Beauty Expert Tries Kim Kardashian’s $357 Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Allure
Beauty Expert Tries Kim Kardashian’s $357 Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Allure

38 thoughts on “Beauty Expert Tries Kim Kardashian’s $357 Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Allure”

  1. LolitsNae says:


  2. Queen Isis says:


  3. Elen says:

    SECOND ❤️

  4. Jeva Samy says:

    Who is kardisian ???

    Not me

  5. Leira army says:

    temprano 🧡

  6. Emily Matthews says:


  7. Mia McKenzie says:


  8. スキマウメルッチ says:

    This kind of Asian face is famous in US??

  9. Creighton Chaney 1941 says:

    You pull it off really well 👍🏼💋❤️

  10. Katarina -79 says:

    Thankyou for this tutorial:)

  11. Jennifer Aguilar says:

    Michelle is really, really good at explaining everything!! Love her! Best wishes to her on her pregnancy 💕💕

  12. dusky 155 says:

    Too long

  13. RedRay says:

    You mean Photoshop lol

  14. XimerTracks - Sub To Me says:

    Awesome vid. When's your next video? i want to be friends :}

  15. Francine Prevost says:

    Ladies by show of hands, who has time for a 30-40 minute makeup session in the morning, especially running after kids. This is so ridiculous yet entertaining. Anyone who follows Kim knows this but this is a beginner video with too many steps.

  16. Stari Rita says:

    Anyone know where the original tutorial link is?

  17. Jennifer Fitzgerald says:

    Great tutorial!!! Awesome explanations and really great advice! You look beautiful! Good luck with your little bundle!! 💜💙❤

  18. Beauty Room Confessions says:

    I have very deep set eyes, almost hooded.. best route for applying eyeshadow in my case? My eyes already have a strong natural contour

  19. Ace Hardy says:


  20. Agatha Cccc says:

    This was very relaxing to me haha, she has a great voice and explains super well.

  21. L P says:

    Please add the products used on description box. Would be helpful!

  22. sailaway285 says:

    Love michelle but can we do original makeup looks not kim kardasian inspired looks??

  23. Lisa R says:

    Most of the K clans followers are teenagers. I dont know any grown women trying to emulate them but hey makeup always fun to talk about!

  24. Barb Robbins says:

    Michelle is beautiful. She certainly does not need contouring at all.💕

  25. 아이린엄마투유Irenemom45toyou says:

    beautiful 💜💛❤️🧡 thank you for the tutorial ❣️

  26. Rebecca says:

    May I ask where did you find that amazing makeup mirror?

  27. Janella's Dailies Xoxo! says:

    Kinda boring… Looks good thou👍

  28. kaylee anne says:

    Sis has the asian glow, bc she’s pregnant.

    My mom is pregnant, asian and she has that glow

  29. Elizabeth Bolton says:

    How is this mimicking a Kim video if she literally says she's not going to use some of the products or follow her process.

  30. Tracey Seven says:

    If you're going to show us how to do the look, don't skip primer, foundation, eyebrows, what products did you use for that? I would have liked to see her put that on and if you're gonna do the look like he did with several bronzers then do that, I don't unnderstand why you wouldn't do that

  31. Liz Kerr says:

    I could not tell you were that far along! I thought maybe 6-7 months, you look great!

  32. Kelly V says:

    The way she puts the makeup is cringe… How is she a beauty expert? There are so many other talented makeup artists.

  33. tina says:

    So she is mimicking a look but not using the majority of the products and not showing how she did half of the look, primer foundation eyebrows. Yeah this is confusing to me….

  34. Shes A Sunshine Msp says:

    Why do I get the feeling she's not a beauty expert
    It literally looks like she put nothing on.
    Oh that's right she skipped half of the products.

  35. Tehya Himes says:

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  36. Wolfy Bites says:

    imagine the “100 years” videos, soon the starting year will be 2000…

    oh gawd

  37. Kiv M says:

    Title should've been: Beauty Expert "RE-CREATES" since she's not really following up the same steps utilizing the same products. She's just recreating the look by putting her own twist. Also, the dead silence though, couldn't finish the video.

  38. Noise & Vibrations says:


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