CBD Korean Body Scrub That Kim Kardashian West Loves | Beauty Explorers
CBD Korean Body Scrub That Kim Kardashian West Loves | Beauty Explorers

Caroline Aghajanian: Hello! Hi, we’re gonna get a Korean scrub today. It is gonna be with CBD. I’ve never tried any CBD products before, but I’m excited to see
what all the hype is about. Let’s go. While I was there, I
found out that the spa is very popular with the celebs. Previous visitors include Jessica Alba and Hailey Bieber. Also, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian all tried the same
scrub on an episode with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Anna Margaryan: Over here
it’s all about letting go. Now people are understanding what lymphatic drainage is all about. And it gets movement. It’s movement, and it’s
getting rid of toxins. It’s not about losing weight. It is not about looking
skinny for a minute or two. This is a way to get the movement going. Get the lymphatic drainage, get the lymphatic to work the way it’s supposed to work. Caroline: So, the whole
thing lasts 75 minutes and costs $175 without CBD. But it’s $215 if you include CBD salve, which, of course, is the one I picked. I always get really nervous the first, like, 10 minutes, because you lie down, the camera’s there, a woman’s scrubbing all the dead skin. But then I get really relaxed. And now I’m at that nervous moment. Yes. OK. Spa therapist: OK. Face up. Caroline: Face up? OK. Ooh, this is a nice, cushy bed. OK. On Pellequr’s website,
it says the Vichy shower helps reduce toxins, improves the natural elimination system (great), and alleviates stress. I hope so. Then it’s scrubbing time. The spa therapist uses
a Korean Italy towel to exfoliate the dead skin. [gasps] I see my skin already. This is not the pressure
I use when I scrub. Oh, my God, I’m getting the belly button. Wow. I got a lot of dead skin. I don’t even want to look at myself. But also I do. As you can see, this scalp massage was probably the best part of
the whole treatment for me. I know we’re not done with the treatment, but I think this is 100% worth it. Oh, my God. The final step is the
massage with CBD salve. Here I come. Slide. [laughs] Bye. Yes. Anna: We use CBD as an anti-inflammatory. If there is enough milligrams
in the topical CBD, it will get rid of inflammation or any skin issues that you may have. And it’s also really a great way to loosen up the muscles. Caroline: It smells good. So oily. [laughs] So scrubbed. So stretched. I feel relaxed and
energized at the same time. Does not ache. My hair feels good. Like, I feel so clean. I smell good, I smell like coconut oil, and I love coconut oil. And it’s 4,000 milligrams of CBD. I think that’s a lot. Mm. So classy. I would typically wait a day or a week before giving my final thoughts, but I feel so relaxed I know the answer already. I am in love with this treatment. This thing is over an hour long, 75 minutes, I think. And, overall, with the CBD massage, with the traditional Korean scrub, with the hair wash, I think it’s worth it. I think it’s worth the…I think $215? The over-$200 price. I do feel very relaxed, like, my muscles, especially around my back,
that’s always so tense, really just feel so released. And maybe that’s the combination of the
CBD and the massage. I think it’s, like, a
lymphatic drainage massage. So I feel good. If it’s the CBD, let it be the CBD. It feels great. Well, yeah, let’s go take on the day. Maybe shop at Beverly Hills, maybe go down Rodeo Drive with my no money. [laughs] Cool. Cut.

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  1. Quirvin Singayan says:

    First 😘

  2. Timothy Chong says:

    uyhisalsaid when it says 1 view

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  6. Emily Park says:

    Funny to see something so common and old fashioned in Korea be re-marketed and declared trendy in America….lol

  7. Chloe Praha says:

    That looks disgusting 😳

  8. Rym Han says:

    i like it how you get rid off all that dead skin and impurities for a fresher one

  9. Will Dole says:

    She’s pretty

  10. Will Dole says:

    It’s cool for her because she does not have to pay for it

  11. Marie says:

    I literally buy those scrubs at the 99 cent store, Daiso store, and Korean market. I been doing this since I was kid. So hilarious that people pay so much to get that done. The CBD you can order it online or go to any dispensary. I understand it's a spa treatment but seriously. U can do it for a lot less cheaper. And if you live in LA just go to Korean Spa they have it there for a little bit more cheaper too.

