Butt Facial: New York’s Latest Beauty Treatment, For Your Booty!
Butt Facial: New York’s Latest Beauty Treatment, For Your Booty!

AMANDA: I definitely thick that this is going to be America’s next big beauty craze. May
people are coming in to have it done. 00:09
COMM: You would be forgiven for thinking it’s a run of the milll cosmetic consultation.
But this aesthetician is about to administer the latest beauty treatment to sweep across
America, the boot facial. 00:22
COMM: Here in New York the body conscious are spending up to $500 dollars a session
on the pioneering treatment. 00:34
COMM: For 21-year-old Judith Liriano it’s a small price to pay for a good looking bottom. 00:40
JUDITH: I don’t think you could put a price tag on looking good and feeling good. 00:43
JUDITH: I am a little bit nervous but I expect everything to go y’know, smoothly, and I expect
to be happy with the results. 00:50
COMM: Today Judith is having a Tip Top Tush treatment, at Dr. Matthew Schulman’s plastic
surgery office in New York City. 00:58
JUDITH: I just have a little bit on dimpling like I said earlier, just that and I have
dark spots in some spots, and I wanted to improve this as it is bikini season, I just
wanna feel sexy and confident at the beach. 01:10
AMANDA: We can help to smooth out the cellulite, we can help to lighten the discolouration,
and help to improve the texture and the contour in the butt to make it look perfect in a bikini. 01:19
JUDITH: All right, perfect. AMANDA: Okay, great. 01:22
COMM: The forty minute procedure uses lasers, chemical peels and moisturisers. 01:26
AMANDA: Okay, ready? 01:32
JUDITH: You just
really feel the suctioning. 01:35
AMANDA: Not too bad though right? 01:37
JUDITH: No it’s not bad. 01:38
JUDITH: Oh it feels super tighter, it feels really firm, I can really feel the difference
and I love the way it looks. 01:48
COMM: And after the procedure, Judith decides to give her new booty a test run on the beach. 01:53
MAN: My first reaction when I saw her butt was I was flabbergasted. I was – I couldn’t
get my eyes off of it. 01:59
WOMAN: I think it’s worth $500 dollars because, it’s very smooth, it’s very nice to touch,
it’s soft. Definitely something you wanna show off in a bikini. 02:08
COMM: Judith couldn’t be happier with her new summer look, complete with her new butt. 02:13
JUDITH: I feel really good and confident, I mean I could tell the difference, a lot
of people are staring, and I just feel good, I walk and I feel with confidence.

100 thoughts on “Butt Facial: New York’s Latest Beauty Treatment, For Your Booty!”

  1. Bea Grossnickle says:

    She should of gotton lipo with that…

  2. killaaacain says:

    She should have got liposuction instead

  3. Tanya Joseph says:

    For the people who are saying she's fat and her but I'd to big , please know that girls of minority are curvy and a flat ass does not cut it, so she is definitely a 10

  4. Talk Therapy says:

    My booty would be smiling lol

  5. Din says:

    Such an eloquent young lady.

  6. I AM GLOCK says:

    Now Judy needs to have that Back Fat removed…. LMFAO

  7. Max Lawless says:

    I want to be that hoover thing for a day.

  8. Supernova Constelation says:

    Believe me: at 21 I barely had 5$ to splurge. I was in College eating noodles every night and barely had the time to look at my ass

  9. conrad joeblo says:

    seriously ? cmon people get a life , this is getting rediculious ! 21 year old ,,, wait til she is 41 ,my god her ass is gonna be in her face !

  10. S. SWeepa 713 says:

    tell her i said wut up

  11. lyazzat says:

    this is why America is shit, all they care about is ass and tits

  12. BODYSNATCHA says:

    i admire the work, but for only 21, she need to work on how she talks. her voice, she could easily be mistaken for a man. a new book of vocabulary words wouldnt hurt either…. 

  13. Ted Striker says:

    butt facial? does that mean you need to be a butthead?

  14. Tasha Robinson says:

    does this need to be redone like lip injections?

  15. Michael Trent says:

    Fugly face nice butt

  16. Jereau says:

    I͟͟'d͟͟ h͟͟i͟͟t͟͟ t͟͟h͟͟a͟͟t͟͟

  17. C. mao says:

    when Judith talks she sounds like a dummy, that's her problem, not her face or her body although she looks like she's never worked out at all, just a little working out w/o over doing it would be better, she's 21. How would she even afford this?

  18. adrian cruz says:

    2/10 (scale of beauty) woman. in Brazil, Colombia, Puerto Rico !!sorry!! :/

  19. Markcut 23 says:

    Hey Judith…whats your number lol

  20. Aya Berry says:

    ..just go and do some squats..

  21. howtopasstime says:

    I'd get one done. I love butt treatment and attention. Love it when my boyfriend touches my butt hehe

  22. jay x says:

    She is fat

  23. Out of Tune Music says:

    My ideal girl. I would love to have a girl like her but not the way she lives on it.

  24. ahyou says:

    flabs flabs flabs flabs flabs flabs flabs…..

  25. Roo Hale says:

    I wish I had that ass

  26. TheStarsDon'tDance says:

    She could always lose weight and tone up,but hey, it's her body and money,so do what you want.

  27. Diamondsrule1 says:

    anaconda BITCH!

  28. amon says:

    "I expect everything to go Smoothie"


    You could squat you know..

  30. Charlotte Andrews says:

    You can tell she dropped out of school at a young age. She could barely string a sentence together without sounding like a deaf mute.

  31. Mellohomie 123 says:

    I wonder how long it lasts

  32. Britt Romero says:

    " It feels super tighter" LMFAOOOOOO ok girl

  33. I C says:

    Her voice is irritating plus she's illiterate.

