Beauty Vlog 1: Face massage for Glowing Skin || മുഖം തിളങ്ങാൻ ഒരു മസ്സാജ്
Beauty Vlog 1: Face massage for Glowing Skin || മുഖം തിളങ്ങാൻ ഒരു മസ്സാജ്

Hello dear friends, So I’m going to do something today with regard to the popular collective request from you guys. That is, A beauty Vlog Beauty tips and beauty talk This change in my face that you see is regarding to that. This change means, I don’t have any makeup in my face right now. I’m sitting here after washing and cleansing my face. All cleaned up Let us talk about the important things now. The thing that you all asked is that, how do I take care of my skin or what all do I do for it. That is, how do I take care of my skin and hair. I’d like to say few things before having the conversation on beauty talk or giving beauty tips. My promise is not about giving you extra color or make you look fair. The idea is to retain the glow of whatever color we currently have. So the basic thing we need to do is improving texture of our skin. The most important thing for us is our skin. The life of our skin and its growth depends on how we take care of it. What is the most important thing that skin requires? Moisture is the most important thing our skin requires. It all depends on the moisture content or else our face will often get dry. Normally, our skin has two layers. The one we see on our face is the outer layer. Then there’s an inner layer which is our real skin. There are so many things in between the outer layer and the inner layer. They can be blood vessels, nerves, sweat glands. Sweat gland meaning the glands that control our sweat in our body. Also, there will be oil secretion glands. There are hundereds and thousands of things like this that are present in between our skin layers. We don’t try to understand all that. Whatever pressure we apply on our face or however cold or hot we feel, When we feel that, it affects our skin as it’s very sensitive. These are all living cells inside our face and skin. But the outer skin that we all see naturally becomes dead skin cells from time to time. It keeps on changing. Eventually, a rejuvenated fresh skin is formed from the inner skin layer to the outer one. This is a continous process. What we need to do is help our skin in this process, take care of it, and nurture it no matter what. What we mean by taking care of our skin is that, those who don’t take care of it looks aged prematurely. They might look like 40 in their 30s. So what we need to do is make our skin look like 30s while we are in our 40s. In order to look like that, we need to start to care for our skin way before. Another important thing I’d like to say is skin care doesn’t mean caring for just the outer layer, the food that we eat and many more things around us matter. They are all related to each other. for example, good food which means balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Another thing to look out for is to not stand in the sun for too long. Sunlight is important for us but we need to avoid over exposure to the sun. In order to do that, you can apply sunscreen or take an umbrella before going out. Drink lots of water. That is very important. Water is as essential as the air we breathe. Another thing is sleep well. Have around 8 hours or 6-8 hours of sound sleep. So if we take care of all these, it’s our skin that will be rewarded. Other than these, there are products that we apply on our skin. The utmost care of our skin should be our major priority. Like I said, moisturizing our skin is very important. We should give proper care for our skin to provide a breathing space and healing time. We should give proper time to nurture our skin. As a part of that, I’ll tell you my skin routine and what I do during that time. At the time of birth of a child, how is it born? They are born with very soft baby skin from birth till an appropriate amount of years. Do you know when do they change? They change when they enter their teen age. They go through hormonal changes and these change gives them pimples The reason that happens is because the oil producing glands creates secretions which might be more for few people while less for other few. Anyway, due to those glands, we get pimple in our faces and if we have too much of oily skin, we might have pores. The pores that are formed in the skin would be big. So, dust and dirt might enter our body from there. When all of those get combined, it will get clogged. The holes in our skin get closed down taking away all the breathing space for it. This leads to origin of having pimples, blackheads, or acnes. As the teenage stage passes around age of 20-25, our skin gets stable. There are many types of skins – oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, and a combination of both types of skins. These mixture occurs in few places like this here, in the chin area and so on will be oily while other parts will be dry. Like this, we will have different skin tones. We can almost understand what type of skin tone and skin we will have during that time. So we need to give treaments for our skin based on that. After 30 years of age, our natural tendency to retain moisture in our skin will be very less. There will be limitations in self production When that happens, give more care to your skin and supplement the growth. What I’m trying to say is after 30 years of age, our skin deserves to be given importance and utmost care. If we start to care and nurture our skin from then, even at the age of 40 or 50, you’ll have soft and young skin. That is the truth. According to me, cooking is my passion and I do a lot of experiments in that. Just like that, after cooking and travelling, my second love or passion is beauty and skin care. That is nurturing whatever I have and doing experiments on that, and trying to explore what we can do within our surroundings. To find out how can we enhance our beauty in our surroundings. Or to find a way to improve our skin texture and nurture it however god has given it to us. I do a lot of reading and do lots of experiments. I do lots of experiments on myself So when you requested this to me, I actually love doing this so I have no problem in showing this to you. I’ve decided to share my knowledge with you guys regarding this. There was a little bit of delay to start this beauty vlogs. Don’t worry, I’ll do it meticulously from now on for you guys. So I’m going to show you what I’m going to do now. Maybe I won’t be having the same routine everyday. Somedays, I might pamper my skin more, apply varied things on my face and do different things. But there are things that I do everyday. I’m going to say the most important part from that. Not just say, but I’m going to show it to you. Our skin needs a good massage. We should do it everyday. If possible, do it both in the morning and at night. But skin massage is compulsory. It will benefit our skin, a lot. Skin massage doesn’t mean randomly rubbing your face like this. As our palms are dry and