Coming Out And Ready For Something New | Misfits Salon Episode 4
Coming Out And Ready For Something New | Misfits Salon Episode 4

It just got to the point
where I hated myself so much. My son is just this melting pot
of all the misfits of society. It’s my job to make them
feel like they belong, because they’re not alone. I’ve come out. I’m just ready for
something new and a change. My last year of school, I came out. I grew up thinking that that was,
like, a really negative thing, like, you don’t want to be gay. Just this thing that’s demonised
by completely everyone in school. When you’re young, the way that
everyone thinks about you matters. We were all getting the same
haircut that Wayne Rooney got and we were all
getting the same shoes. You don’t want to be the one person
that’s outlying with the group. It’s something that you just
don’t want anyone to know. I felt pretty shit. Eventually, I just kind of
grew up and realised that nobody really cares. You’ve just come out…
A year ago. ..a year ago. Mm-hm. Was it, like, a big come out
and everyone was shocked? It was like a, “Aw, OK.” Really? Yeah. I was
so disappointed, honestly. The way I came out, I was sitting
on the couch and I mustered up the courage, I just watched
a coming out video on YouTube. I was like, “You know what?
Just do it.” And so, I sat her down and
I was like, “Mum, I’m gay.” And I was absolutely kind of,
like, “OK, I’m gay.” And she was just sitting there,
she was like, “Oh, right, OK. “You got me scared there,
I was thinking you had “some sort of disease.” And I was expecting this big
massive pay off and she’d be like, “Aw, love you either way,” and
so on, but she just kind of said, “All right, OK.” You’re on this, like,
starting point of who you are… ..I guess. Basically. Yeah. This was like the perfect time,
on the cusp of adulthood. I think it’d be great time
to just be like, “I’m Andrew and this is me.” Sexuality is actually
so entwined with your identity. So, when someone’s coming out,
often it’s like this explosion of personality comes out. I just, kind of, act like
the ideal gay best friend. Sometimes I, kind of,
play to that archetype, because I’m just scared
if I’m not that, that people won’t want me around. It’s such a beautiful opportunity
for me to try and help guide them into their first identity. I would just, kind of, like to be
confident enough and comfortable enough to just be myself
and have people like me for that. What sort of vibe do you want
to have with your whole look today? Any words you’d use? Cool. Yeah. Edgy. OK. I’m like obsessed with K—Pop,
right now. So, like, I see BTS and all them and I’m just like,
“Guys, they are so cool.” Like, with my hair, I don’t
actually know what I want. Something like a cool,
bold blue or orange or red, something really cool. I’d like to work on some
cooler colours on you today. So I’m thinking of working on
more sort of blues and greys and that sort of stuff, which I
think will work really beautifully. I’m going to give
you more creative. I’m going to give you cooler, but you’re going to give me a bit of
bravery and a bit of faith. Right. Yeah? Yes.
Right, give me a deal, then. That didn’t work out. I’ve experimented a lot with
my hair, like, next level a lot. It was down here, it was here,
it was shaved at one side. I feel like I look like
one of the Backstreet Boys mixed with Fred from Scooby-Doo. What we’re going to
do today with your hair is, we’re going to be working with
a real tight sides and back. So, it’s going to be literally
bald around the edges here. I’ve never had my hair, like,
bald before. Oh, really? There’s a first time for everything.
It’s going to be subtle. I just know that I want something. Just something different. So, has your hair always been
the same, darling? No, it’s changed A LOT. It used to be all the way down,
like, to the middle of my back. To the middle of your back? How long
did that take you, to grow that? Four years. All right. What brought that on? The whole reason
I kind of grew it out was to kind of balance out my body. Yeah. So, I was, like, a lot,
I was really fat. What’s really fat, to you? Massive. Like, I was like a size 18
in women’s, so it was… OK. ..quite big. I’ve always been kind of
larger than everyone else. Like, I was that one
