Decoloración Sin Daño (mínimo) Cabello Pastel Fantasia / Pastel hair. What you need to know

How to get pastel hair Everything I say in this video it’s based on personal experience, I’m not a professional=) This is my first video I hope you don’t get mad if I was feeling nervious and I repeat some stuff u.u I did it with best intentions, I hope it is helpful and you enjoy it ^^ Hi! How are you? I hope you are great. I want to tell you in this video about my experiences with fantasy hair color specifically pastel colors that are the lightest ones they are the hardest to get because you need the palest hair level you can reach, basically your hair must be white This process could be complicated if you don’t take care of your hair or you don’t do this process carefully To reach this colors that are the lightest ones, It’s unavoidable for you to cause a damage in your hair because you are bleaching it, but you can reduce the damage I searched information on how to get the pastel hair, the information wasn’t precise and they explained how to apply the color But not the whole process from the bleaching part that it’s the hardest, because you need a really light hair level If you want to apply darker shades like purple you need a darker hair level like an 8 Unlike pastel hair colors, you need to reach the lighest hair level, to pass through more stages and bleaching your hair several times. The first thing that you gonna need it’s obviously bleach, I recommend you to buy the bigger bottles especially if you’re going to be bleaching your hair frequently Because it’s going to be cheaper in long term than if you buy the small packages. I bought this one at sally(sally beauty) This is the second best that I researched, I’m going to leave a link of the best one(it’s the one from the picture) because it lifts up to seven levels. This is really good because it caused minimal damage to my hair despite that I bleached it 4 times. But the most important part that I can suggest you for you not to damage your hair so much it’s to use 20 vol. peroxide, not 30 vol. neither 40 Because you are going to damage it so much specially if you are going to bleach it several times. I used this from Ion, it’s for sensitive scalp Like I said this is a 20 vol. peroxide I did this process with that bleach and this peroxide 4 times in the lower part of my hair and my hair doesn’t feel so damage like some people that have bleached their hair once And they used a 30 vol. Never use a 40 vol. peroxide because you’re going to burn your hair and you can break it(because of the damage) Use gloves too, this is important for the bleaching part because bleach can burn your skin. I bought this, they came some pairs in a box but you can buy them at beauty supplies separately for 5 MX I think. Other thing that you’re going to need is a toner This is a toning shampoo, it only tones down hair levels like a 10 (the palest), it doesn’t tone down hair levels like an 8 or 9 You’re going to need a non metallic recipient, it doesn’t need to be like this one that you can find at beauty supplies they are really cheap like 10-15 MX, you can buy one at the super market You’re going to need a plastic brush you can find them at beauty supplies too, at sally(sally beauty) I think this was about $13 MX, they are really cheap. You’re going to need a towel or a T-shirt that you don’t use anymore, that it doesn’t hurt you that you won’t be able to use it because the bleach it’s going to bleach your clothes xD Additional tools that are going to help for the bleach to process faster are the plastic caps(or processing caps) that are special for the hair color(or bleach) to process better It secures the heat(and chemicals) from the hair(scalp). Also, plastic clamps that helps to hold the hair, because you’re going to be parting your hair so the process is easier. Another tip I can give to you it’s that you add coconut oil or argan oil to your mixture. I recommend that you add coconut oil Because it is proved that it is specially to prevent hair damage, besides it repair it from the damage You can use coconut oil after you have bleached your hair, for healing it and it works because I have used it and I recommend it to you (^o^) The first thing that you have to do before you apply the mixture it’s to calculate the levels that you need to lift up to achieve your desire level. For example if you want to apply the pastel color you need to reach the lightest level that it’s a 10. It depends, if your hair is a level 5 you will need to lift up 5 levels to achieve level 10 If you applied a dye that is too hard to remove and the bleach is going to have trouble removing it for example black and red, they are the hardest colors to remove You can use a hair color removal(or hair color corrector) it is sell at the beauty supplies. It’s going to make the process easier. It removes the hair dye but only if it is one dye(applied to your hair, maybe a few) I had so many hair dyes applied, the color removal wouldn’t be able to remove it. I had different shades(hair levels) what made the process a little more complicated. In the lower part it was like a level 7 and in the upper part a level 8 with some highlights, I had to make the process separately So the hair doesn’t look of an uneven color. Adding to that, I have so much hair, so if you want to make this process sefely What I did was, I parted my hair by two, the lower part from the upper part so you don’t touch it(during the bleach application) What you can do, is to part your hair by different hair levels(do it for security if you’re going to make the process yourself) Like I mentioned before I had two different hair levels so I parted the darker level from the lighter level So I had control on how many times I was going to bleach the lower part and how many the upper part. So I didn’t bleach the lightest part of my hair unnecessarily And cause more(unnecesary) damage to my hair. That’s why it is important you part your hair(it is easier to bleach)and you don’t cause an unnecessary damage to the hair that already reach the desired hair level. It’s necessary that beside calculate how many levels you need to lift up, you need to calculate the time interval you’re going to spend reaching it(hair level). So you give a rest to your hair and you don’t do all the bleaching at once That can cause big damage to your hair to the point it could break What I can recommend to you, if your hair is dark and you’re going to need bleaching your hair several times For example, if you bleached your hair 3 times during 2 months, give the same rest time to your hair(2 months) or 1 month at least so it could repair from the damage. The proportion I used to make my mixture of bleach was 1:1.5 wich means that for every bleach spoon I used 1.5 spoon of peroxide. Usually big bleach bottles comes with a plastic spoon so you can measure the bleach you’re using in your mixture. I use the same plastic spoon to measure the quantities. A spoon of bleach and 1.5 of peroxide. So I have control over the quantities. If I use 4 bleach spoon I’ll use 6 spoon of peroxide. You can control over the quantities you’re going to use but be careful that it isn’t too thick neither too liquid. What I did was I first bleached the lower part of my hair without touching the roots, always without touching the roots Because they lift up first(faster) because of the scalp’s heat. I bleached all the dyed hair from the lower part and then I bleached the upper part of my hair(without touching the roots) I leave the mixture of bleach on for about 1 hr 10 min. Usually people don’t recommend to leave it more of 40 min. But I used a low peroxide of 20 vol. so it doesn’t damaged my hair. When you apply the bleach, use the processing cap that is specially to secure the heat, so it will process faster. This is the hair level chart, these are the hair levels You have to calculate wich one corresponds to your hair level For example if your hair is a level 3(dark brown) you have to pass through all these levels(7 levels) to achieve level 10 to apply the pastel color=) When you bleach your hair, it doesn’t pass through this shades(or hair colors xD) what bleach does is to depigment hair. What it’s going to happen is that your hair pass through this stages, dark red, orange, yellow, it depends on how dark your hair is.

