Beauty and the Beast (1991) IMAX Trailer
Beauty and the Beast (1991) IMAX Trailer

(SINGING)Tale as old as timeTrue as it can beBarely even friendsThen somebody bendsUnexpectedlyJust a little changeSmall to say the leastBoth a little scaredNeither one preparedBeauty and the BeastEver just the same(GULPS)Ever a surpriseEver as beforeEver just as sureAs the sun win riseTale as old as timeTune as old as songBittersweet and strangeFinding you can changeLearning you were wrongCertain as the sunCertain as the sunRising in the eastTale as old as timeSong as old as rhymeNARRATOR:Walt Disney Pictures
proudly presents
Beauty and the Beast. (NARRATOR READING)Coming January 1st, exclusively to
IMAX and other giant screen theaters.

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