Coachella Inspired – Mermaid Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial | Manny MUA
Coachella Inspired – Mermaid Halo Eye Makeup Tutorial | Manny MUA

Hey, guys. Welcome back to my channel. So, today’s video is going to be a tutorial on
this eye look I have going on right now. It’s a really fun, pretty, dramatic,
halo eye, I would say. It’s cute, it’s fucking festive.
This is a fun look I came up with. I actually did a look like this very similar
maybe like three years ago on Instagram, and I was scrolling through my Instagram feed
a while back and I was like, ‘Dude, this look is so pretty, I want to recreate it.’
So, I did a little bit of a recreation of it slash, like my own twist on it, with how I do make up now.
And I just think it’s so pretty, it’s so easy to do, honestly. I use like one palette for the whole like colour scheme.
I’m all about wearing bold colours on the eyes. That’s actually my thing, like I love doing bold colours
on the eyes, and doing a really neutral, soft lip. I love that, and I know a lot of people always try to give
me slack for doing, like, the bronzy, smoky eye, that whole, like bronzy thing, which I love.
That’s like my go-to when I go to events. Like that’s like the prettiest to be photographed in,
and the prettiest for carpet and stuff like that. That’s why I do it,
because it looks so pretty, but I love to do things like this too, and I love
to experiment with colour and just do fun things and that’s why I wanted to create
this video for you guys because I know a lot of you guys are into
colour and glitter, and dramatic, and glam, and that makes me so happy because that is a bitch
after my own heart. You know what I mean. As always, if you guys don’t like
this video, if you don’t like me, please don’t fucking watch it.
You know the drill with that. But if you guys do like this video, please subscribe
to my channel if you are not already, and if you are new, what’s up, I’m Manny MUA, and welcome
to my channel. Thank you so much for being here. I don’t know what that was. Let’s get into
this beautiful mermaidy, halo smoky. What’s up guys. So, let’s go and
get started on today’s eye video. I actually have no idea
what I want to do today. It’s basically just going to be a get
ready with me on the eye look. I’m actually doing a first impressions on
a foundation that I’m wearing right now. Holy crap, Josea just jumped up here. I’m actually currently doing a foundation review right now,
which is why I have my base already on, so I’m just going to do the eyes in today’s video
and I wanted to do more of a bold eye look today, so usually those take a little bit longer for me
to accomplish. So, I’m already primed. I’ve been doing so many halo eyes recently and
a lot of people have been requesting me to film my halo eye tutorial, because I haven’t
filmed one in, I don’t know, like over a year, it’s been a long, long time.
So, I’m going to do a fun halo eye today. We’re just going to start right into it.
I’m going to take a Morphe M505 and this is just a little fluffy brush.
Take this little palette by Smashbox, it’s a really fun colourful palette
which I thought was really pretty. Man, this is a cute ass palette,
and I like that it has all the brights in there. AndI believe they’re pretty pigmented.
A little while ago, not a little while ago, this was like a couple of months ago, a lot of people
were doing sponsorships with Smashbox. A lot of them were using these Smashbox palettes,
and sponsorship posts, which is great, I mean, hell, yeah dude, get that fucking coin.
So I’m gonna take the purple, dude, pigmented, and I’m going to
put that into the crease. Mainly in just the crease portion, all the way
to the inner part of the eye as well. Holy shit, this is actually really pigmented.
Aah, you look pretty. Okay. Honestly, I’m really impressed with pigmentation, so far.
Come on, little Smashbox pot, you’re the bomb. I want this halo highlight to be
a little more on the colourful side, so that purple in the crease
would be fantastic. Ok, we’ve got the purple in the crease,
and now it’s time to put in another colour. So now I’m going to go with that mint colour,
it’s like that really pretty minty shade right here, on this little pencil brush.
Dang, ‘hella’ pigmented again. On a Morphe M574. I’m just going
to go on my actual lid, in the corner. This is where we’re going to at least starting
to do our halo into the crease a little bit. I’m like actually praying that this turns out somewhat cute,
because if it doesn’t, I’m not putting this up. On a real note guys, I’m living for this colour.
This mint is so pretty, go a little bit into the crease as well, just to have it
there to mix in with that purple a little bit. Yeah. Leaving the centre completely
open, as you guys can see. Ah, that’s pretty. Now I’m going to take a little
clean brush, and this is a Wayne Goss, 05. You don’t need to use this brush.
This is a very expensive brush, but I just have it because
it’s a really small tapered brush, and I’m going to blend between that purple and that
mint shade, just so that’s there a nice easy transition. They blend actually really
nicely together, which is great. Look guys, this is what you should have so far.
Nice purple crease, mint on the lid, oh my God, that’s so pretty.
Fuck, who did that? So, I’m going to go ahead and continue on… I’m going
to take that same little brush that we were using, that little pencil brush. I’m going to dip a little
bit into the darker blue, the bluer shade, and I’m going to add that on the most outer,
outer corner and inner corner of my halo eye. So, you can see right here,
where the mint meets the purple. I’m honestly, I’m only doing this to add
a little bit more depth to the halo eye, just make it a little bit darker. And on the inner
corner as well. Lightly, lightly. Okay guys, so I think I really like how the crease
and the eye is turning out so far. It looks very pretty. Very cute. So now I’m going to take the
make-up geek pigment in the shade ‘telepathic’, which is a really pretty, golden-pink reflect. It’s stunning,
and I’m going to put that on the centre of the lid. I’m just going to use my finger with the pigment,
because it’s way easier that way for me And then I’m going to put it
in the center of the lid. I’m just going to blend with my brush, between.
