diy egg mask for damage | dull & rough hair
diy egg mask for damage | dull & rough hair

Must Watch. It’s really worked. I will show you a magical hair mask for hair Which is required damaged our drugged hair and prevent hair fall and make your hair smooth and shining this is a egg protein hair mask is very Useful for everyone if you have long hair use two eggs, but if you have short hair use one egg, I required full egg for Damaged hair because it’s mush rest your hair now, let’s start Break one egg in the bowl Add one tablespoon of olive oil One teaspoon of coconut oil 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil Two drops of castor oil and One tablespoon of lemon Lemon is to reduce the batsman of egg and Reduce dandruff, by the way, we all know the benefits of all ingredients. So now Blend the mixture nicely Apply it your hair or scalp Keep it forward our and wash it with shampoo After playing this once you will notice a magical effect on your hair Just get the best result out of this mask applied eat once in a week If you find my videos helpful for you And please please please don’t forget to subscribe my channel Thanks for watching & don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE.

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  1. karima rahman neha says:

    really its working..thanks for sharing

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