  12. wadah sane says:

    اختي هاذا اسمه تكسيييله احنينتي ولكن غشتك في الحكه وقولبتكي في السعر 250 دولار 😱 نغسل للمدينه كلهااا 😂😂😂

  13. xVvix xnNix says:

    Where can i get this done in canada 😱

  14. Raghad amri says:

    What is CBD?

  15. Gizem Gürler says:

    You need to try Turkish Bath 🛀 Its better than this 👍

  16. Celestial Zephyr says:

    If the lymphatic system wasn’t working the way it was supposed to work, you’d end up with lymphedema or lymphatic cancer (lymphoma). I love beauty videos, but humans have to stop acting as if we know more about circulation and toxins than our heart, lungs, liver, and lymph nodes. We should start being honest and recognize that these expensive treatments are expensive versions of showering, using lotion, and massaging our bodies. 😊

  17. Suave Sweet says:

    I went on Amazon and found the scrub mitts for $3…Get it and save yourself money.


  18. Kübra says:

    Go to a turkish hamam and you'll expierence the best body scrub/massage ever 😄 compared to a turkish hamam this is nothing 😅

  19. Sabah Elorch says:

    morocoo is the first who made this it s called hamam

  20. Olfa Ben Khaled says:

    it's the arabic Hammam in Korean style 😁

  21. hayat ait says:

    We do this in Morocco since centuries , first massage the skin with Moroccan black soap then scrub with the Moroccan clove .
    Do it your self at home much much cheaper.

  22. Preethi M says:

    My blunt finger nails can scrub my body better..So not wasting ma money on these scams

  23. Maya Alexander says:

    To make it clear CBD has no THC in it

  24. Meryem Kaya says:

    Try Turkish hamam and see the difference 😊

  25. Eman Serghini says:

    I'm thankful for my cheap Moroccan Hammam. 😂

  26. cswtx says:

    an esthetician’s favorite word is toxins. they’re all morons.

  27. Pitch Black says:

    Whos here for caroline only?

  28. Brittany Bowmaster says:

    Omg this would be a dream come true!!!! I would fall asleep laying under that shower 🤩

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  30. Briee Briee says:

    its how they keep dipping from the same jar of CBD with the same hands that are on the clients…. so unsanitary.

  31. curious girl says:

    This is like the most traditional Moroccan thing ever, it is basically what the Arabic Moroccan baths are about.

  32. Pandulse123 says:

    I think the removing dead skin thing is something that could be beneficial, however, I have a feeling this probably doesn't cost $175 in S. Korea.

  33. jade iss says:

    false it is not korean it is an arabic technique to erase oneself with the oriental glove

  34. Masal Hazan says:

    This is a very old tradition of turkish people called „kese“. Go to a „turkish hamam“ and you get the same or similar treatment for a lot cheaper trust me 😊

  35. Alezandra Davila says:

    But why is she wearing makeup to the thing when they take it off anyway ? Lol

  36. Olivia Kennedy says:

    I could never work at a spa….

    To much touchy touchy

  37. Jericho Manalili says:

    Here in the Philippines, we call that 'libag' and you should really scrub yourself in bath and it costs less🤣

  38. Handy woman Cart. says:

    Live in South Korea for 5 years I’ve done this 2x per week without cbd but including sauna and sipping teas while on sauna.

  39. I'mz M.c says:

    It's look so relaxing and light after all dirt removed

  40. Imane Barakat says:

    Hahaha so $+100 for that? In Morocco they have the best body scrub+ mask and massage under $50 in fancy spa 🤣

  41. Stella Dizon says:

    A white owns it while the proponents, the koreans, are the ones doing the work? Wow

  42. AintHere4You says:

    This is prob BS. Plus, it's similar to the Turkish bath called "Humam", which would cost approximately 30-40 dollars…

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