Can This $500 ‘Vampire’ Facial Give You Younger Skin? | Beauty Explorers
Can This $500 ‘Vampire’ Facial Give You Younger Skin? | Beauty Explorers

Jody Stewart: So, I’m in my late 50s, and I have definitely noticed,
as the years have passed, more wrinkles, duller skin. I’ve gone through menopause. I used to have really oily
skin. I had cystic acne. I’ve done a lot of things
to treat all of that, but it’s really changed over the years, and it’s just kinda dull and bland now, and I need something to recover some of that youth that I used to have. Claudia Colombo: OK, so you
came to the right place. So, I’m going to do the
Fountain of Youth facial, aka vampire treatment, and the vampire treatment is
a high-performance facial. And what that means is I use
advanced skin-care techniques plus high-performance
and active ingredients, powerhouse ingredients, that are known to turn back the clock. No. 1, I always start
with lymphatic drainage, which is a must to just get
everything flowing properly, increase circulation, increase hydration, and to help with nutrient delivery. The second part of the facial includes a custom micro-channeling tool that is infused with powerful ingredients, and the powerful ingredients are key to stimulating cell
regeneration and hydration and really to deliver
nutrients into the skin. So, the ingredients consist of peptides, which are proteins and
bodybuilders for the skin. We have growth factors,
botanical stem cells, and hyaluronic acid, just to name a few, but all of it is basically like skin food. I continued on with a
lifting and toning massage. I do a lot of different
vibrational techniques, lifting and toning techniques to, again, just help with circulation,
help with brightening the skin. All of it put together
really helps to improve all the fine lines and
just give her a better glow and the toning effect that
the massage techniques do. So, I did a peptide thread lift and peel with a combination of using [polylactic] acid, which is that bio-stimulatory
dermal filler treatment, and that literally fills in lines and brightens and smooths out the skin. So, the final mask I
did is the vampire mask, and that mask also has
specific ingredients, so it really creates this
almost, like, suction effect on the skin because of
the delivery system, so, again, that
[polylactic] acid ingredient helps to tighten and firm
and stimulate collagen. And it also has hyaluronic acid in there. It’s a hydrojelly mask,
so it’s deeply hydrating, really soothing and cooling, and it has goji berries in it, so that’s what gives it that red color, but goji berries are also
high in antioxidants, and it stimulates our youth hormone, HGH. So, the immediate effect is a
lifting and plumping effect, and that has a lot to do with the massage and the ingredients that I’ve used. So, instantly, you do see that, and the skin is much
more hydrated, of course. It’s sometimes three to
more shades brighter. Jody: I feel like my skin is really awake. It’s very tight and firm, feels really hydrated. My skin feels so soft now. I don’t even recognize it, actually. Is that my face? Is that me? Feels really great, it
feels really rejuvenated. That would be a good word to describe it. So, it’s been about a week
since my vampire facial, and I would say that, overall, it was definitely
something I would do again. Immediately after the experience, my face was kinda numb, but
it was definitely plump. It was really, diminished
lines and very resilient. My skin felt really young. That lasted for about a
day, and then after that, I noticed that my skin,
you can see now, even now, it’s much brighter than
it was, more hydrated, and, you know, definitely
has encouraged me to be a little bit more diligent with the products that I use. Sometimes, I skip some steps, but now I feel little bit more dedicated to try maintaining the results. So, I definitely think
it was a great experience and definitely worth doing something, specifically if you have
a big event coming up, ’cause your skin is gonna
look multiple years younger.

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  1. katie cook says:

    does this really work? I dont just want to take this at face value

  2. M B says:

    Does anybody know of any good lady only spas and facials in England? Thanks x

  3. Legacy nation says:

    A simple face soap would do me fineeeeeeee😂

  4. Alezandra Davila says:

    Would totally do it

  5. Alezandra Davila says:

    I see this is for anti aging not for acne because the thing will spread bacteria but it’s good for anti aging she looks beautiful!!!!

  6. MISHCA says:

    I can see the difference. Looking awesome!

  7. Mommy Gothic says:

    She literally could’ve spent that money on something that works like Botox or some Other type of injection 🥵

  8. AYE KNOW says:

    I only get a facial from my boyfriend! Hmm.

  9. Taylor Eaves says:

    Would love one of these facials rn 🥰

  10. iGot7 Stay-Aroha-Army-OneIt-Once says:

    $500. This needs to be done daily. How 'bout no.

  11. ImSmOL says:

    The Aesthetician can't even make herself young lmao

  12. Ayaz AA says:

    Damn that face massage is the best
    While I was watching that my body was vibrating over here

  13. beni RAHAT bırakın says:

    Oh, forever young shit you saying

  14. Elaine Gumenyuk says:

    70th!!! 😂

  15. MichelleDenise64 says:

    She looked better a week later to me. Encouraging me to stay on track with my routine.

