BIGGEST Homemade Squishy Collection EVER (memory foam, polyfoam, makeup sponges and decorated)
BIGGEST Homemade Squishy Collection EVER (memory foam, polyfoam, makeup sponges and decorated)

Hey guys today, I’m gonna be doing the hugest homemade squishy collection I have ever seen on YouTube I don’t think I’ve made the most homemade squishies out of anyone But most people who make a lot of homemade squishies sell most of them I’ve only sold a handful of my homemade squishies because I like to hoard mine if you want to see these squishies but you don’t wanna hear any talking I have a no commentary version of this video the link is right in the description you can click on there It’s shorter, so I’m not gonna go in a super strict order But I am gonna start Roughly with the older ones that I made and then make my way Toward the ones that I’ve just made recently the older ones are not very slow rising They’re just kind of soft and foamy when I first started. I didn’t even know what slow riding meant. It wasn’t until I Posted a video about my squishies and people were commenting things like you can’t even call these squishes because they’re not slow rising and I was like what the devil the slow rising me most of these beginning ones I made out of poly funds But you will see other sorts of squishes on this video, too have no fear I don’t even know what this one is some sort of bagel doughnut sandwich thing I don’t even know what is that? If you don’t like dessert you may not like these squishes because most of them are desserts Well this one feels like spiky like a hand massage If you’re wondering how to eat spinach But these are videos that you should achnolage Before I die, so I can’t spend all the time talking about each one Oh my gosh, I forgot about this one. It’s so tasty i ate it once Watermelon doughnuts oh oh I still love this one. It’s a s’mores themed donut This one doesn’t have much of a personality, I will say That’s so cute red velvet cake oh look at that Yeah, I’d say that’s slow rising. This is one of those Strawberry Shortcake popsicles Little macaron kind of ugly, but I still like it for whatever reason Cotton candy cupcake. I actually wrote cotton candy on there. Why I Used to put my signature on each and every one Emmie stands for Mariah Elizabeth, which is my name Its boiler alert. I don’t put my initials on them anymore. I use tags now, which she will see shortly I Think this is the first non dessert. Item I showed so far. I like desserts I Was so happy with this one when I made it I still think it’s good actually But I just remember like being so happy with a citrus cake what did I use for this fruit? I think it’s density foam cuz it doesn’t feel like memory foam oh It’s very hard This one is a squishy rock I Used a different brand of foam for this one, which obviously does not work very well. Here’s a little cake roll thing I don’t know. What the Twinkie thing ooh The bottom is very messy this one used to be slow rising, but I think I poked too many holes in it Mmm. Oh, I love this one. I forgot about this oh My gosh this one’s crunchy. It’s a little bit holey this is Another one with that other brand of foam that I was trying for a little while it’s kind of pretty though my first rainbow cake ah Carrot cake cupcake oh This one’s kind of hard in the center. I don’t remember it being like that I must have used some sort of glue that dries hard Very springy sounds kind of like a dog toy. Oh my gosh. I need to get a drink of water Here’s my cheeseburger. I need to make a remake of this you will notice that I like rainbow a lot No particular reason for that. I just think it’s pretty I Have this rainbow fruit cupcake series strawberry one Orange one Lemon one Oh whoa That’s so weird The ones that I did I think with density foam they kind of got like hard overtime I didn’t really like density foam and I started using memory foam here’s the green one which is lime flavored My personal favorite in the series here’s the blueberry one Finally the grape one Yeah, good thinking making the signature in green because you can totally see that I am now venturing into some memory foam this Is supposed to be a marshmallow, but it’s like a block I did a bunch of marshmallows which I’ve thought about redoing these because I think I could do better now But these were the first memory foam squishes I ever made They don’t even really look like marshmallows chocolate Marshmallow a Neapolitan marshmallow did these freeze pops cookies? Oh I just found another marshmallow This one’s actually kind of cute not too bad I have tons of little makeup sponge cake slices, so we’re going to go through these pretty quick. Here’s a vanilla one strawberry one chocolate Watermelon slice kind of an ugly shaped one This one’s cool chocolate vanilla half-and-half cake this one Rainbow cake