Chat With France & Great Britain – Miss Universe 2019 Press Junket
Chat With France & Great Britain – Miss Universe 2019 Press Junket

Hello, my name is Rafa and I speak French You speak French? Yes and I am doing Facebook Live Hello everyone What are you first impressions of the United States? Is this the first time that Well it’s not my first time in the States I had already visited Los Angeles to compete in Miss France And you liked Los Angeles a lot? Yes, I loved Los Angeles I also appreciate Atlanta a lot, it’s a very beautiful city There’s a lot of everything everywhere And besides yourself Who do you think will be the top 5, apart from yourself? Well, I hope to be up there Uhh, I think we will see Miss Brazil She’s pretty. She is very pretty Very sweet, too, Also Miss Thailand I will say France as well! And then uhhh Others beautiful girls like Miss Colombia Miss Haiti very pretty And that’s five right there! And the obvious question What do you think of Miss Philippines? Do you think it’s possible for Philippines to win again? I think it is possible to win again Because in France we won three times in four years With girls from Nord Pas de Calais Your region? Yes, my region. I am Miss Nord Pas de Calais and Iris was Miss Nord Pas de Calais
Yes, I know And Camille Cerf also
Yes, I know So I think nothing is impossible So it’s a question of luck She is very beautiful and also very sweet So I think she could be in the top 5 Well, good luck! Do you want to say something to your fans? Good luck!
Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Chat With France & Great Britain – Miss Universe 2019 Press Junket”

  1. BJ Solis says:

    Nice napahanga ako

  2. Knoi Cagny says:

    Je suis vraiment très impressionné. Tu parle très bien le français, mon ami. Bravo!

  3. Swildag Moto says:

    Amazing critical beauty. You're too very fluent in french. What a cosmopolite!

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