Dear Ryan – Makeup Guru
Dear Ryan – Makeup Guru

-Hello, and welcome. Today I’m gonna be teaching you how to be makeup. But before we do that, you see these wrinkles? You see these bags? Well, we don’t need either of these anymore. We’re doing makeup. Dear Ryan: can you be a makeup guru? First of all, you’re probably wondering, who is this magic makeup man? He’s no Michelle Phan. And you’re right, I’m not Michelle Phan, nor am I Michelle’s fan or Michelle’s fan. My name is Lotsov, Lotsov Phan. I’m gonna be teaching you how to be makeup. I said that already. First thing’s first, every makeup guru person thing knows that the first thing you do is cleanse your face. Done! The next first step is to powder your entire face. Unfortunately for me, I had no powder, so I had to walk to the store. But fortunately for me, I met a guy along the way. So I didn’t have to go all the way. -Yo, what’s up man? You wanna buy some of this? -Is that all you got? It was a little bit more pricey than usual, but that’s the price you pay when you order top-quality makeup brands like Mack. Now that you have everything you need, you must powder your entire face like so. Done. And finally, you’re ready for the last stage: your eye. People like to use Lancome and Sephora. But what I like to use is the French: Crayole. And now that you have your eye stick, what you want to do is gently and delicately color around your eyes as fast as you can like this. Finishing touches. Done. And now that your look is complete, remember kids, if it’s not Mack it’s crack. Good luck. Teehee. So leave a question in the comments below and you could be responsible for the next video. A lot more than that. Noisy birds. Shh. So I didn’t have to go all the way.

100 thoughts on “Dear Ryan – Makeup Guru”

  1. Trinh Pham says:

    Who else is watching in 2018? πŸ˜‚

  2. Azoha R says:

    2018 and here we are

  3. Tanmay Choudhary creations says:

    How to be emo 2

  4. Aira Rosales says:


  5. Fidah Ali says:

    Im watching this in 2018 lmfaooo

  6. aishwarya dwivedi says:

    Dear Ryan, can u do a nail a tutorial and include holographic nail paint

  7. cubic dust says:

    Oh god. I didn't understand the bit about "If it's not mack, it's crack." thing when I was 13. I get it now haha.

  8. Misty Dreamer says:


  9. Catherine Croft says:

    I am now makeup

  10. Sophia Nguyen says:


  11. Sugun Yadla says:

    Dear Ryan can you be a fitness expert

  12. Sugun Yadla says:

    Dear Ryan can you be Sherlock Holmes ?

  13. Jeffcat :3 says:

    It has been exactly 8 years since he made this video. Man…. times have changed πŸ™‚

  14. MxrkGamezPr0 says:

    I didn’t get the drug parts lol well now I get it

  15. hocus pocus . says:

    First ever NigaHiga vid I watched

  16. Sly says:

    Now your Lotsov Lamp😁😁

  17. Bagaskara Azhar says:

    2018 anyone?

  18. λ°•μž¬λ ˆ says:

    Dear Ryan, can you do a if men had periods

  19. Alastor The Radio Demon says:

    2018 anyone??

  20. kittens play says:

    OMG you look JUST like a guy I know at school and his name is also ryan

  21. SS Skits says:

    dear ryan can you do how to be a ninja 3.0 ?

  22. Hello Summer says:

    8 years ago

  23. Lil Meow meow says:

    John Maclean who? Jeffree Star who? James Charles who? I only know Lotsov Phan HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  24. Taiyeba Ahmed says:

    I had Lotsov Phan watching this video.πŸ˜‚

  25. AJ SIPPY CUP says:

    this is soooo old

  26. RainDropStar Rock says:

    Dear ryan, can you n your crew put on a hamiltion musical??

  27. Angus says:

    still better than laura leech

  28. Lazuli Citrine says:

    He’s seems to angry and aggressive threw out all of it XD

  29. SungwoonTheCloudFairy says:

    Randomly watching his video
    I wonder why he looks so young
    Oohh its 2010
    Oh wow
    He looks better now hmmm

  30. girl across the room says:

    Da frick

  31. Uday Kiran says:

    Is it
    How to do make up ….or how to apply make up or…..

  32. Samrat Gurung says:

    Ryan make more pubg video

  33. Alternate bird says:

    Dear Ryan can make a cake and slime .can you dance of the song Havana

  34. Joshua Gelay says:

    WOW! Ryans Muscular 0:06

  35. Bear Master1465 says:

    2018 anyone

  36. Kim Cervantes says:

    Dear ryan,

    can you do this again?