Ombre cake Um, alien cake? this one’s cute a Cake slice for each color of the rainbow cherry pie Here’s a cheesecake Key lime pie More cake red velvet cake something swirly something cake funfetti cake rainbow sparkle cake more cake cotton candy cake Pastel rainbow cake this is cool forgot about this double chocolate cake Interesting These three who are friends These are more recent. I call these brownie cakes here’s this little trio pink purple and blue two chocolate ones and two vanilla ones I Have a bunch of pop tarts. Here’s a strawberry pop-tart a chocolate pop tart this pop tart If you haven’t noticed all my mini squishies do come with a little cell phone strap s’mores, pop tart another chocolate one and this one oh Gosh, I forgot about these. These are really old so they should have been in the beginning, but they’re like little turkish delights I guess there’s those I’m legitimately scared right now So we’re getting to the newer ones which come with a little tag like so they will not have The little signature on them anymore. Oh look. It’s right next to the mint chocolate chip doughnut Wow, those are like identical colors. Here’s a little marble bundt cake Well something just popped bread roll, this is quite realistic Donut with powdered sugars here’s cupcake quite sticky Here’s a twirly-whirly Popsicle thingy here’s a rainbow bundt cake Oh An airplane Great we don’t have time for airplanes. Oh, this is a new one that has like a custom tag to match it strawberry tart Glittery glittery something-or-other cake slice This ginormous rainbow cake slice oh I’ve missed you. Here’s a pink popsicle lopsided donut Little cake loaf strawberry What how is this strawberry in any way it’s a heart donut? Well, it’s kind of fun Little cookie a big nutty bump Here’s a cookie donut With filling in it. I don’t know how that’s possible to have a donut That’s filled with a hole in it, but you know here’s a big Neapolitan fuller donut Here’s a bunch of little cake rolls pink one a rainbow filled one Blue one And a chocolate one oh I find it another pop-tart here’s an Oreo one I Have a ton of decorated Hello Kitty doughnuts, so I’ll start showing some of these sometimes I paint the back sometimes. I leave it plain like this. Here’s a glittery one Pink one with sprinkles Skittles themed Hello Kitty An Oreo themed Hello Kitty Or cookies and cream whatever Here’s a little cinnamon roll type thing. I don’t know what it is with rainbow inside a Classic cinnamon roll here’s an eclair Another Eclair a rainbow cake Another one I think I have like four rainbow cakes on total. Maybe this kind of flat cupcake Chocolate cupcake a Watermelon slice a Stack of pancakes this is huge. Oh my gosh. I haven’t squished this in like a year that is a lot of butter a naked cupcake I Have a bunch of decorated ice cream cones also Here’s more cake the sprinkles made it into the cake somehow. Here’s a raspberry cheesecake My other lollipop cake loaf and a little cake tins Here’s a memory foam cotton candy Burrito and chips and guacamole this actually comes out of the container I Have two candy apples and these are actually pretty old like I said the order that I’m going in is not perfect green apple red apple I Have a bunch of Klondike bars from makeup sponges, here’s the classic Klondike bar here’s a pink one and Oreo one This one is cookie dough this one is just cookie Look at that I keep on throwing ones that match perfectly right next to each other this crazy candy one My personal favorite And A Neapolitan one let’s do some more Hello kitties Here’s some fruit themed ones this one a strawberry. Where’s the tack for this one mm-hmm? Here’s the watermelon one oh My gosh I did it again, I think that just means that I have really repetitive designs Here’s a couple rainbow Hello kitties this one is pastel, and this one’s a little bit brighter drippy Rainbow, I’m not showing every single day But I’m trying to show a couple of them just so you can see their variety. I have cute chocolate bars This one is milk chocolate and they do crack This one is cookies and cream Here’s my big rainbow bundt cake Here’s a little blue ice cream cone. Those sprinkles are a little on the globby side Another twirly lollipop a Little cookie Here’s a couple more icecream cones This one is rainbow this one is rainbow but rainbow drippy they’re different a Couple more hello kitty’s this one is s’mores themed This one is chocolate Here’s some sugar cookies Purple Heart a blue star and a pink heart The backs are just plain. Here’s a jumbo cupcake with memory foam frosting a Little mini bitten doughnut a Blue popsicle This donut I’m not sure what these are supposed to be like candy or Colorful chocolate chips, I don’t know Here’s some memory foam breakfast items Breakfast sounded like I said breakfast. I hate when people say that