  16. Brittany Myers says:

    If I'm spending 500 I want botox or prp or lasers sorry not sorry a good massage is nice but she would of gotten better results spending that 500 on good skincare and being diligent about her routine also she needs a retinol or retin-a!!!!

  17. haleigh mitchell says:

    I just use ponds original face cream and I look way young.

  18. Gerardo says:

    There's no way of making the skin younger unless u stretch it with injections like Botox that make ur skin even looser over time

  19. Justice 31 says:

    500 dollars????

  20. Duha Miah says:

    This is for all the vampire diaries fans ❤️

  21. Alma Castillo says:


  22. nikita Sadurla says:

    No difference

  23. GISELA CZ says:

    500$ bruhhhh ah hell naw

    I'm out of here tf

    I can buy like 100 shirts in Burlington Whit 500$ ma dude I ain't wasting shit on that

  24. Sasha Baby 5 says:

    Wtf waste of money 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  25. Saima Sattar says:

    Waist of money 👎

  26. bbueno2009 says:

    I won’t be satisfied until I see real blood

  27. Nicole Woo says:

    For $500, I could get a botox🙄

  28. 六甲 許佳榕 39 6a ana xu 35 says:

    Me getting my period after watching this video……

    Wow 😂

  29. J Garabito says:

    Not worth $500! She just looks surface hydrated.

  30. im_so_ bored says:

    this isn't the vampir facial, that one uses prp blood platelets and some form of microdermabrasion wtf?

  31. Gramder says:

    I'll bust on your face and give you a baby facial it's free and it makes you look younger

  32. Hamdi Omar says:

    She looks older than when she came

  33. Kevin Cody says:

    I saw "vampire facial" in the title and was hoping for something more along the lines of a porno

  34. Surebty Soulmay says:

    what is orange gel?

  35. tripleA rocks says:

    no diffrence

  36. Aileen Noor says:

    I can’t see any difference but she noticed that’s ok

  37. Pollux says:

    Jared Leto and Gwen Stefani has joined the chat

  38. Ivy Chau says:

    I don’t think that’s worth 500 dollars

  39. Yandere- Chan says:

    There is a slight difference. But she needs to go regularly for better results

  40. Do The Mario says:

    i personally prefer the blood of orphans

  41. BHUMIKA says:

    4:11 twins😑 😂

  42. Sandra Aviles-Wilkes says:

    Wow her skin is GLOWING!!!

  43. •IceBerrii• says:

    I’ve seen a few people say that they called it a “vampire facial” because it is red. It is actually called “vampire facial” because vampires stay young for a long time. This mask is supposed to make you look younger, like a vampire. So the name makes sense. There is another “vampire facial” Where people are drawing blood from your own skin and injecting it back into your face. This was the original “vampire facial”. Your welcome lol

  44. Christina :D says:

    this is why you start taking care of your skin when youre younger

  45. Ruth Mekuria says:

    Ready for the truth? Once your skin is stretched to a certain point, it will never fill in without removing it. There are laser treatments that cause the skin to retract by literally burning it, and the ever popular face lift, but otherwise, there is no amount of collagen you can slather on your face to pull it back together. Your skin does not use topically applied collagen the same as when it is naturally produced (which increases or decreases due to age). Topically, collagen is great at holding moisture but your body cannot use it to create that elasticity we are led to believe. And that plumping effect can be created for much cheaper; just massage your face, use a good chemical exfoliant (10$ from the ordinary) and a decent moisturizer. All this facial does is promote circulation and hydrate your face, nothing worth 500$. Don't get hustled, save your coins and live well 🙂

  46. Luqman Nasution says:

    The only differences that i can see is the expressions

  47. Good.Energii says:

    Tbh prevention is key. Eat right. Drink water. Wear sunblock. Exfoliate.
    These expensive “look younger” facials just want ur hard earned $500

  48. saladsnowflakes says:

    Looks the same

  49. どか says:

    The person giving me the facial would need to have skin like a frickin baby or I would not do it

  50. Cece and The gang says:

    Girl she’s beautiful 😍like really seeing her in the car with her hair in the bun was cute. Ima call her Gmom😂❤️

  51. Benedict GATMAITAN says:

    that did not do shit

  52. Nithya Nithya says:

    I didn't see any different

  53. natalija taneska says:

    My skin feels tighter it feels YOUNGER
    giiirl. It literally looks the same lol

  54. Paula Costa says:

    how to charge 500 dollars for a facial:
    1- fancy gimmicky name
    2- vague and meaningless buzz works describing the facial, say technique and advanced a lot
    3- say 'omg its totally worth it' at the end of the video even tho there is no difference before and after

  55. dilberclocks says:

    A lot of comments say: "um u can't even see the difference it's a scam" maybe you can't see it. But the person that got it might feel different, I bet she knows her skin better than you. Also, such a facial is to get a person on the right track, maybe it's just a start, and she'll do more things to look younger later on.

