DIY Makeup Gift Ideas + Wrapping Without Box
DIY Makeup Gift Ideas + Wrapping Without Box

hi guys in this video I’m going to be
showing you three DIY makeup gift ideas that are perfect for the holidays or any
anniversary I’m also going to show you unique wrapping ideas that your friends
and family are going to love let’s start off with the gift idea for a make
beginner we have here a primer to make the foundation long lasting this one
also provides UV protection a clear brow gel to give a polished effect to the
brows A creamy lipstick for easy application you can never go wrong with
a Maybelline mascara and of course makeup wipes to remove all the makeup
products at the end of the day take a small wooden basket add all of the
products inside you can hide the makeup products in a pouch for a little
suspense don’t forget the candy and a small
greeting card moving on to the gift for a lipstick lover we all have someone in
our lives that loves lipsticks for them we can get a lip scrub to prepare the
lips for any lip product a super glossy lip gloss this one by NYX is super shiny
they are going to love this liquid lipstick by l’oreal it doesn’t move all
day long a creamy lipstick in a beautiful berry shade and for something fun let’s
have this color-changing lip balm the color of the product is unique for every
user for this wrapping gift idea you’re going to need a glass jar some ribbon a
greeting card and of course candies after that we have the makeup gift idea
for the makeup addicted this is for someone that likes trying new things for
this one you need a pair of false lashes it contains a mini lash glue as well the
Smashbox setting spray that can be used as a primer too the catrice liquid liner
for an amazing eyeliner application glitter by NYX in gold
for a festive eye look a highlighter with a beautiful sheen that you can find in a
lot of different shades for this one take a coffee mug and put inside all of
the products then get a festive paper bag and you’re done your friends are going to be very
excited with this gift they can also keep the gift containers and use them
again and again let me know in the comments below which gift idea is your
favorite beauty advent calendars are a great gift idea as well and you can find
here my unboxing videos if you like this video please give it a thumbs up don’t
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the next one my makeup addicted

12 thoughts on “DIY Makeup Gift Ideas + Wrapping Without Box”

  1. Vasilikis Beauty Tips says:

    Bloopers at 3:07!! Hi gorgeous cutipie, I had at least 10 different makeup gift ideas to show you and I decided to keep 3 of them. You can find here my advent calendar series: Let me know if you want to see another video with gift ideas! Which one is your favorite? I think mine is the makeup beginner, but I really like all of them.

  2. محبي الطيور المغردة says:

    Thank you for this beautiful video 👍

  3. Marie Kroon says:

    Please make a video "what i got for christmas" after christmas⛄🎄🙂

  4. Patricia Parraguez says:

    Hiiii! New subscriber hereee from Venezuela 🙂 I love your channel, I like how genuine you are, so cute! Btw your make up is amazinggg please do a tutorial! Lot of caribbean kisses! Byeee 😀

  5. DimplyBean says:

    Gorgeous!! Great wrapping advice! I love it!! x

  6. angeparfois says:

    So cute ideas

  7. Donna Swiniuch says:

    Clever ideas..

  8. lily Barr says:

    I like all the gifts.

  9. Real Reviews By Maria says:

    Πολυ ομορφες οι προτασεις σου βασιλικη. Καλες γιορτες με υγεια🎄🎄🎄❤🎁

  10. MESRA says:

    i am 100% sure that she ia from Greece

  11. Lisa G says:

    What a great video idea – loved it!

  12. Εβελινα Κ says:

    Όλες οι ιδέες σου ειναι υπέροχες!άσχετη ερώτηση..μένεις Ελλάδα ή Αμερική?

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