DAISO KOREA MAKEUP || Full Makeup Using Only Daiso Makeup Challenge and Review
DAISO KOREA MAKEUP || Full Makeup Using Only Daiso Makeup Challenge and Review

Do you love trying new makeup? So do I!
Since moving to South Korea there were so many different makeup brands I wanted to try – but what if you are on a really small budget? So I went to Daiso, which is
basically this amazing dollar store and tried to get a full makeup look done with
only Daiso products. All of the products are made in Korea and I thought
all of the packaging was really cute! They have two main lines: WITH FIKÄ and 07Z0 with a selection of cushion foundations, blush, lip products, eyeshadow palettes and so on. For concealer and eyebrow pencil I had to settle for other
products from Daiso because they didn’t have those in these lines. 07Z0 had one or two mascaras but for some reason I got the other one. So, Let’s give it a try! Before I put on any makeup I make sure
that my face and my lips are moisturized to prep them for the products I’m going
to put on. I usually don’t use foundation but for the sake of this video I bought a
cushion foundation as well. I tried different ones at Daiso and bought the one that was lightest and texture and felt nice on my skin. With FIKÄ had cushion foundations in the shades 21 and 23, O7ZO had light beige and beige, which
are the common shades here in Korea. As I applied it I noticed that it really does
feel quite light and moisturizing on my skin and it definitely gives you that
dewy finish that is very common here in Korea. Now let’s move on to concealer. I
don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but you have to press quite hard to get some product out of there and then suddenly I had a big blob of it on my face. This is what happens when you press too hard Yep that’s definitely too much product Next: eyebrows! “The comes out when you spin it” I usually use powder and an angled brush to do my eybrows so I’m excited to see if I can make it work with this pencil. Ooh I like the brush! Next let’s go with blush This is really light I’m not sure if this is gonna be visible at all Oh it is! Wow that surprised me! This does not come with a brush or an applicator so if you don’t have one you should get one too I thought the blush is not gonna be
visible at all but this actually surprised me and I kind of like the color, this orangey color. This is nice Next I’m gonna try the eyeshadow palette The eyeshadow palette comes with an applicator with a sponge applicator on one end and brush on the other end First I swatched all the colors on my hand I’m gonna use the white shimmer first I have to say that the brush does not feel all that nice on the skin because the strains are quite plasticky Don’t use the brush, the
brush feels horrible Since this is more glittery than like a smooth shimmer, I think it’s better to apply this as the last step not the first like I just did It’s actually more of a glitter than a shimmer, like the glittery particles are quite big Now I’m using the light beige color as a base on my eyelids and to prevent creasing Next I’m gonna try the lightest brown color Let’s try the second lightest brown shade next Yeah this is more pigmented than I expected So these lighter brown shades are quiet
orange and warm I think I’m probably gonna use them more during spring summer than now in winter Gonna use the dark brown shade with the sponge end as kind of an eyeline Now I’m going to use the brown shimmer
on the center of my lids Since the brown shimmer isn’t all that glittery I’m going to apply some of that white glitter on the center of my lids as well To finish with the eye makeup let’s now
apply the mascara *sirens in background*
Welcome to Seoul I bought two shades of powder lip tint and I’m gonna try the color cherry first because I think it is the lighter one of the two The application is a little messy, I have powder here on my desk now the color is beautiful I think the color and the powdery finish look really really nice but I think in winter it might be a little too drying because it gets dry instantly when you put it on
obviously because it’s powder this is when I blended it out I’m now gonna try to put it like really strong and see if it has the same effect as a really full on red lipstick trying not to make a mess here Since the powder liptint is a little drying I’m trying to put some lip balm on top and see if it does any good The balm makes it definitely more comfortable and after waiting a bit and patting it lightly with my finger it got that matte finish back Okay so since I want to try the other liptint as well I’m gonna try and remove this with makeup wipes which I also got from Daiso a while ago So the second color I’m trying is Marsala, it looked really nice on my hand when I tried it at the store I
could almost remove everything from my lips but you definitely still see some
reddish tone that’s why I choose the lighter color first I thought it’s the
lighter color, it was actually quite red It’s called cherry I thought it’s gonna be pink It’s quite red I’m gonna apply this as a full lip so that you can see the color I didn’t make as big of a mess as before but I still got some product on my chin So all in all I have to say I was
definitely most surprised about the blush because I was sure you’re not
gonna see anything but it’s a nice color and it actually showed I think it even
showed on camera yeah those liptints, nice color I
thought the second one, Marsala is gonna be a little more dark and a little more
brown but it’s still a nice color so I’m not complaining If you use the eyeshadow pallete don’t use the brush part because it’s kind of painful on your eye but I’m
sure everyone has a brush or if you don’t have a brush and you can get one
at Daiso as well They even had some brush sets if you
want a new a whole new set they have a brush set with different kinds of brushes and different sizes for diferent things This is the first time I’m trying a cushion foundation and I have to say I don’t feel anything on my
skin so that’s nice it feels really light I don’t feel anything anywhere the
only thing I feel is the liptint but also only when I move my lips so when
I’m speaking I feel the liptint that it’s kind of.. that there’s something on
there because it’s a little drying but if you put like some Vaseline or some
lip balm on top it was okay it’s gonna take away some of that matte finish but if you just let it sink in for a while and take off the top layer of the balm then it’s gonna be fine I’m gonna leave this on today and tune back in later to
tell you if it’s long lasting or not Hello guys so a few hours have passed since applied the makeup I have to say sometimes
automatically when I have makeup on I do this because I know it usually creases under the concealer usually creases under my eyes but I checked in between in the mirror and it didn’t crease as much as I thought it would was a really small line so not as noticeable Where it definitely did crease was here around
the nose and you know when you’re laughing, which I do a lot, there was a fine
line here but I see people like Koreans so many times during a day they tou not really put my product but blend I think those creases so I think it’s
pretty normal and I didn’t notice any kind of discoloration or something from the foundation, still I’m not really used to the really dewy finish now and sometimes
I think oh my god I look so dewy but then you see other people, they’re even more shiny and it’s it’s just normal here so that’s a thing you have to get used to or
you can get used to or I mean you can always use a setting powder and make it
more matte The lip it survived my bananas and the cookies I ate or the
kind of wafers but the apple I ate was its death so it did not survive that but
that’s understandable I guess and you still, ’cause it’s a tint you still
have a color a light color a light shade of reddish pink so not all gone There’s no creases at all on my eyelids I think and I have to say for the foundation I
don’t feel anything it doesn’t feel dry it doesn’t feel
heavy I don’t feel like I have anything on I just see it in the mirror because
I’m used to my skin being without foundation so I think I can see but it
doesn’t look that unnatural so all in all I’d say pretty good, mascara was holding up,
eye shadow’s still there, cheeks’re still there, foundation is okay not bad not bad So tell me what you think about these products and if you would try any yourself and if there’s any
other products in Korea that you would like me to try Daiso or not Daiso or whatever just leave a comment and tell me, I will try to do that I still use most of the products some of them daily I’d say the products I use the least are
the concealer because it’s kind of annoying that it’s so hard to get the
right dosage of the product out of the tube and the powder liptints, although I
kind of want to try wearing them now that the weather isn’t as cold anymore
and my lips don’t tend to get as dry So that’s it for the video, I hope you liked
it and it was helpful in some way Don’t forget to give me a thumbs up if you
enjoyed watching and hit that subscribe button if you don’t want to miss my
upcoming videos, it would mean a lot to me Thank you so much for watching, have a
lovely day and see you in the next one Bye~

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