  56. cherry says:

    'Vampire Facial' sounds like Halloween porn.

  57. Mid Tae says:

    00:01 the colossal Titan

  58. Gideon Gleeful says:

    $500 for a facial? damn if i get that the one who is giving me a facial must be a real vampire and gives me complimentary champange

  59. hanabi onni-chan says:

    when she started to put it into her eyes, my stupid ass wants to try to open her eyes

  60. Milksquake says:

    If I did this I would be so scared that I wouldn’t be able to breath 🤭

  61. c h l o e w h i t e s e l l says:


  62. selin says:

    What the hell is that? no difference lol

  63. Channel D says:

    Nothing will give u younger skin…do u ever try on a young person to mke them old ..doea it wrk?…so how will the opposte work…

  64. Resu says:

    Clean your face and clean your pocket treatment

  65. Circe January says:

    People wake up at 50 trying to fix a lifetime of bad habits with a facial, lol. Get on the skincare game when you are young.

  66. The Lord says:

    Sis looks the same

  67. Katelyn Atwood says:

    I wish they would do a video that was something like this but over a long period of time. Like someone gets 6 of these in a year and vlogs it and we get a before and after to see the long term perks and downfalls.

  68. Ava Nolan says:

    she looks the same

  69. Duolingo_abuse_is_Real Club_penguin_lives says:

    There was a study where they monitored two groups.
    Group one-expensive lotions and creams.
    Group two- drank lots of water each day.

    At the end they compared the results and group two had better results in their face. And all in all looked younger.

  70. Shazlossus Shazam says:

    Yeah it lifted her double chin 🤣😭

  71. Noe Rivera says:


  72. Anjelina Nunez says:

    Pretty sure this would make me break out but omg this looks so relaxing like the messaging

  73. RinsaysNya says:

    "I'm rejecting my humanity, JoJo!"

  74. Ava Tasevski says:

    She looks the same in both pictures
    TᕼIᔕ Iᔕ ᔕᑕᗩᗰ

  75. Allison Linner says:

    Yeah, the fact that this woman named it "the vampire facial" is extremely misleading. The already well-known "vampire facial" is very specific procedure using the patients own blood. It's one of the most expensive facials out there, but this woman is using crushed up berries instead.
    Truth in advertising, this is not.

  76. Niraj kumar says:

    $500 X 70=Rs 35000

  77. crazy cowgirl says:

    looks like she’s smearing strawberry jam on her face..

  78. DUMB squad says:

    I guess there is two vampire facials. The one that sucks your blood then puts it back in and this one that basically means make younger (like how vampires live forever)

  79. claire louise says:

    Uber thick, gelatinous, goji berry red (w seeds! Ha!), over the eyes peel off mask stole the show to be sure. What a shame these gimmicky tactics exploit vulnerable people.

  80. luv_nane28 says:

    A day older a day uglier… we have to age no matter what; except for vampires of course 🤣

  81. Alona Lu says:

    reverse aging? well, retinol to the rescue! and its much cheaper! id say one needs to go to an esthetician like once a month to see results

  82. Katherina Jen says:

    is it just me or does her face looks smaller after the treatment…

  83. Safina Audiva Amanda says:

    She’s just feels happy after facial

  84. The Marvel Dork says:

    ..Is this why I cringe when I see bared necks(front)? (Hence why I hate ballet dances) I might've had vampire trauma?

  85. Craig Cull says:

    Can I use this on my balls ?

  86. Baba Dusa says:

    That’s a vampire 🧛‍♂️ but it’ll suck your wallet

  87. Has Star Bright side says:

    Yes there's a change

  88. cswtx says:

    this aesthetician lady is such an idiot, nothing she says makes any sense.

  89. John G says:

    This facial looks like worth 10 dollars only

  90. Tea Timee says:

    Her under eyes got lighter

  91. Gavin Burnes says:

    It’s too late for her she should have started when she was younger

  92. Nazmul Sajib says:

    a total waste of money.

  93. Deborah Hall says:

    She is gorgeous.

  94. Nina says:

    I don’t notice a difference lol

  95. Michael Evans says:

    She looks older

  96. [REDACTED] says:

    maybe this is how DIO looked young

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    Orrr use retin a :v

  98. Lee Moulton says:

    She actually looked like will smith when the mask came off

  99. ellie. e says:

    She looks like the mean bus driver nobody liked

  100. Angie S says:

    The only reason you look younger dear is because the lighten your face that's all the difference I see.

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