Contracted Zombie SFX Makeup
Contracted Zombie SFX Makeup

To make my lips look really dry I’m stretching them into this lovely position and just applying thin coats of
liquid latex and waiting for them to dry in between. I used about three coat.
Then powder them with a face powder. For the dry crusty scabby thing coming off the lip I’m applying thin coats liquid latex and then kind of smushing some porridge (oats) into it and adding another layer of latex over the top and some more porridge and just kind of moving things around and pressing them in until I’m happy with the shape. Once the latex is completely dry I’m powdering it was some face powder and stippling on some brown face paint just to make it easier to blend with the foundation. To make myself look more pale I’m using some Mehron Paradise Paint in white and a damp beauty blender and gently patting it on to my face. You could just use a
foundation that so few shades lighter than your own skin tone for this. Don’t
forget to do your ears and your neck and chest and anywhere else is going to be
exposed. Then powder everything with face powder. I’m using a matte grey eyeshadow for my contour and I’m making it a bit more intense than I normally would to give more of that sunken in feeling I’m lightly dusting my lips with a grey
eyeshadow and then using the greys and reds and greens and yellows on the crusty bit to
make it look really gross and scabby and infected. Then I’m taking a black eyeshadow and going into all the cracks in it to make them look even deeper than they
are I’m using a purple eyeshadow to
emphasise the bags under my eyes and then a dark grey eyeshadow to go in that
kind of hollow between your nose and your eyes to make them look more sunken in and I’m using that same grey across the lid and in the crease and just really blending
it out. For the vein scar type things I’m using a dark grey eyeshadow mixed with
some brown and just drawing lines and forking them off and anywhere those
lines end you really want to let it trail off you don’t want that to be harsh
ends those lines. When the lines meet something like your lip or your eye I’m
making it a bit thicker and then taking a dark grey eyeshadow and adding shading to one edge of it than blending that shading out so it’s not
too harsh and this will give it a bit of depth. I’m taking a white eyeshadow and going around the outside of parts of the scar vein things and that should
make the skin around it look like it’s slightly raised. Then I’m lining my eyes with an orange eye liner. And here’s the finished look. This look is based on the film contracted, if you haven’t seen it then I advise you don’t watch it because it’s really disturbing. It’s nearly halloween so I was like yay I’ll watch a scary film and it just broke my mind. It’s just really really disturbing. I was eating a sweet potato when I watched it and I have not eaten a sweet potato since’s just, too disturbing. It gives me flashbacks. I googled for a reference picture for this look and saw they’ve actually bought out contracted phase two There’s this little weird part of me that wants to watch it, but I watched the trailer and was like, don’t do it. If you like this look and this video then you can let me know by clicking the like button, and if you want to see more videos from me then you can subscribe to my channel. And I’ll see you all in the next video.

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  1. Jose Eduardo Gomez Rojas says:

    plimer comentario 😀

  2. Creature Lab says:

    cool! x

  3. Sherry Diaz says:

    I there's going to be a part 3

  4. Khizar Bin Qasim says:

    wooooah <3

  5. death says:

    Wow! That movie was really messed up
    I subscribed please pin me

  6. Rickia Guerr says:

    She did good

  7. Krystal LaFlair says:

    I just saw this movie last night and I was loving the makeup too it was so gross but awesome

  8. Alessandra Allamprese says:

    True zombie

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