Barbie as Sleeping Beauty (longplay) for the PC
Barbie as Sleeping Beauty (longplay) for the PC

welcome to my fairytale adventure I’m
princess Rose and this is the story of why I’m called Sleeping Beauty click on
my story fairy to go through my story in order she’ll show you just what to do or
click on my castle fairy to explore the castle and play any part of the story
choose me to play the story in any order you can play your favorite activity over
and over again click on me again to start the story I’ll go with you and
whenever you want to continue to the next part of the story just click on me all my magical friends have presents for
the baby princess click on the gifts to help her open them let it be known
throughout the land our baby daughter is born let all my subjects of good will
come forward to wish the princess long life and good fortune I give her the
gift of beauty oh yes now I know what name to choose she is as
lovely as a flower I’ll call our daughter Rose I get roses special gift
just for fun I give the princess the gift of laughter
I give her the tips of music this magical flute has the power to awaken
the good in others why didn’t you invite me to this party well I’ve come anyway
and I have my own gift for the little princess when she’s 15 a spindle sharp
will make her sleep and break your hearts 100 years of dreamless sleep tis
the promise I will keep please no not my baby
we can still do Rose a magical gift let me think
ah yes this will do nicely now all of you listen she’ll not not sleep and
dream of bliss sweet dreams will summon true love’s kiss the king ordered all the spindles in the
land burned so that Rose would never prick her finger or so he heard the
fairies watched over Rose and kept her safe for many years at last was the day
of Rosa’s 16th birthday Rosa turn 16 and be free of national fairy’s curse the
king and queen canned a big party to celebrate Rosa’s birthday at last
princess Rose would be safe Rose loved to wake her animal friends each morning
with her magic flute on the day of her 16th birthday she went into the forest
as the Sun came up to invite her friends to her birthday party Rosa’s friends are
sleeping late to help Rose wake them click on each animal and the little
birds will show you which notes to play on the flute oh you welcome me ow
oh you buck up the phone good morning phone
oh you woke up the beaver good morning peeper hmm the turtle
oh you woke up the bunny I’m so glad you’re awake I want you all to come to
my birthday party there’ll be lots of music I love music click on me and let’s
play some more click on Rose to hear her play some beautiful music click on the
flute to play along whoa careful little guy looks like you
got carried away oh thank you my friends are just excited
because today is my 16th birthday and they’re coming to my party
then let me wish you a happy birthday I’m Prince Kendall my name is rose
princess rose I live just over that hill in the castle
it’s a beautiful castle and so is the princess who lives in it oh you’re very
kind and I’d like to thank you for saving my little friend would you like
to come to my party it would be an honor I’ll look for DES seeing you again Rose
um princess Rose you everyone in the castle was getting ready
for the royal birthday celebration Rose went to her bedroom to get dressed for
her party the king and queen have two magical
birthday presents for you robes you can make a party dress and decorate a
beautiful crown Oh a beautiful presents let’s get started click on me to design Rosie’s dress or
click on the table to make it round click on the fairy for my dress or click
on the table and try on my tiaras let’s make a special crown for my party
click on the crown on the pillow until you find the one you want to pick then
click on me to decorate it you oh I have so many new jewels and
decorations please help me decorate my crown click on all the little pictures
below to discover the wonderful things you can do you can even print out a copy
to wear yourself when you’re done click the arrow and I’ll model it for you
click here then click on a decoration to erase it
Jules you stickers you and grave you stickers you polish you scale scale
scale I’d love to wear this one to the party now it’s time to decorate my dress special party dress your mother the
Queen said make the owl as beautiful as Bruges Oh while we’ll help you make a special
dress for the party we’ll turn ourselves into your magic ones
oops the ones to change the color of the dress the colors are so prettyy just like a
rainbow click on me when you’re ready to go on with the story I love that color you’re such beautiful colors I’d love to
try the mom oh so pretty I love that
oh so pretty click on me when you’re ready to go on with the story at the
door to the library Rose could hear her fairy friends giggling wondering what
they were doing she pushed open the door and went in my fairy friends like to
play hide and seek where do you think they might be your smile is lovely as the Sun keep
looking rose for you cut one Cruz’s parents wait with love so true
keep looking pleased for you cut to thank you
you whoa
I cake so rich is what you’ll see keep trying hard or you you the party weights behind the door you’re
almost there four you’ve caught four you you caught all five tis plain to see and
now for you we have the key to our hearts this is the key now hurry up and
follow me oh now I can open the door to my birthday party your key of gold I’ll
turn to rust your hopes and dreams will be as dust I don’t remember this part of
the castle I wonder what’s behind this door
princess Rose what an honor why I remember your very first birthday party
