Can A Heated Eyelash Curler Lift Lashes All Day? | Beauty or Bust
Can A Heated Eyelash Curler Lift Lashes All Day? | Beauty or Bust

Kyle Kerchaert: Two, three, four, five. That did nothing. [laughing] Today, I’m going to be testing out a heated eyelash curler. You can think of it as,
like, a hot hair tool, just for your face. So, um, I really did that one to myself. So if this goes wrong, it’s on me. I’m gonna be evaluating
Blinc’s heated eyelash curler on how easy it is to use, how well it actually curls my lashes, and how long that curl lasts
throughout the whole day. Whoa! Weird! This is a totally different shape than I am used to seeing in a lash curler. I guess, intuitively, it
looks like it makes sense. Let’s see what it says
about how to use it, because I don’t wanna just,
like, turn on a hot thing and just put it near my
eyeballs without any directions. I totally do not recommend doing that. “Wait 30 seconds for the red indicator
light to turn yellow.” So, I guess you just, like… little switch. It says to curl your middle lashes first and then do your side lashes. And you’re supposed to hold
the curler at the middle of your lashes for five seconds, and then move them to
the tips of your lashes and hold it there for five seconds, and just repeat that
motion, back and forth, until they’re as curled as you want them. I have decided that I’m gonna test the heated lash curler
out on my right eye first, because apparently that’s the eye that I care the least about. So, it’s yellow. I think that means it’s ready. All right! Producer: Are you stalling? Kyle: Yes, I’m stalling. I’m stalling! [laughing] I’m shaking. Look at my hand. I’m gonna need you to hold it down. Like, hold me down and do it like eyedrops to a child. I hear the “Jaws” music in my head. [laughing] Two, three, four, five. That did nothing. [laughing] It’s gonna require a lot
more patience than I thought. Let’s do that again. One, two. It’s just so weird. I’ve never felt, like,
warmth on my eyeballs like this before. I see the slightest
amount of lift happening, but it also could just be from, like, working against gravity by
physically pushing them up, or my imagination. Imagination, imagination, imagination. I’m just gonna, like, finagle
with this a little bit. I don’t think the
instructions are correct. I have not given up, OK? I am rooting for you. So, so, so, so, so, so. I have been trying this guy out for several minutes now. I kind of have gone rogue, off book. I’m just kind of pushing it in, rubbing it around, combing it through the lashes. I do have some lift, and I mean some. There is action happening. It’s just not as obvious action
as I would have hoped for. I haven’t given up yet, though, so I’m just gonna continue
kinda combing through and pressing it, and we’ll see how much lift we can
really get out of this. OK, I’m done. These are my lashes. I think when I was using it I could see some lifting happening, but it was almost like it
just pushed the hairs up, and they all just kind of went, “aah,” after, like, five or 10 seconds. So it’s not really lasting. Before these lashes deflate any further, I’m gonna try to seal in
this little bit of curl with my go-to mascara. OK, so I use this mascara every day, and I know that my lashes do not lift or curl at all with any mascara formula, no matter how waterproof it is or how much of a “curling” formula it is. Well, after the most
unforeseen plot twist, I am proud to report that I do have some curled
lashes on this side. So, undeniably, sealing in that heated
lash curler with mascara, I mean, there is some curl
and lift action going on. I’m shocked. I don’t really
know where this came from. I thought a really good
way to visually demonstrate how this curl compares to what I’m used to was to put it to the test against this. The Shu Uemura eyelash curler, which is known as the gold standard, best-on-the-market lash
curler that you could get. It’s just how it should work. So, these are my lashes
curled and mascaraed. I was gonna wait till the end of the day and see how well the curls and the lift held up, but I think after my
experience here this afternoon I’m kinda just ready to make my call, so let’s get into it. I found that the Blinc
lash curler definitely took a little bit of a
learning curve to get used to and just comfortable
having near your eyes. So it’s not the easiest tool
to use right off the bat. In terms of how well it curled my lashes, it didn’t. [laughs] There was some lift that happened, but it was really once I went off script and just kind of, like,
finessed it and wiggled it through my lashes to get some
sort of movement out of it. I think the mascara really brought out what lifting was happening, but the overall result wasn’t anything that got me excited about
the idea of using it again. And did it last all day? Well, it barely lasted 10 seconds, and I just don’t think it’s
worth either of our time to delay this any further. So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a bust. The Shu… Shu Ue…Uemura pronunciation. Phone: Shu Uemura. Kyle: The Shu Uemura. The Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Oo-mura? Oo-eh-mura? Shu Uemura. Shu Uemura. Shu oo-ah moo-ah. Producer: Oo-ay. Kyle: Oo-ay? Producer: Oo-ay.
Kyle: Oo-ay? Producer: Moo-ra.
Kyle: Moo-ra. Oo-ay-moo-ra. [laughing] Producer: There you go!

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    Not gonna lie, I would never dare to do this…. imagine poking yourself in the eye…

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    it looks cheap and doesn't even work perfectly

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    It’s only a pan

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    This is why I got eyelash extensions. Never have to spend time in the morning doing things like this. I love them!

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    Shiseido eyelash curler is the gods amongst gods to me

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    Ooooorrrr, you could blow dry a normal lash curler and have the same outcome

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    sorry but who thought this was a good idea 😭

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    all of stalling on just heated curler.. it's not like it's a hot flaming stick on your eyes.. it's just a bit warm and i have used one like this that works very well.. maybe this one just didn't work but the heated curlers are better than the regular ones..

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    Wait till one day it overheats and malfunctions😍

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    It should be used after applying the mascara.

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