  37. Cotter Eyre says:


  38. Syali Murali says:

    My first crush who is a youtuber 😍

  39. Koala Woman says:

    Omg so beautiful

  40. regina980626 channel says:

    0:19 πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  41. Hannah Lane says:

    Memories 😭

  42. Dilly Mackey says:

    Crack is wack. Use Mack instead.

  43. troy fernandez says:

    Dear Ryan can you make a fnaf parody

  44. Rebeca Acosta says:

    2019 anyone?

  45. sadsardines says:

    Ryan Higa mentions Michelle PhanπŸ‘€ 2 of my fav youtube mentionedπŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  46. SAMURAI QUEEN says:

    Better than James Charles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and it’s true

  47. Kata rin says:

    I watched this before I did makeup, and now I actually do makeup so it’s a totally different perspective xD

  48. Sharifah 1977 says:

    Wah nak jadi guru lah sangat

  49. Kidale Smith says:

    The NEXT first step 🀣🀣🀣☠

  50. Stella Cobb says:

    OmG, Ryan predicted male makeup gurus!

  51. BananaEndemoniada says:


  52. AMAN says:

    2 0 1 9 ? ? ? ?

  53. IME’s Wonderland says:

    That moment when he didnt have teehee :'(

  54. bharat patel says:

    Dear Ryan can you fit yourself in a two year cloth of yours

  55. Nalini Chauhan says:

    Ur do punny

  56. Poonam Yadav says:

    When guys do makeupπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  57. Student Eder Diaz says:

    Regina's morning routine

  58. Medusa Wilson says:

    Lotsov Phan Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Oh dear I can still remember he is my only crush here on Youtube. Fuck I feel old.

  59. Medusa Wilson says:

    Goodluck. Teheee hahahahahahahahaha


    I hope Marley dies

  61. perpeni says:

    What's the song he uses at the end?

  62. Inaya Ikram says:

    Oh my god, can you believe he was like, 18, in this video?

  63. Arel Zmpa says:

    The cocaine joke part got me like πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

  64. Nelini Gunatillake says:


  65. The Skillful Boyz says:

    Its 2019 and he still look the same lol

  66. Rin Rin says:


  67. Saima Baig says:


  68. Tidepod Thing says:

    We all know that Ryan in this video is entirely controlled by Regina

  69. louiela monleon says:

    Just realize how far he achieved

  70. Dilly Mackey says:

    ЛатсoΠ² Π€Π°Π½

  71. DrippinSoysauce says:

    2019 ?

  72. kadambari anuannal says:


  73. Lili Machado says:

    Why is he so mad ?

  74. To Mour says:

    It took me 9 years to realize this; Ryan’s teeth is hella white

  75. zvalaz says:

    Why is he so aggressive

  76. ShynoCru says:

    Who's watching this after the podcast with Michelle phan

  77. andengluvsblue39 says:

    Ryan is the non dramatic beauty guru we need πŸ˜‚

  78. pauline belano says:

    I laugh when he says he teach me how to be makeup πŸ˜‚

  79. Paige Browning says:

    James Charles be copying this man

  80. Jada P says:


  81. endlessgaming X says:

    Dear Ryan, Can you turn into a diy channel

  82. Dylan Levi says:

    Dear ryan hi

  83. Tristan Farhood says:

    All comments 3 years ago.

  84. FiF_EATS says:

    coming back to this almost 10 years later

  85. Kelsey Baloney says:

    You know I never got the drug reference when I was young

  86. Nathan Kim says:

    Dear ryan, do a naruto reaction video on a filler!

  87. itskristennn says:

    2019 whoo

  88. Manonmarcus says:

    Damn did he flex while pointing at the same time awsom BTW if you want more of that just watch "Spanish Opera "
    from Rudy Muncuso

  89. jade says:

    idk, i came back here bcs MICHELLE PHAN IS BACK πŸ’“ and i remembered Ryan's parody of makeup gurus back then πŸ˜‚

  90. peter changco says:

    This is where I started nigahiga. Teehee

  91. Renzo Valmonte says:

    Dear Ryan, can you act like a girl?

  92. Emma W says:

    It's been almost 10 years and this is still so funny

  93. Lilith Rose says:

    1:09 more like crack

  94. Melisa Jane Cruz says:

    Cracked up when he said good luck hahahahahahahaha

  95. Thu T says:

    the powder he bought from some guy at the street.. πŸ˜‚

  96. ftssh says:

    9 years later, this is the best make up video

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