I gave you a special present I know what we’ll do I’ll give you something and
you’ll give me something you have so many presents I’m sure you won’t need
that magical flute why would you want my flute I’ve seen what that flute can do I
know if I have your flute everyone will like me and invite me to their parties
the fairies gave me the flute I don’t think I can give it away even if I
wanted to and anyway it takes more than a magic spell to make people like you
very well then come here and see what I have come here
and touch it oh how did this happen I thought she was right behind us now the
evil fairy has the magic flute and Rose must sleep for 100 years this is
terrible what shall we do oh I hate being sad ah it’s as it’s meant to be
she’s the Sleeping Beauty now oh but don’t you remember my gift to baby Rose
but I don’t want her to be lonely I know I can put everyone to sleep to keep her
company oh here I go just use this magic wand to put everyone to sleep
Rose can wake them up when the time is right
it’s time let’s have a little music for the party
okay what a little shall I be nice before a
big party there that’s most of the castle now everyone’s asleep just like
rose the fairies laid rose on her bed and watched over her while she slept
they knew they needed to find help to wake up the sleeping beauty while we
wait let’s show we care use a comb untangle her hair play some music
bring a rose for is everybody knows she must dream dreams a passing sweet to
bring love this way on hurrying feet click on us to help take care of
Sleeping Beauty I put them all to sleep oh isn’t she
pretty what now I don’t want to wait anymore we need to
do something we can’t leave leaping beauty I’ll summon one of her friends
though bring Prince Kendall to Sleeping Beauty her only true love’s kiss can
help rose now Oh hurry go get the Prince oh please click on the squirrel to hurry
him up while we wait let’s show we care use a
comb untangle her hair play some music bring a rose for is
everybody knows she must dream dreams a passing sweet to bring love this way on
hurrying feet click on us to help take care of Sleeping Beauty what Rose
Princess Rose the wicked fairy tricked everyone an enchanted sleep and only I
can wake her of course I’ll go by all that’s dark within my heart your
journey sales before it starts your thorns are no match for my sword
and your magic will not defeat my love for Rose the evil fairy was furious that
the prince had almost reached the castle quickly she cast another evil spell and
turned the path to the castle into a mixed-up maze of phones oh please help
the Prince get through the maze to help Sleeping Beauty click on the thorns to
cut them away click on the path pieces to turn them click on Prince candle to
turn him in the direction you want him to go my thorns are sharp but worse
amazed Oh wander here and end your days the path is getting clearer keep going the path is getting clearer keep going yes nothing will stop me now I was dreaming I heard your voice what
has happened to me it was the evil fairy she cursed you long ago when you were a
baby Castle is still asleep Rose only you have the magic within to
awaken your friends and family but I can’t make music without my float it’s
gone I must get it back you must face the evil fairy Rose only then can the
pass awake again once more Rose stood in the spindle room she had
to get back her flute so she could wake everyone in the castle but the evil
fairy would not give up the flute she began to throw evil spells at Rose use
the wand the time is right evil melts when touched with light click on the
evil spells to help Rose reach the evil fairy keep away from me I don’t think so
why I can almost hear the good in you it’s such a soft sound like fluttering
inside your heart Oh rose you set me free thank you what a great
day for your birthday I wish you Rose picked up her Magic Flute only her
magical music could wake up the sleeping castle click the flute on all you see
then you and Rose will set them free Oh you set the good and evil free rose once more held the golden key to
the banquet hall at last all was ready for her birthday party click the door to
turn the key I really just can’t wait to see let’s blow out my birthday candles click
on the squirrel and he’ll help us you

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    The needle room and maze part scared me a little, but the dress game was so fun ahhah

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    i remember playing this game when i was 4 omg :(((

  43. WarriorMondenkind says:

    So apparently Matel wanted to do Barbie as Sleeping Beauty as a ballet movie, like how they did with the other Tchaikovsky ballets Swan Lake and Nutcracker. However despite the music score (by Tchaikovsky) and the original story (by the Grimm Brothers) being in the Public Domain, Disney had copywritten the name Princess Aurora and sued them. So this game is all we got. After that Matel stopped doing classic fairy tales and made up there own stories for their movies. Strangely enough Disney would later do both the stories of The Nutcracker (and the four realms) and Rapunzel (Tangled). They stole several things from the Barbie version when they did Tangled, Rapunzel being a lost princess, having a reptilian friend, a pink and purple dress, being blond, and painting as a hobby, as well as having a brown haired love interest who wears a blue vest. Disney sure can dish out the law suits but they sure cant take them.

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    This game was EVERYTHING to me

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    Beautiful story

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