  34. MountainRain says:

    They didn't even show us the before… How the heck do we know if it worked

  35. Smitty Huckerjam says:

    500?? Sorry no

  36. Lightskinlucas says:

    at 2:17 when she said how a lot of people were staring I was like "yeah like the ones in the back ground" lol

  37. Ro Ro says:

    Does it help with cellulite?

  38. -----'zzzzz says:

    sadly nyc has gone south

  39. Mr. Imarealsuperhero says:

    I would love putting up some of my personal bumper stickers on Dat ass!

  40. Blingers Home says:

    I did not know people were now having butt ACNE!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Maria Burton says:

    Discoloration, pimples, roughness , scars,cellulite etc guess its off to get a butt facial hehe

  42. tyra nitter says:

    kylie jenner butt challenge

  43. Kamchai Homchun says:

    Will they have makeup for booty too?

  44. Taveta Christie says:

    her butt has already perfect

  45. CyberCat Love says:

    what part of NY and the company name

  46. Goody Gooding says:

    I want that

  47. crumb9cheese says:

    Back fat might need some help too. Just saying

  48. Alyssa Kilgore says:

    Why is everyone coming for Americans like countries like Brazil and South Korea don't exist? 😂 Brazil loves booty and plastic surgery more than we do.

  49. TimeforTaylor says:

    Omg I need this is St. Louis! Or Missouri I can find anything non surgical I've contacted so many doctors .

  50. Justin Lobdell says:

    Smh what a waste of a good booty on her.

  51. taliyah blake says:

    Where is this at

  52. superbuffguy100 says:

    Holy Pseudo Science Batman! (Understand if people enjoy this for whatever reason by all means go ahead not much of an argument to be made there.) But c'mon seriously this is BOLLOCKS!

  53. Advection says:

    This is BS…
    Yeah go pay 500$ to get your ass temporarily deformed by an ass vacuum.
    Disgusting practice exploiting people's insecurities.

  54. Angela Annalese says:

    Damn weird..

  55. Matthew Burns says:


  56. Mexiguido says:

    busted all kinds

  57. MrDjmurdock says:


  58. Rebeca Higgins says:

    go to the gym

  59. ISSA VIBEZ says:

    damn shes hot nice ass

  60. Tru Pac says:

    They didn't show a before and after😂

  61. Hyannia Britton says:

    I wish I could do this to my butt

  62. Hyannia Britton says:

    how can I do this at home

  63. Yolande Jackson says:

    I was looking for the name of this procedure

  64. bakari brown says:

    Yessss 💙

  65. Danna Lopez says:

    I dont like it.The smooth skin is a good thing(maybe)but her butt is not jiggly enough.Too firm is bad.Ass should be soft and "fluffy".Some cellulite doesnt make you ugly.One natural ass looks way better-its just sexier and REAL-with all its imperfections.A little(A LITTLE) saggy skin is better than hard like a rock booty-its looks more flat.A beautiful ass is an ass with good defined cheeks and a visible crease between butt meat and thighs.
    Doctors want to make money with all these procedures…and yeah many people will spend money on that.

  66. excop360 says:

    i got that done to my cock

  67. AwkwardRenegade says:

    I'm disappointed this is not a story about people massaging people's faces with their butts.

  68. Jasmine Aldana says:

    gusto ko mag ganyan

  69. Gabby Ayala says:

    Looking ass she just was lazy to go work out and such a show off like bi*** get your ugly looking self out of here

  70. Jamila Elhayani says:

    How much 500 / session do you have any thing for abdomen please

  71. Tony v says:

    that fat bitch needs to lose 25lbs to look 'good'💯😂

  72. Raja Sikandar says:

    but doctor is very beautyfull lady

  73. Precious Robinson says:

    I rather do this, than get butt injections

  74. Sohel Khan BD 11 says:


  75. RitikPlaysGamesTV says:

    Hey girl, there's children there WATCH OUT KIDS LOL

  76. George Bush says:

    $500 for to fill your ego…

  77. Bea Dacut says:

    You are sexy! Be confident!

  78. ROBO shark says:

    how didi get here?

  79. Nigel Walker says:

    I'm lowki trying to find a application to work doing this 😭 shidd feeling on booty all day

  80. Luis Gabriel Negron says:

    if you need that shit to be confident you have problems

  81. Sem says:

    I feel like she need to set her priorities straight

  82. Obey Jesus says:

    Are you interested in hearing gods message?

  83. Tia S says:

    I want to get mine !!! Did she get her butt done before though ?

  84. Sem says:

    hahaha omg i laughed so hard… girl you need to tone those thighs and it will look amazing

  85. Uriel Sandoval says:

    im very good with my hands ill make an amazing facialists

  86. Pepi Os says:

    But her face hahhahah, you should had fixed her face instead lol

  87. The Roblox Gamers says:

    I want that job

  88. MASSK says:

    I found a mask and a 3 step kit at http://beautifulbutt.com Help your man to apply it and it will increase romance.

  89. zap Branigan says:

    She is fat and facially ugly, she needs chin implants.

  90. rodneyclooney1 says:

    She probably cannot see her butt… Its all the same as she entered tht clinic with chemical butt facials..

  91. John Hales says:

    Butt facial so it costs 500 dollars to have a butt face, this seems like a joke_comedy… oh ya this is America

  92. Really Happenings says:

    I prefer a high-speed rotary polisher and Meguiar's

  93. Puncake says:

    No thank you

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  95. Zach Hampton says:

    Maybe less pizza

  96. eddy1367 says:

    why not…. we just become more and more vapid..

  97. Slimaz Coke says:

    looks good not going to lie

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  100. Vanessa Martinez says:

    I remember seeing this YEARSSSSSSSSS ago in inside edition.

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