Assuming your hair is a level 3 and after bleaching your hair is a level 6, your hair it’s going to turn out an orangey color, not too light neither too dark. What you can do, so you don’t have to go out with an orangey color in your hair but you don’t want to cause more damage to it You want to give it a break for the next time you bleach your hair. There are demi permanent hair dyes, these are dyes that last longer than semi permanent But it doesn’t last as a permanent hair dye that penetrates your hair. It washes off too, you calculate what level your hair is, for example if it’s a level 6, you can bay a demi permanent hair dye level 7 A level 7 so it won’t darken your hair and it will end at level 6, this dye will wash off, passing 1 or 1.5 month you can bleach your hair again having left your hair rest so you won’t damage it so much. This is how my hair ended after bleaching the bottom and top part of my hair but as you can see my roots are still not bleached It was the last part I bleached because that part lightens(could it be used “develops”?) faster After I bleached the top and bottom part of my hair, I bleached virgin hair and roots at the same time, but it is recommended that you bleach virgin hair first You let it sit for about 20-25 min. and then apply it to the roots, roots are the first to develop. But I was going to apply a fantasy hair color, so the difference wasn’t too noticeable. Sometimes even if you bleach your hair multiple times it won’t reach level 10, for example I bleached the bottom part of my hair 4 times Despite of that, my hair didn’t reach level 10, it reached level 9 The toner I showed you at the beginning doesn’t tone hair levels beside(aside?) level 10 I used it and it didn’t tone my hair, it only tones lighter hair it tones palest yellow hair(level 10). What I did between bleaches when my hair hadn’t reached level 10 instead of applying the demi permanent hair dye