our face is dry, it’ll only lead to scratches in our face. So what we need to do is give ourselves a good oil massage. You can use any good oil or a cream for massage. But using oil is always the best in my opinion and I always use oil. According to me, one of the best oils that I’ve felt is sesame oil Sesame oil is obtained by extracting sesame seeds. If you can find organic sesame oil, there’s no better oil than that in my opinion. Heavy oil like coconut or olive oil is unsuitable for massage. I don’t do it like that. I use sesame oil almost all the time. We will take some sesame oil and put it in a vessel. Here’s our sesame oil This sesame oil has a smell of it’s own. You should do it normally So take lots of oil in your hands Take more then apply it on your face. First, we will fill up like this. Now, apply oil to your fingers and the surroundings. So we’ve applied oil. Now what should we do? Now, firstly, we need to stimulate our skin in these regions. Stimulate means bringing our skin to that mood. For that, move your fingers around very softly just like how you’d tickle someone. Use your fingers Just like how you would write a poem with your fingers We will stimulate our skin like this. Just how people talk about stirring things away. We are giving little temptations to our skin so it will start moving a bit. Our blood vessels present inside will be activated and start moving. Currently I’m talking to you guys, but normally we need to be calm, relaxed, and silent while doing it. Do it for 1 minute 1-2 minutes according to your time. Without inducing any pain to the skin, do it softly like how you’d tickle. After that, the next step is, keep your fingers like this and massage on your forehead like this. Do it 30 times. If you feel there’s less oil, take more oil and repeat the process. It’s not an issue. We have lots of oil It feels like you’re hitting someone Keep doing it like this. Do it with both your hands. After doing this, the next step is, stretch your forehead with your fingers like this. Apply very little pressure. Do this also around 25-30 times. After that, do it in this area. Do it like this Stretch it backwards Then, we do our eyebrows. Make sure the oil doesn’t get into your eyes. Now, see what we have to do Make upward movements Start from the top and do like this It’ll come like this and go out. Currently, we are trying to do face lifting We will lift it and let it out. Do this also around 25-30 times Now onto the next step, Take your 2 fingers like this, stretch it like this Do it backwards We will stop it here. Do this also around 25-30 times. After doing this, we will do our eyes. What we need to do is that, do it like this. Our ring finger is always the best to use near our eyes. Then, provide circular movements like this. Do it like this 10 times in one side. And then do it anti-clockwise 10 times Don’t apply too much pressure here because the area under our eyes contain the most sensitive skin in our body. So we should be very careful while applying oil there. I’m doing with this hand as my other hand has nails. It should not get cut. Do it the first 10 times like this And the next 10 times in anti-clockwise Now we will do it like this Use both your hands and massage in upward direction. Massage from the double chin area and stretch it upwards. So our neck will also get a bit of massage. When we keep it like this, both our fingers are touching our neck just like this. It goes like this Grab your chin like this and massage your neck Do this also around 25-30 times Massage this area like this All the movements should be done upwards. Do it upwards and outwards. I showed it to you guys already. Like this And like this So if you do all this, you will get 5-6 minutes of massage and you’ll start sweating eventually. Our sweat glands in our face will start acting by sweating up Give some time for our face to get relaxed It has become active now. My face has become a bit of redish/pinkish color. So this is how we activate it. This will preserve the softness in our skin. We won’t have any wrinkles. We won’t have any pimples or fine lines. It might come but after a long time. We can see 10-15 years of difference in our skin. That is, we’ll have skin of a 30 year old even when we are in our 50s. Currently my face is sweating up. I can feel the moisture in my face when I touch it apart from the oil. Now I will relax for two minutes. After that, I’ll wash my face thoroughly. You can wash it in hot water. You can also use mild soaps like baby soap. Or else you can use medicated soaps or a facewash. You can use your favorite facewash and wash your face. I’ll wait for two minutes. After that, I’ll wash and come back. So I’ve washed my face and come back. Now I’m going to use towel and wipe the water away from my face You just need to wipe off like this You don’t need to do it roughly. Wipe it like this only after you wash your face. How is my face looking now? It has a pinkish tone right. The reason is that I’ve rejuvenated the blood vessels in my skin as I gave lot of massage. I do this 2 times a day. In the morning, no matter how busy I am, I always find time for this as this is one of the first things I do in the morning. Before going to bed at night, after removing makeup, I relax and do this. This is part of my routine. Just like how we eat food or brush our teeth everyday, we care each and every part of us right, We care for our teeth which is called dental care. Just like that, skin care is also important. Never forget about that. Those who haven’t started it yet, you can start now. But those who are in their 30s should do this compulsorily. People who are 25 can also start doing it, there’s no issue. But it’s more important for people in their 30s. If you’re 40 and still haven’t started doing it, it’s still not too late to start. I always say that nothing is never too late. I do it compulsorily so now you have an idea about my skin care. It’s not compulsory that you should look fair and it’s not that only fair people will have redish/pinkish color. Even if it’s medium or dark complexion, changes in skin tone or texture is important your face will have a glowing layer. Your skin will get really soft. We will feel bit more rejuvenated and feel really fresh. That’ why I’m compelling you to do it. It’s not an expensive thing also. We all have sesame oil in our homes. That’s the best oil. You can do it in more enriching manner, I’ll show it to you. But that is more costly. You can add oregano oil or jojoba oil or add mixture of oils and then do it too. But even if you don’t have all these, this is enough. I do it everyday and I find time for that. You asked me what all I do for my skin. So this is one of the things I do. But my skin review and how I care about my skin does not end here. I do a few more things. I will tell you all about that in my next video. This is the first step. Thank you for watching.

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