Christmas Star Easy Nail Art Tutorial
Christmas Star Easy Nail Art Tutorial

Hi YouTubes! Today I’m showing you how you can easily create a Christmas Star on your nails! Let’s start! First I’m applying Ella + Mila Unwrap Me as my base color. It’s very important that the polish is really dry before you go on. Now it’s time to apply striping tape. First you apply the striping tape vertical. Next you apply it horizontal. Now you can apply the last 2 pieces but remember in what order you applied them, it’s important later. Now it’s time for Dance Legend Funny Old Game Make points in between the striping tape and once you are done start colouring them in. Use two thin layers because if you have a thick layer it doesn’t look so nice when you remove the striping tape later. Now remove the striping tape but start with the last one you applied and go back to the first one I’m also using my dotting tool for a white dot in the middle Now it’s topcoat time with Dance Legend Binary Topcoat. And here it is! Like I said, it’s super easy but also really fun to do Let me know what Christmas tutorial you want to see next in the comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe if you want to support my channel. Thank you so much for watching! Bye bye!

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  1. Nicole Husel says:

    😍love it!!

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  4. Viola Brown nailcoverlover says:

    ❤️ beautiful red n white nails love them 🤗

  5. femketjeNL says:

    Super festive 😀

  6. Gatta Bipolare says:

    Che meraviglia! Brava 👍❣

  7. lucy inthesky says:

    We want a Vlog!❤
    Very nice nails..👏🥳

    Wir möchten ein vlog zu sehen 😁
    Sehr schönes Nägel 😍😍😍

  8. Brenda DiBeVerlyHoles says:

    WAO 😍😍😍

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