Beauty Gadgets and Apps – Tried and Tested: EP166
Beauty Gadgets and Apps – Tried and Tested: EP166

Hello Girlfriends and welcome to another episode
of Tried and Tested. Today, we’ll be trying out some interesting
gadgets and apps. So the Wuta Camera is a selfie app that allows
you to give yourself flawless skin, bigger eyes, sharper nose, whiter teeth, la la la… But the impressive thing about this is that
it can apply it to videos, like real-time. So we’re gonna try it out. Put it in video and then lets put some cosmetics. Eye makeup. So this is before, after. Woah! Oh my goodness! I look like a completely different person! What is this! Can you see that? Does it look like it’s moving around? Does it look real? Will it follow me? Does it glitch? Wow, this is crazy! My lens! Should we do coloured lenses? Before. After. Oh my god! This is making me not like my face! This is so weird! Like this is really scary actually. It also allows you to change physical features,
like for example, how slim your face is or like it can lift your face. It can make it shorter; it can change your
hairline, and it does it so seamlessly you know! Like if you didn’t know, it would just look
like you put a filter over, but you wouldn’t know that you just like moved your eyes, put on contact lenses, and put on makeup in this entire app. As an app, this thing is impressive! That makeup one kinda looks like the Instagram
story filter where they put makeup on you, but that one when you move very fast or whatever
you can see the filter leave the face. So you’re reminded that you’re playing with
this filter right? For this, this is so seamless that it just
looks like “Oh! The lighting is great”. So I don’t know how you guys will feel about
this but I thought I’d just share it with you. Obviously the app didn’t do this, this is
my own issue but like it brought up this feeling of like “That does not look good” without
the filter, do you know what I mean? And so the further it was from my original
face and every time I did the before, after, like I truly felt a sense of like drawing
away from my face, which I thought was a bit sad. I know we’re supposed to like love yourself
and all that kinda stuff but it is very difficult and this kind of made me remember like how
difficult it was. As an app, I think it’s really effective. Personally I think I would stay away from
there. I don’t want to sound preachy or anything
but there is a kind of like reminder of the standards of perfection. It just became like too real for me so ya. But overall, as an app, if that’s something
that you’re looking for then it’s very effective. So I mean I would rate it an 8 because there
is an artificial-ness about it, but I feel like in terms of the tracking and all, it’s
very good. Here we have a Silicone Infused Super Sponge. This is supposed to use less products. It also expands when wet like a regular sponge,
and it’s also anti-bacterial because it has a silicone infused barrier which limits bacteria. This all sounds very promising. Because those are all the words I like to hear. It’s glittery! This is the part of sponge that is not coated,
and this is the part of the sponge that is. It does feel silicone but at the same time,
it’s not say like completely smooth like silicone? And also not so thick and heavy. It feels like a very light silicone coating. So the way you’re supposed to use this is
you put it in, in water, and then you squeeze out the water through the bottom that is not
coated and then you start blending. Okay, so this half of my face, the foundation
was applied using my fingers. Not I’m gonna apply on other side of my face
using the super sponge. When I put it on, it actually does feel like
it’s sticky? If that makes sense. Closer to that time we had that silicone pad
which I really liked. It moves the foundation out a little bit more
than I remember the silicone blender doing. But like this one is even better because of
the softness of the silicone. And the shape of this, I think, gives you
more control? It sheers it out in a way that a sponge would? Although like a bit less than a regular sponge
would because I feel like that silicone thing does kind of move the product a bit differently. But, you don’t get like any kind of streakiness
or anything. So then now I’m supposed to then use the bottom
part of the sponge to kind of give it that nice finish that you would get from a wet
sponge. But wow, the amount of foundation that I used
is so little! Normally I would use a little bit more than
that, I think even if I were using my fingers. Overall I think this is pretty cool! I would give this like an 8 out of 10? This is a 3-in-1 Travel Razor and it allows
you to shave anytime, anywhere. So it comes with 2 razors, a shave bar, as
well a spray bottle! Alrighty! Lets try this out. I am rubbing this shave bar onto the wet area. So I guess it’s to create some kind of a coating
like to protect the skin? Then out comes the shaver! Feel like it’s not getting a very close shave? The good news is that it does leave my skin
feeling quite moisturised after and quite smooth! I really don’t need to rinse it or anything. And there’s no burn or like discomfort or
whatsoever. It is a bit sticky lah. Not say a lot more
than a moisturiser kind of sticky? I must say I’m quite impressed. I was not expecting that. Okay so I feel like if you were in a bit of a pickle, maybe you could pack like your razor, a moisturiser? But you would still have all those things
kinda floating around in your bag. The great thing about is its that it’s compact
and it’s like all in 1. Okay 1 thing I do have to say though is I
feel like the packaging on this right, like the material feels a little bit cheap? But I’m really just nitpicking but I think
the idea is super cute. So I think I would give this 8.5 out of 10? Where would you be shaving though? Like on the bus? In the office? At your table? In the lift? This is a Silicone Invisible Height Lift Heel Pad. You wear this like a sock. You put your foot through here and then you
put your sock over it and then you wear your shoes. So it’s supposed to make you look taller. We’ve tried something like this before but
it was more like a lift. It kinda looked like a door stopper. Okay, so fun, lets try this on! This is slightly more comfortable than I thought
it was gonna be? Like that went on a lot easier than I thought
it would. Oh, totally cannot see. It’s really invisible! The material is actually quite cooling. I think the problem now right is that my shoes
no longer fit. I tried to loosen the laces and everything
but it just really wouldn’t go in. So, I am going to just try walking around
the room in my socks and this like invisible heel lift and see how it feels. It’s not super uncomfortable but I can feel
like the tightness all around here and I honestly cannot imagine like walking around the whole
