BLACKPINK- nail art
BLACKPINK- nail art

After applying base coat, apply a pink polish on pinky, ring, pointer and thumb. and black on your middle finger. Add some black hexagon glitter . Than write words ” BLACK” and PINK” on your middle and ring finger . After that paint word “BLACK” with pink . Paint Ying Yang symbol . Apply your Top coat

7 thoughts on “BLACKPINK- nail art”

  1. sarmad sleem says:

    very cute 💜
    I love black pink

  2. Dianne Julian says:

    so pretty 😄

  3. Jeka Lol says:


  4. YGSTAN B.I.G yeah we BANG like this bangbangbang! says:

    Ohh it's jinjja cute 💅❤ i love it

  5. Татьяна Новокрещенова says:


  6. NU says:

    классно сделано ♥

  7. itz Wendy says:

    love ur blackpink nail arts

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