I applied the fantasy hair color, it was a purple, a dark intense(xD) purple, with that color I didn’t need the hair level to be too light After I bleached my hair 2 times I used the shampoo toner, and left it sit for 1 hr. After I bleached my hair 2 times and toned my hair, this is how my hair ended As you can see the top part(roots) is more tone down because it was the lightest part of my hair, you can see my hair has different colors(hair levels) Because I had different hair colors(hair levels) Once I bleached my hair 2 times, I wanted to apply the fantasy hair color and what I did(a mistake xD) was that I applied a mixture too light for my hair color This was the color of the mixture (a photo) that I applied to myself and this is the outcome after 3 washes As you can see the darker hair(hair level) didn’t have color, the white hair is where you still can see the color Depending on the light under you hair is, where you are seeing it, it will be the color your hair will look The color of the hair dye that I showed you it was like a violet, a violet with blue undertones Under cool lights the color looked more like a gray-blue, the lighter hair looked blue and the darker hair looked gray But when my hair was under a warm light, they are the yellow lights, my hair lookes exactly the color I wanted, it was a light lilac Once this color washed off, it was in about 1 month-1.5 month, I bleached my hair again, because my hair wasn’t light enough for the pastel color This time when I bleached my hair, I knew the shampoo toner won’t tone some parts of my hair, so I decided tone it with a dye

The dye I used was a 10.21, it was a extra light pearl ash blonde, the .2 the purple base is to counteract the yellow tones in hair and the 1 are the ash tones that are to counteract the orange tones in the hair. Depending on the color your hair ends(pigment) choose your toner, if your hair ends within the orange stage choose an ash tone that is blue base. So it counteract those tones, the same if you hair end within the yellow stage, choose a purple toner, the violet is the color that neutralize yellow tones in the hair. After that bleach, that it was the last bleach that I did, my hair looked like this wet, of this tone(hair level) As you can see some parts of my hair still looked yellow, not light enough, but dry hair looks so much more light and my hair was ready to apply the pastel color ^^ The first dye that I mentioned, the first dye(fantasy color) that my hair didn’t grab the color because my hair wasn’t light enough What I used to make the mixture were this two dyes, this one is from manic panic it’s called ultra violet, and this one is magenta from ion I added magenta so the mixture had some pink because this violet is too blue based. So it wasn’t so cool toned. Like I mentioned, that mixture didn’t grab to my hair because my hair didn’t reach the ideal level(hair level) the mixture was too light for my hair level. What I recommend to you so you don’t waste conditioner, Do your mixture 2-3 shades darker than your hair level. The most important thing to make the mixture for the pastel colors is the conditioner because it will dilute the color For example if you want to apply a lavender color in your hair, there is a brand, actually ion they sell lavender color but there isn’t much variety You have to apply it the way the product comes(sometimes your hair level isn’t light enough) you can’t adapt it to you hair level or to your like. What you can do and it’s cheaper, it’s to buy a big dye tube that it’s a violet color, this are about $50 MX, a little bit cheaper Then you buy a conditioner bottle, conditioners are always on sale, this one was about $25 MX and it is almost 1 liter, It contains 800 ml. and in fact, what you’re gonna need from the dye tube it’s a tiny bit, just a few dots Because purple or violet hair dye it’s too pigmented The conditioner you’re going to deposit in your container it will depend on your amount of hairand the lenght Well, this was everything, I hope this was helpful, I hope I didn’t forget anything, if you have a question you can leave a comment I promise I’m going to answer all your doubts, I hope I will see you soon and you enjoy the video. Byee! (^o^)/ Thanks for watching! ^^ I hope this is helpful! Leave a comment and ask your doubts. Let’s be friends! ^^. Subscribe so we can be in touch 🙂 Thank you!

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