Beauty and the Beast have a daughter! The Tale Old as Time continues! 🌹 | Alice Edit!
Beauty and the Beast have a daughter! The Tale Old as Time continues! 🌹 | Alice Edit!

Hi everyone ^___^ Do you remember the ending scene of Beauty and the Beast? The movie ended with Belle and Beast dancing happily in the castle but what happens afterwards? What does their future look like? That’s what today’s video is all about! Hi again I bet you already know that Beast is made up of a ton of different animals like boar’s tusk and lion’s mane, buffalon horns, gorilla eyebrows, wolf legs and so on but I bet you didn’t know that the Beasts’ designer Glen Keane actually gave the Beast a rainbow butt! Yep, the official animator decided that beneath all the brown fur, the Beast has a rainbow-colored mandrill butt, and only Belle has ever seen it Anyway, when the Disney crew did research for Beauty and the Beast, the animators went all the way to France to get inspiration so in the end, Beasts castle was inspired by the real Chateau De Chambord in France that’s why the Beauty and the Beast castle has so many slim spires and gorgeous details Tada! Beauty and the Beast – Belle and Prince Adam with their daughter I’m thinking she would use the magic mirror whenever she wants to talk with her grandfather, Belle’s father Maurice What do you think, and what kind of edit would you like me to create next? I hope you have a magical enchanted day and thank you so much for supporting me and being so kind during these confusing last months I really appreciate it and I promise I will continue making Disney edits See you in the next video!

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  1. Eliz Playz says:


  2. Magestic Frex says:

    To be honest, your photoshop skills are amazing

  3. Sun Hunter says:

    It's beautiful I think she might like books just like her mother

  4. selena 110 says:

    Алиса! знай тебя смотрят даже в России
    Видео как всегда КЛАСС!

  5. Mysterious Girl says:

    Hey, Alice, i really like you and your draws! Can you make Hailey and Justin'son and Camila and Shon'daughter?

  6. Now Or Nicole says:

    She's so cute! I love it!

  7. theresas funhouse says:


  8. EnderEthan 14 says:

    And I thought Disney on your channel was over?

  9. Mystique Epona says:

    I love the name Noelle for the middle and Rosana for the first name

  10. Ziah ria Squad says:

    Omg shes so cute 🙂

  11. Lord toot toot says:

    Yay, great edit alice, I'm soo happy when you put out a new edit :] you did a great job on the hair it looks just as beautiful as her mother's.

  12. Siren Vlogs says:

    Awww this amazing!

  13. Martha Bryant says:

    early! i love your videos so much i try to watch every single video you post.i also got ibis paint x so i could make edits just like u do! also merry Christmas good luck getting to sleep tonight 😉

  14. Laura James says:

    Their daughter is so adorable.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Alice 🎄

  15. ousman lowe says:

    Whats next

  16. Red rosies says:

    Your so talented, mate

  17. Nightmare_GachaJess says:

    Can u guys do Princess Tianna and Prince Naveen from the princess and the frog? I’m in love with this edit btw💖💖

  18. I got you U-U says:

    I’m last :I

  19. Michael Grimes says:

    Could you possibly do one with Pocahontas and John Smith?
    Sorry if I am asking too much😅

  20. Lady Starlands says:

    I headcannon that their daughter an shapshift into a beast, similar to her dad.

  21. Stephanie perez says:

    The way you edit, it looks amazing! And also merry Christmas 🙂

  22. Amandina Gómez Moreno says:

    Nino y alya is hijo

  23. Ingrid Mendoza says:

    U should do frozen 2 Anna and kristoffes wedding

  24. Richard Garcia says:


  25. Its._.Noelia says:

    Omggg yay!
    You finally did itt

  26. Princess MLP Unicorn! says:


  27. Wiktoria Sobańska says:

    You have a talent! You will do then Mulan and Shang? ❤️

  28. Martín Ariza says:


  29. Corey Lane says:

    Belle And Beast Have A Daughter Name Isabella

  30. Martín Ariza says:

    I would like to see something related with Shrek, Princess Fiona and donkey 🤩

  31. Grace Wilbourn says:

    Mulan and Shang's kid(s) next?

  32. Maggie Bray says:

    I was close to first

  33. Josefine C P says:

    Hi Alice i love your vids and i think you mabye coudt make somting from Home alone i know its not Disney but you can still make it

  34. ღ Moonlight Avenue Mashups ღ says:

    I'm Still Waiting For Audrey & Henry's Daugther!!!

  35. Sunshine Holtzlander says:

    I used to daydream about them having a daughter. I am so happy to see one of my favorite princess movies (besides Thumbulina) getting edited again. I love your creativity! Thank you for this. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful day.

  36. Ryolo Smacks says:

    Not first

  37. elaina yt gaming says:

    They should name their daughter rose that would be a cute name

  38. Makena Goshey says:

    Lol I just keep thinking of decendents and Ben being their son! 😂

  39. Patricia Sabengsy says:

    hey bell kid can be name Bella or if it is a bo6 it can be alex

  40. Emma M says:

    It’s so good,
    This is not just editing skills.
    It’s pure GODLY drawing skills

  41. Leticia Regalado says:

    I love 🌹

  42. Leticia Regalado says:

    A la bella y la bestia

  43. Blondie Crafter says:

    She’s so cuteee! So happy your back to Disney, amazing edit!!