fat kid in class. Do you know
when you’re in primary school there’s always, like, the one
fat kid? That was me. I just saw myself completely
filling up the mirror, when I looked in it. There was no kind of empty space. I mean, obviously there was,
but I couldn’t see it. And even when the weight
was starting to go, I never saw it leave. And when did you lose the weight? About…I don’t know, when I was, like, 15ih it all,
kind of, fell off. How? I just, kind of,
cut myself back quite a lot. More than I probably should’ve. Don’t know what I was thinking. It just got to the point
where I hated myself so much, that that’s what I felt I needed to. Like, I still look at myself
the now and just… ..still see myself
absolutely massive. The purpose of this process
is to help you love what you look at in the mirror and that’s what
I hope I can do for you today. Talk me through your look
and your current wardrobe. It’s usually a hoodie, a pair of
jeans or a pair of joggies. OK. Like, oversized?
Yes, very oversized. Just at that point in my life
where I’m, like, the happiest I’ve been so far. Don’t want to
look like I’m being dragged down by these massive clothes,
that I wore when I was 16st. It sounds to me like
you’re dressing for old Andrew. Like you’re hiding the body that
you weren’t proud of previously. I feel ready to, kind of, get
a look that’s a bit more…me. So, dream look. Tell me who Andrew is,
who Andrew wants to be. Right, so dream look, think
sitting in the coffee shop, with a wee coffee, with their
laptop open, doing their uni work. Then people look at them and they
go, “They’re at the art school.” OK. “They’re doing fashion.” People would see me and be like,
“Oh, he could be in a boy band, if he wanted.”
Or, “He’s a fashion student. “You can tell he’s
a fashion student.” That’s the look that I want. So, we’re thinking cool.
Real cool, real edgy. You get me. I do get you. I think I really do.
I think that the new you, we need to get this mind, body,
soul together, to make sure that we can dress your new body
and to show it off, but in a way that still makes you
feel comfortable. How do you fell about that? Love it. I own so much make-up, but I have, like, no idea
how to actually do a day look. I would love to be able to do, like,
a “no make-up” make-up look. Mm-hm. Cos when I do make-up, it’s
either all on or none of it’s on, and I would like to be able
to wear at least some of it. Yeah. So, you want that dewy skin,
like, gloss skin. Yeah. Some, a wee bit of guyliner. Mm-hm. What I’m going to do… ..use my fingers and what this does
is warms up the foundation while I apply it,
so it applies a lot smoother. So, it’s like butter, basically. Your face is the toast. Yum, yum. I would love to, like, just learn
how to do, like, a natural, like, guyliner make-up look for men that
doesn’t look like it’s been stolen from the set of, like,
the Rocky Horror Picture Show or something like that. So, have you ever tried
a guyliner before? Um, tried eyeliner before, but it’s always been, like, “Whoa!” Massive, I’ve never tried, like,
a just subtle… Nice and subtle. ..yeah. I’m going to give you
that artsy look. Drink coffee. Drink your coffee. Soy milk, oat milk.
Pumpkin spice latte. I’m the highest I’ve ever been, when it comes to confidence
and so on, and I would just, kind of, like to look that way. This transformation, it’s going
to get him on the road to a new him. I would just want, kind of, the way I look to reflect,
kind of, how I’m feeling. I just want Andrew to look in
that mirror and like what he sees. And I don’t know how long it’s
been since that’s been the case. All right, Andrew, you did
the big thing, you came out. But now this is about
finding your new identity. So, open your eyes, my love. Feeling great right now. I’ve just came out and
I’ve just lost loads of weight. This is, like, a great start,
to start forming my new look around. I want to send Andrew on this road of being proud that he might not
know exactly who he needs to be right now. But he’s glad that he’s
on the journey. I love it. It just feels like
it’s a great new chapter of my life.

77 thoughts on “Coming Out And Ready For Something New | Misfits Salon Episode 4”

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