Ten's way of movements because I like the way he is so extra and secure in general,
    but, when you compared their movements, especially in the frozen frame, I had never looked at how Winwin is just more structured in his lines and movements
    which, in the first place, seemed more boring to look at if I may put it like this.
    like there's just happening less in his body, BUT THE FK TRUTH IS
    is that he's aware of every inch of his body
    Well done kid

  85. Multifandomed세봉탄소녀시벨벳무 says:

    this video is so gorgeous

  86. Arneta Puteri says:

    Figure skate : 0:00 woah flying camel!

  87. Creanna Breey says:

    Every member has its own colors and personality in how they execute their dance movement. And I absolutely think its beautiful as we can see how they separate themselves to each other because they are all different from one another.

  88. anonymous fan says:

    Thank you for this video. I honestly know little about dance (lol), but Winwin has always stuck out in some way with his dancing. He isn't NCTs strongest dancer, but it was never because he was bad. Theres was always this sense that his style didn't really belong there, so you're video really cleared up many questions I had 😀

  89. yxkhei says:

    las hipotesis que se dicen en el video que winwin se puede estar equivocando en las coreografias por que no es la forma en la que el aprendio a bailar son reales,ya que no es la forma de bailar que el estaba acostumbrado y es normal que se esquivoque,en la danza tradicional china,son movimientos parecidos a los de ballet(suaves,hermosos,perfectos) pero aqui se agrega algo parecido a acrobacias,y como esa fue su base,es difícil que se adapte a el tipo de baile que los chicos bailan(hiphop,hurbano) ya que son movimientos fuertes y no suaves.

  90. h w a n g h y u n j i n says:

    4:03 song?

  91. underrated a says:

    His dancing is art

  92. Recovery Account says:

    Omg I really love this series, thank you for making it!!!!!

  93. pamela rojas says:

    Yes I definitely enjoyed this type of video. I'd watch it over and over again, but I'd love to watch more content like this

  94. Мальвина милито says:

    Not related to nct but, your explanations are exactly how I would describe mina from twice's dancing style for modern dance is, bcs she's trained in ballet, her dance for twice's choreos always seems awkward, just like win2, but that doesn't take out the fact that they are both great dancers, just trained differently, which results in their body movements to function certain ways..

  95. atalla says:

    i love your videos, thank you for making them <3

  96. Yekai Stan says:

    Hola, te quisiera agradecer por publicar esta arte, tus palabras fueron precisas y meramente ciertas, tal vez quienes no llevan tanto tiempo en el baile o no son bailarines clásicos no lo entiendan del todo, pero el ballet es algo mágico y el kpop para mi es mi liberación, win es uno de mis bailarines fav de los grupos de kpop que tiene una estructura clásica ( no se si me entiendan) pero fue bello todo este video

  97. we love nct says:


  98. Alexandra Kabasser says:

    im not trained in ballet but in contemporary and expressive dance but i have got a few balletlessons from my teacher and when i saw the lovely cover i first realized that winwin had to be trained in a style similar to/or ballet and i fell in love with his dancing

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