DIY| Tree and Bird (Last Minute Crayons/Oil Pastels Card) @GN Zimetra
DIY| Tree and Bird (Last Minute Crayons/Oil Pastels Card) @GN Zimetra

Your special one’s birthday is coming and you only have 5-10 minutes left to make a special card?! Don’t worry, time is enough and I can assure you that the cards would look pretty though my handwriting is not so fancy. And don’t forget to share this video with your friends and subscribe to my channel! This card is “Tree and Bird” And it is very brightly colorful which I like
a lot. And you can see the mutual relationship between the tree and the bird. You don’t need much tools, you will need a paper, some marker pens, and colorful oil pastels, or you may use crayons that can be spread. And you can even choose to use soft pastels or chalks though I personally prefer the wax-like texture oil pastels gave Of course, we also need tissue paper Fold the A4 paper and fold again so it is
now more square and cut it. Start drawing the tree, you can draw it after
coloring the background with oil pastels, but since my marker pens do not go well if
I used oil pastels first so I decided to draw first. And when you are drawing the branches, be
reminded that do not draw them in a smooth curve. You can see I draw one straight line after
the other, and the outter branches are thinner than the inner branches. Also, be sure you did not draw them symmetrically
so they look more realistic and natural. Then draw the bird, start with a circle as
its head, then an oval shape which is about 2 times the size of the circle as its body,
then a tiny triangle as the beak. Then draw the wings like what I am doing now. End with a lovely feathery tail. You don’t even have to be good at drawing
but still it is so lovely! Isn’t it? You have to write “You Nurture Me!” on the
card as well. Then start painting the background. Casually paint the colors on is okay, you
dont have to paint it perfectly. And when you are painting the next color,
add back some red color for transition. It is actualy better to draw after painting,
so if your marker pens allow you to do so, paint first. Get a clean tissue paper and start wiping
from the lightest color so you can use the same tissue paper to wipe the orange and red
color. If you feel like the transition is not good
enough, you can go back and add more color and wipe again until you are satisfied with
the result. Get glitter pens or green marker pen and draw
the leaves. Also draw some leaves on the ground like falling
leaves. Then draw the fruits. The meaning of this card is that while the
tree provides food to the bird, the bird helps the tree to scatter the seeds, and so bird
and tree nurture each other, just like the relationship of lover and family. Using oil pastels, you can also make other
pretty cards as well. And don’t forget to share this video with
your friends and subscribe to my channel!

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