  44. Slay A Forever says:

    YAY!!!!!! DISNEY IS BACK!!!!!! And I know you told me to not be sorry for being late before… BUT I JUST CAN'T STOP MYSELF!!!!!!!! I'M SO SORRY I'M LATE!!!!!!!!!!!! With Christmas tomorrow I'm busy as a bee!!!!! And I think Rosy or Rosette is a good name for her! I read the description and I love that Chip is so close to her!!!!!!!! I love your edits!!!! It always makes me so happy to see an upload from you because as I said: I just love you and your edits!!!!! You do such a great job on them and its just amazing!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!! <33333

  45. Amanda Salsa says:

    Hi alice its me, Your video is the best thing❤❤❤❤

  46. Michelle Kwon-Pineda says:

    She did my comment!

  47. Myla James says:

    Rapunzel and Flynn child!!!! Or rapunzel with Anna and Elsa

  48. Maria Theondra says:

    Yea you know Alice i'm always late, sorry. Anyway Alice, Belle is my favorite princess in disney, i'm really glad you making this edit. If her mom name is Belle, we should name it Bella, that's what i think😅

  49. The best slime Satisfying says:


  50. Alice Donnelly says:

    Dirty Dancing Baby and Patric little girl

  51. Rose Is Awesome says:

    Merry Christmas Alice! This edit is awesome! I think in one of my first comments on your video I suggested this! I'm glad that it's complete and looks amazing! I know you love Disney so you should get an app called Disney plus! We have it and it allows us access to tons of Disney movies! You will love it! If you are looking for another design idea there is lady and the tramp with their puppys! In the realistic version they don't have puppys so its kind of a shame. Oh my God this comment is long 0.o

  52. slime queen says:

    This is very nice
    I love it,I hope next is rapunzel

  53. mlp Bat Moon says:

    She is Tuesday I imagine her even the colour of the dress !!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  54. Savo Stjepanovic says:

    Can you make Belle with her father and MOTHER.

  55. ZANE GOLIN says:

    Well, my friend, your talent is great, and always amazes me at your creativity♥☺

  56. Kathrin-Maria Samarra Stehle says:

    This is so sweet I really like it Merry Christmasd to you all. 😀

  57. Jevaroo Land says:

    Oh my goodness Alice! This is the most beautiful edit! The little girl is incredible, and everything else is perfect.
    I thought that you weren't doing Disney edits anymore? Not that I'm complaining, I love your Disney edits. I was just wondering why. Sorry if you said something about this in your last video, but I haven't been able to watch it yet >.>
    Anyway, this is definitely one of my favorite edits! You are such a good artist, it's so amazing. I also like to think that the rose in her hair is the enchanted rose, that was restored when the beat turned human again. Now it doesn't have any magical value, but it lives forever. That's just my little theory .

  58. Fiona Othas says:

    😮 Wow! Can you do Anna and kristoffes wedding please please…. Look's amazing ❤❤❤❤

  59. flor monter says:

    Eso es falso ya que tuvieron un HIJO no una HIJA

  60. Bethany Orr says:

    You should do the kids of Twilight sparkle and flash.

  61. Katherine Marshall says:

    This is so beautiful Alice, you did an excellent job. I'm thinking of another Disney princess edit but I can't think of which one but I would love to see more Descendants, Disney Zombies and Miraculous edits. 😍😆❤️

  62. Midnight_ PlayzGames says:

    Is Disney allowed again? YAY THIS IS AMAZING even if Ben is already here, the daughter is an amazing idea :D! They already got Ben, so Bella would be a nice name, or Adalia or Addla just an inspiration from Belle or Adam, :D!

  63. Игорь Жуков says:

    Хелоу май неймис Анчолика

  64. Thalita Bonequinha says:


  65. fireking geil says:

    Whats Name von the program

  66. JaKayla Crinklaw says:

    I think that Princess Belle and Prince Adam would name their daughter Colette after Belle’s Mother in the tv show Once Upon a Time. Also you very talented at this.

  67. Cosmo Girl says:

    Possible names: Rosie, Rosa, Annabelle, Isabelle, and Isabella. BTW SHE IS SO CUTE! I can just imagine her living in the castle in Auradon with her parents, her brother Ben, and her brother's wife, Mal. I bet she would love Mal. Ooh, and she would totally go to Auradon Prep and make a lot of friends. She would definitely love books, just like her mom.

    This is great! U just gained a subscriber 😉

  68. The little gactha tubers! says:

    Maybe do tiana to have a kid please

  69. chudadaria says:

    Here are some names for the kid:
    And last Alina

  70. Magical Girls Cartoon and Anime says:

    Wow You are so creative!

  71. Magical Girls Cartoon and Anime says:

    Is nice her name Rosabella.

  72. Maddie’s Disney Music Video says:

    I totally want Belle’s Daughter name should be Lexi because it makes her Unique

  73. Nofy Razafy says:


  74. Irfan Mastermind says:

    Hiiiiii l love snow white . Can u do snow white has a son! Please

  75. Mike Bennett says:

    OMG do you work for Disney because you should!!!!

  76. The Dreamful Creator says:

    Belle and Adam daughter is so beautiful! But what happened to her and why isn’t she in Descendants?

  77. Uma Hendrickx says:

    What about prince Ben?

  78. luisa videos says:

    have a video of regal academy

  79. luisa videos says:

    a family

  80. Rainy Fullbuster says:

    So good

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