day with that around my foot. I feel like I’ll be so uncomfortable. Sorry I can’t test it because I don’t have the right shoes for it, so I’m not gonna rate it. I feel like it may work with some shoes but
not with others, so you may need to change your shoe collection if you really want to
use this. This is the Riki Skinny Mirror from Riki Loves
Riki. It’s very lightweight, it looks very sleek
and modern. And it comes with a bunch of accessories. This stand. 3 times magnifying mirror, which is magnetic
so you can stick it on there. Phone clip which is also magnetic and you
can put your phone here, you can rotate it like this. This is also customisable. As you can see, they sent it to us with our
Tried and Tested logo! So pretty!! The LED light, it has 5 stages of brightness. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. There is a bluetooth function that will allow
you to take photos with it. I guess in a way it’s better, more balanced
when it’s like resting on the table. But I could also potentially do that there
and also turn on the timer. Actually I kinda wished that this came with
a remote, because since it can pair with bluetooth, I’ll be able to go further away and do that. The LED mirrors that I have tried, are usually
like quite small. They are about this size. So when I’m done with my makeup, then I have
like 2 different colours? So like my face is 1 colour and my neck is
1 colour. Obviously it’s not the mirror’s fault lah,
it’s my own fault! But the thing is I find that the size makes
it difficult to kind of see like the overall picture. And I think that this is what I like about
the Riki Skinny. And because the light is quite strong, from
further away, it’s quite easy to check out everything. Lets talk about price. So this is a $300 mirror, including shipping,
so it is a pricey mirror. What is interesting about it is that it’s
really very sleek, and also the portability. It’s so flat and it’s not cumbersome at all. Easy for you to kinda bring around when you
go on like a holiday or whatever. I feel like it’s geared towards like influencers
and content creators, because I feel like it’s your lighting plus a camera stand, plus
a mirror, in a very compact form. If you are in the market for an LED mirror
and you need one, and you just want a mirror that has light then there are many different
LED mirrors out there with different price points. Price aside, I feel like I would give this a 9. If you throw in the price, I really think
it depends on what you need. If you need this whole setup together then
yeah, maybe that will be very worth it for you. So interestingly, Easehold also sent us an
LED mirror and this is the Bello LED mirror. I love how it looks, it’s really sleek and
it’s quite sturdy, and it’s actually a nice size. Quite big so you can really see a fuller picture. So it comes with a 10 times magnifying mirror. It’s also magnetic and you can just stick
it on here and it is really very magnifying. You can see so much! So the mirror comes with 3 different light
settings which is the warm, natural and cool. And I really like that because you can test
how your makeup looks under different conditions. These raised dots, that’s where all the buttons
are, just like a censor. The brightness control is actually not bad,
it gives you quite a range. And a lot of flexibility because it’s on a
dial as opposed to like a fixed setting. I think that’s one of the selling points as well, that they use soft lighting that doesn’t damage your eyes. This is pretty solid! And it’s like $82. It’s a pretty good deal. This one is like a 9 out of 10 because it’s
great! It’s got so many different light functions
which is wonderful. This is Tap, which is a wearable keyboard
and mouse. So we are aware that this is not a beauty
gadget but we saw the video and thought it was so cool that we had to try it out. You put this on, and then you tighten it because
you wanna get a good contact there. It actually feels really nice. I find that it’s really very well made. Alright so this is something that you have
to learn how to use. The website says that it will take you about
90 minutes to learn how to do everything? That is uhh… maybe for geniuses. It comes with this guide in the box. I can go through all of this and kinda do
it in 90 minutes definitely, but whether I can remember it fast enough to type out words
and sentences after 90 minutes? I don’t know. So the good thing about this is that they
have come up with these apps that help you to learn how to type. So you have different finger movements for
different letters and symbols. So in the video it’s like “No I don’t want this…” But in real life it’s like “A, E, I, O, U, U” So it’s like I have to run through, it’s like
you know when you’re trying to figure out which letter comes first and you go “A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T,” Okay. It kinda feels a bit like that. So because of the steep learning curve, I
feel like this is not really for the casual user? But it could be very useful for specialised
applications for example VR, where this could be used in place of like a physical keyboard. I noticed that they also had an app for low
vision and blind users so I think that this could also be an option for them. And also I found that the mouse was a little
bit difficult to kind of use. But overall, I actually really love this idea! I feel like there are many possibilities for this? I feel like maybe a couple of generations
after this, this could be really cool. For now, I would give this like a 6 out of 10. The fact that I can’t do it on as many surfaces
as I would like, and then I have to learn all of this. This is Diatomite Fast-drying Bathroom Mat. They say that it’s a mat, but actually it’s
made out of rock. And it’s supposed to absorb water and dry
it off really fast. And 1 of the pluses about this is that it’s
truly non-slip. I actually expected it to be a lot heavier
than this, but look. It kinda feels almost like really thick cardboard
and not really like rock? I wouldn’t say it feels rough, but it reels
textured. So now I’m going to wet my feet and put them
on this mat and see how it goes. Ya, it’s absorbing. You know what, why not i’ll just pour water on this. Ok so for my feet, they were wet and when I put it onto the mat, it very quickly absorbed everything. Okay so the thing about these mats right,
they’re supposed to be great because they’re non-slip. But just now when we were moving things around,
I noticed this, which to me is slightly scary. So when you say non-slip I feel like this
is not really non-slip? So because of that I think my rating for this
would be like a 3? A 3. Yeah. Okay, we’ve come to the end of the episode. If you wanna find out more about the products,
where to get them from, you can go to our Tried and Tested Facebook Page, or you can
check out the links in the description box down below, and you’ll find all the information
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