And if you guys thought that was it, you thought wrong. I’m going to take these Stila magnificent metal
glitter shadow in the shade of ‘diamond dust’. It’s a really beautiful silver, but it has
a lot of pink and like golden reflect to it, so I’m like, that’s going
on the center of my lid. Okay. In the centre of the center actually.
Like right there. To give it that extra, extra ‘ooomph’.
Oh, that looks wet. Now taking that purple underneath the lash line,
I’m going to smoke it on the outer corner, right here. I’m actually going to take it all the way in. It’s so pretty.
Dude, I’m a colourful little vixen tonight huh. Okay guys, now for the water line. I’m going to be
taking the colour pop pencil in the shade ‘get paid’ which is a really pretty rose, copper.
Wow, don’t get too excited there, pencil. So, I’m going to put that into the waterline.
As you can see, it’s a beautiful rose copper. Looking at the purple on the bottom lash line,
it’s cute, I like it, I do. But I don’t love it. Grabbing a little bit more of the blue. So, I actually wanted to lighten
the water line a little bit, so I’m taking the tart nude pencil and lining
the water line to make it a little bit lighter. I think the lighter look is cute. Okay guys,
so for the final step of the actual look. This is what it looks like so far. I think it’s turned out
so pretty, it’s so cute, just like a fun look. I just love purple in the crease.
It just makes me geek, you know. I’m going to add a little bit of a gem down
here on my lower lashes, like right there. It’s like a really cute trend going on right now,
adding a little gems on the lower lash line. I think it’s adorable, so I’m going
to grab a little bit of lash glue and I’m literally just going to dot on lash
glue where I want the little gem to go. In the center of my eye, so right there, right there.
You do not even need to do this step. This is so excessive, but I’m filling my oats
right now, so whatever, a little gem. Cute as fuck though. Ok guys, so now I’m going to go ahead and apply
some lashes, some mascara, and I’ll be right back. Ok you guys, and this is how the look turned out.
This is with liner, and with some lashes on. I wanted the lashes to be pretty bold, but not like crazy
bold where you couldn’t see the actual eye make-up, because that’s kind of what the point of
this look is and the little gems. I’m wearing the style ‘Bombay’ by Nubounsom
You can use the code ‘MannyMua’ if you guys want to. All good, you guys get to save 20% off
the lashes and they’re absolutely beautiful. They’re like a really intense flairy, wispy pair,
but there’s a lot of separation in them, which is great for a look like this. There’s a lot of lifting,
and it just looks really, really, really pretty. I’m not liking this foundation by the way.
The one I’m reviewing, I’m not liking it. Look how oily I am. Great. Also on my lip, I’m wearing the
‘nude potion’ shade by ‘Nikkie tutorials’, and ‘Ofra’. Congratulations to Nikkie and to Ofra
for collaborating. That’s so cool. They did an entire bundle of three
liquid lipsticks and a highlighter, and I’ve collaborated with Ofra before,
so I know how amazing the team is over there. Ofra, you guys are so sweet.
Congrats to Nikkie on this collaboration. This isn’t the shade ‘nude potion’. This is the shade
I’m wearing right now. This nude is so, nude, so if you guys are darker in complexion than
I am, you need to use a darker lipliner because this is really nude, like I’m talking like,
it’s almost like white, with a touch of pink tossed in. But it feels great, it’s Ofra, so congratulations
again to you guys. That’s so, so awesome. This is what the eyes look like up close,
a little bit closer. Let me put them in focus. Hey guys, that’s it for the entire video.
I hope you guys had fun watching. I do have so much fun in creating these
halo eye looks. I think they’re so pretty, and they’re actually really
easy to accomplish, if you guys just kind of get the right motions
down and the right placement down, they’re really easy. Honestly,
they’re easier than doing smoky eyes. And I hope you guys can recreate this look
if you guys want to, and if you guys do, please tweet me them,
and tag me in them. I love going on Twitter and seeing your guys’ recreations
of some looks and I love retweeting you guys, and you guys know that I’m so active on Twitter and
responding to you guys, and you guys are just the sweetest, and you guys make the craziest fucking weirdest memes
of me ever, and I love it and the gifts you guys make, you guys crack me the fuck up and I love it. So, thank you
guys for always being there for me and actually, like, sending me tweets, and liking my photos
and everything. I talk about this all the time. I just do really genuinely appreciate it, so thank you
guys so much. I cannot thank you guys enough for it. It’s the sweetest, you guys are the sweetest. Alright guys, everything I use and take
videos will be linked and down below as it always is in every single video. And, yeah, I’ll see you guys very soon. I don’t care
if it’s the night or day or wherever you guys are, and I will catch you guys in my next video.
Bye. you guys. Purple, going on, Josea, my God,
you’re like literally hurting me You got the purple in the crease,
no I don’t know about that one Say hi to my maniac, there’s a… Oh my God, this is turning into Barney.
Holy shit, we’re turning into Barney. Great. There’s black on the shadow, ffff. Looking at the purple,
what the fuck was that. That was recording. Why am I doing this,
it’s like I’m holding… it’s like a prayer. Why am I holding my hand like this?

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