DIY Nail Art With Pencil | Pakistani YouTuber
DIY Nail Art With Pencil | Pakistani YouTuber

Hey guys, I am Pirah and this is my channel Diyanzy. In this video, I am doing a nail art with pencils. Lets see how it goes. First, I am applying base coat. And now for my base colour I have chosen Red colour. Once we have applied base coat and base colour. Now we are going to take another colour. Once we have poured it You have to take a pencil dip it in your nail colour and then you have to create designs. Now for my first design I am going to create an exclamation mark. Now on my second finger I am trying to give it a dripping effect. Its like some nail paint is dripping from the tip of my nails to the bottom. In third design I am actually going apply my nail colour.. silver nail colour diagonally. So there are two parts, one part is red and one is silver. Once we have applied and now we are going to create red dots on the silver part and silver dots on the red. So this is kind of an abstract design. Now on my lil(pinky) finger I am drawing some lines. with my silver nail paint. Now ,finally my thumb! I was not sure what to do with thumb. So, I just went with a heart. Yeah we Are Done. I am done with the video. and I am pretty happy with the results. If you guys liked this video please give it a thumbs up. Thank you for watching this video.

12 thoughts on “DIY Nail Art With Pencil | Pakistani YouTuber”

  1. malaika ali says:

    Good job…..

  2. Ariana Tazrin Riona says:

    Nice video but I would recommend you to use a good camera!!!

  3. Wareesha sheikh says:

    Nice video 🙂

  4. Phoebe PM says:

    Cool nails 🙂

  5. Brandy from Michigan says:

    Ok I must admit that is pretty awesome!

  6. maria says:

    i'm so rubbish at nail art! you did an awesome job! subscribed 🙂

  7. Kayla McGhee says:

    Your nails are so pretty:)I have a channel too if you subscribe I will definitely subscribe back

  8. Manusha Golaram says:

    I did n it comes prefect

  9. yannie álva says:

    This is so cool! Thank you!! (:

  10. Chelsea Oakes says:

    That was so cool! Just subbed x

  11. Waleed Ahmed says:

    Good Work ! thinking to paint my nails too Lmao :p

  12. Lidia S • Incoming Success says:

    love this! subscribed !! i also make videos if you'd like to check them out 😀

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