here’s a fried egg a Blueberry muffin a Piece of toast with strawberry jam Kinda looks like the toast got stabbed and it’s bleeding and all its guts are coming out. I don’t know just my interpretation and a breakfast sandwich Just be English muffin bacon egg and cheese Here’s a big chocolate cake slice four layers look at that Here’s a rainbow donut I don’t know. I hear circus music when I see this one This is definitely one of my all-time favorite homemade squishies that I’ve ever made fruit cupcake beautiful fruit oh My gosh I’m definitely gonna have an avalanche soon ah Another cupcake this one has gummy bears on top and the gummy bears are squishy also Here’s a big fat chocolate bundt cake with lots of air in it oh My gosh they’re falling I know it looks flat, but this is seriously a huge mound of squish sheets as a pink ice cream cone. Oh My gosh. I think I have Yeah, look at this. This is a decorated ice cream cone, but I used the same exact design More cake I Just started doing that recently making the sprinkles out of polymer clay here’s another cupcake This cake here’s another one with polymer clay I Have a couple of memory foam cookies we got your red velvet which does crack Sugar cookie with sprinkles And double-chocolate These are actually really old memory foam squishies, this is a brownie and a sugar cookie with some icing chocolate cake So it’s kind of a chocolate Hello Kitty donut I Believe, this is supposed to be cotton candy themed Hello Kitty donut or maybe I just always think Cotton candy when I see blue and pink. I have a bunch of hair curlers squishies, which are all cake rolls this rainbow one a Chocolate filled one a Blue one this one White eastery looking one And a chocolate one which is not the squishiest. Here’s a big marble cake I have this kind of weird Watermelon cake looks like a watermelon, and then it’s suddenly a cake. I don’t know I have a bunch of random circular makeup sponge Squishy’s here’s an Oreo A little cookie sandwich and here’s a couple more Whoops This is a little cream pie thingy A moon pie Colorful moon pie Here’s a cake pop. Here’s a cake pop. This is a big snow cone a Strawberry with rainbow inside I like to call this a birthday croissant Here’s a little heart donut this one is so cute. I think Here’s a little tiny pink bundt cake This is another very slow rising one You’re not really getting to see how slow rising some of these are because I don’t have time to like sit here and show you But a lot of them are pretty slow rising But a lot of them are pretty slow rising a bundt cake Another jumbo cupcake It has little metallic details, this is my channel mascot That’s so dumb. It’s my These are the last two decorated ice creams that I have this one is chocolate And this one is rainbow stripy whatever This one is rainbow stripy whatever Another Hello Kitty Here’s a couple mini And a mini donut Here’s Winnie the Pooh the tsum tsum Here’s Winnie the Pooh the zoom zoom This is the only Non-food squishies in the future. This is a classic Eclair and a pink one with whipped cream a pink one with whipped cream Here’s a cloud one with a rain bow you get it rainbow on the back This is a tie-dye one rocking a gold bow Maybe something like that Maybe something like that this one is chocolate for what for whatever reason it reminds me of coffee cake loaf A very large strawberry shortcake This is inspired by a real squishy. That’s already out there. This is inspired by a real squishy. That’s already out there. I have a couple This big one it used to be a panda bun, so now I guess it’s a dessert bun I’m not really sure but it’s pretty cute. powdered sugar bun powdered sugar, bun Here are the last two Hello kitties. I have a pizza themed one And this pastel one We’ve got this rainbow ice cream cone, which I actually did this one quite a while ago Here’s a big tall cupcake with chocolate frosting And the final two cakes this lavender funfetti cake And this little pink cake with some whipped cream Here’s another couple memory foam squishes. This is a jelly filled donut And a cream filled donut with blue frosting. OH MY GOSH I’ve made it My gosh I’ve made it These are the last six squishes that I have they are all Disney Princess squishes each princess is pictured on the tag this one is Cinderella This one is Rapunzel Here is Elsa, and I guess Elsa is technically a queen But you know what whatever she’s still in the Disney Princess group in my mind Here is Snow White my personal favorite This is jasmine Belle In case you’re wondering what it looks like from the side here is the squishy Mountain. AH! Okay. Opie is just chilling in all the plastic bags. I don’t know if anybody will I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. I will see you guys soon. Bye! Finally, Arielle.

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